Sunday, December 06, 2009

Remembering 2004 in an Emerging Old World

Yesterday I finished Newt Gingrich’s “To Try Men’s Souls,” a novel about the Battle of Trenton on December 26, 1776. In this battle, American forces defeated heretofore unvanquished Hessian mercenaries who were in the pay of the British Crown. The Hessians viewed the American Revolutionaries as a peasant rabble and when Americans tried to surrender during their defeats of the late summer and fall of 1776, the Hessians massacred them without mercy. After the Americans won at Trenton, the Hessians were expecting a lynching, or worse and greatly feared this. Against all their expectations, George Washington ordered that Hessian prisoners be treated in a Christian (not Deist) manner. They were given medical treatment and Washington promised to deal severely with anyone who tortured or molested them. Washington said that he was showing them a new way in a new world, so different from the old. Many Hessians defected to the American Cause because of this and other astounding new ideas of Liberty.

Since then America has gone from triumph to triumph, ending slavery, Nazism and Communism, bringing about a New Free World. It would be difficult to forget the heady days of 1989-1991 when the colossus of liberty seemed to bestride the world and the latest apparition of Statism, Communism, went to the ash heap of history that Reagan prophesied for it and that it so richly deserved. The New World had defeated the Old World where life was nasty, brutish and short, and ruled by tyrants.

In 2004 we seemed on the edge of a new glorious moment, and many at the time compared where we stood that year to 15 years earlier in 1989. For the first time since their ancestors built ziggurats for their Kings, the Iraqi people voted to elect their own leaders. This triumph had ripple effects throughout the Muslim world and wider world as well. In Libya, Moammar Khaddafi gave up a massive stockpile of WMDs-in-the-making and there was talk of his opposition returning to Tripoli. The Lebanese rose up much like the Berliners of 15 years earlier and restored their republic and made the Syrians leave. Even some old enemies of America in Lebanon, like Walid Jumlat, were praising us. Egyptians were demanding more freedom. Saudi Arabia made a Parliament to check the power of its heretofore unchallenged monarch. The newest and most vile apparition of Statism, Islamofascism, was very much on the run and their world was crumbling. And Statist regimes in places like Vietnam and Cuba were very afraid of their future. Old Europe, with its embracing of decay and decaying ideas just sat and pouted.

Bush was very close to being Reagan the Second. He could have been. And his slip was not ALL the fault of his enemies, but he bore much of the responsibility. He was greatly slandered, but some of the criticism of him is true too.

How little the Statists had to fear! Once the pendulum swung back to the Left here in America, the Old World with its rotten old Statism made a comeback too. No one remembers the heady days of 2004 and the nearness to world Liberty we achieved. Today is a day where Statists crack the skulls of any who breathe a word of freedom and the few free people in this world are distracted by trivialities and frivolities.

Western Europeans increasingly kow-tow to Islamofascists and are likely to be under their rule by the end of this century. Russia is rising again and Eastern Europeans, without American help will once again kiss the hand of whatever potentate sits in Moscow. China in control of East Asia. The Warsaw Pact is being resurrected in Latin America by Hugo Chavez. America is truly the last best hope. There is no other bastion of freedom.

The only freedom movement in the world besides the Tea Parties was the Iranian Resistance to its Islamofascist government. This was brutally quashed while we were fixated on Michael Jackson during the Summer of 2009.

What we can expect if the Old World takes over from the Anglo-American New World:

1. Abandonment of Republican Principles or the pretense thereof. At the present time most governments subscribe to republican principles or at least maintain the charade that they do so. Some straddle the fence between these two. If England becomes Muslim and America comes to have little political influence beyond North America, there will be no impetus to remain free in the eyes of Statists around the world. Tyrants will openly flaunt their monarchist/dictatorial designs. Nations which straddle the fence between a pretend republic and the genuine article will also return to dictatorship or possibly oligarchy. And many Republics will be gone with the wind. The modern Republic is an Anglo-American thing. India, China, and the Muslim world do not have republican traditions. Many there will be more than happy to dispense with them.

2. The Restoration of the Institution of Slavery: Slavery is a lucrative business in the Old World. Human beings, useful ones, are almost literally worth their weight in gold. Slavery today does exist, but it is kept on the down low, except in remote areas. If we return to the Old World way of doing things, look for huge slave markets to appear from Lisbon to Hong Kong. Slavery was a part of the human condition of all races until Christian imperative led to its abolition less than two centuries ago. With the Christian Imperative gone and replaced by ideas like Socialism and Islam, which encourage slavery, look for this eternal institution to make its most unwelcome. Most people reading this who live in the New World will never believe this. But bear in mind the goings on in Darfur, Timor, Somalia, Nazi Germany and other places where people are still taken against their will. Without the West to enforce its moral prohibition of slavery, that institution will grow exponentially again.

3. A Medieval Economy: Statist Regimes tend to control their economies. Out of control bureaucracies strap layer after layer of ridiculous regulations on those who do business. This makes economies slow and top-heavy and quite probably collapse. This is not a certainty, but it’s what happened to all nations that went down this road, including Rome and China. Our economy relies on dynamic Capitalism, and if this is encroached upon, our economies, infrastructure and technology will whither.

This is far from it, there will be unintended consequences that no one can think of or imagine. But civilization will definitely be headed towards what they call an Intermediary Period, of which the Middle Ages was a most recent example. An empty era of darkness in between two high civilizations.

But the future is not etched in stone. We do not need to bring back the Old World, we can preserve the New. But we must stand and fight the rising Statist tide. I will not let go of the dreams we dreamt in 2004. We were close. We’ve lost a few battles along the way and the Statists think they are safe again, with their boy Barack in the White House. We can still turn it around. Here in America, the forces of Liberty have the initiative again. We must oppose the Statists as if the entire struggle depended on us. YES WE CAN!!!!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Virginia and New Jersey Shake the Tyrant’s Throne

Liberals are in full spin mode in the wake of Tuesday’s two resounding defeats for their messiah’s crooked candidates in New Jersey and Virginia’s governor races. It has nothing to do with America’s Dear Leader, they say. One of those “things that make you go ‘hmm’.”

I might almost be inclined to agree with their playing off Bob McDonnell’s crushing victory over Creigh Deeds in the Commonwealth of Virginia. They say that Virginia is a Red State and it is only to be expected for Republicans to win there. But VA had been going Democratic in the past few years, especially Benedict Arnold Jim Webb’s squeaker victory due to political correctness in 2006. Barack Obama won there in 2008 and proclaimed Virginia a Blue State, part of his “change,” that he has been pushing on us. Liberals have gloated over the Commonwealth’s trends for several years now. Now suddenly it has returned to voting as Republican as it did in 2000 and 2004. This is an important shift.

Once more the Conservative Base is fired up. What Liberals fail to mention is that Conservatives were not excited about the Republican Party in 2006 and 2008. They did not turn out in any large numbers for their candidates. Not so in VA and NJ on Tuesday. This dynamic has shifted in a big way.

Likewise New Jersey. No one can spin the gubernatorial defeat in this cobalt-blue state as anything but catastrophe. True, it wasn’t totally about Obama. John Corzine’s thuggish corruption had a great deal to do with his defeat also. And Barack Obama, taking Corzine by the hand like a lover, associated himself with that corruption. Well, it certainly isn’t any worse than the Chicago corruption of Rod Blagojevich and the Illinois Democratic Establishment that ‘the messiah’ was very much a part of all his political life.

Restoring honest government to New Jersey may well be a lost cause. But Chris Christie has a reputation for bringing down criminals and he bagged himself a big one on Tuesday night. Let us pray his change for New Jersey will truly be revolutionary, rather than just cosmetic, and bring restoration of sanity to what was once our Garden State.

No, even New Jersey is questioning the messiah now. I do not say his Cult of Personality is completely broken, but it definitely has been chipped down a good bit. And this is great news. America can win and come back in 2010. And the forces of patriotism must martial ourselves and dedicate ourselves to this task. We can Flip this House in 2010. We can send a Chicago thug back to where he came from in 2012. As two great Americans liked to say, “LET’S ROLL!”

Sunday, September 20, 2009

9-12 in DC

I regret that I have not as yet written a blog piece about the march on Washington DC that I took part in. I am a great admirer of George Washington and what comes out of the city bearing his name today is a disgrace that shames his name, so I shall refer to the Capital as “DC” and only that from here on in.

The Liberal Media Complex and the DNC have come out with their usual slime slandering my brothers and sisters who marched. “They are racists!” they call out. Yeah, big surprise. Anyone who disagrees with the Left is a racist. Hey, Lefties, come up with some new and more interesting insults for me. You guys are creative at making that stuff up.

I had not decided to go to DC until late in the game, I was going to be active here in Florida. But in the leadup to the rally, on August 30th, I knew I HAD to go and stand for the America that my father loved. I flew by the seat of my pants to get there, most people had planned this months in advance. In my hometown of Panama City, there was no room left on any of the charters going. I asked a buddy if we could ride together in his car, sleeping in it. He was more than willing, too. His fiancée, however, was not willing to let him.

Luckily there was some room left on a charter bus going out of Mobile, Alabama. I got myself over to that beautiful, historic, city. The bus trip was organized by a lovely young 26 year old nurse who was concerned about the state of America’s health care. Most people were middle aged, though there was some youth. Bill Maher, an ignorant man who never troubles himself with facts, portrayed the marchers as rednecks unable to spell. Many of my co-marchers were professionals, some were retirees. Most were well-educated, not to mention our nurse leader.

We did not stop at any hotels between Mobile and DC. We slept on the bus, as best we could. Being 6’4” that was difficult for me, but I didn’t care. I was so glad to be going. When we arrived in DC, it was teeming. As a boy my father had taken me to the city on a couple of Saturdays to see the monuments, and it is like a tomb generally on that day of the week. I had to stand in awe and watch the crowd move down Pennsylvania Avenue. For those of you who’ve never been, Pennsylvania is very wide avenue and people filled it, from end to end, its entire width. They say that only a few tens of thousands were there, maybe enough to fill a baseball stadium. Well, I have been to Tiger Stadium, Shea Stadium and Fenway Park and this crowd wouldn’t have fit in all three, not by half.

There were some black people present, admittedly not the slightly more than ten percent of the population they represent nationally. But more than you might expect if your only source of news is from socialists. Young black entrepreneurs sold Gadsden (aka “Don’t Tread on Me”) flags to the crowds, making lots of money. I was pleased to support their enterprise.

We were passionate and said a great many things. But no one committed any violent acts, nor called for violence. Jimmy Carter lied last week and said that there was a sign calling for Obama to be buried with Kennedy. Well I stood not five feet from the sign in question and it said “Bury Obamacare with Kennedy” not Obama. Jimmy Carter is a lying traitor who came close to succeeding in pushing America over a cliff during his travesty of a presidency. He slandered the million good Americans who marched concerned about their country.

In addition to no violence, there was no trash. I saw for myself the truth of what people were saying about that. The trashcans were overflowing but the trash was stacked as neatly as possible around them. Over a million people and no mess. A fraction of that number of hippies would have been like so many Jabba the Hutt’s being present.

It was a great experience. On my return I was asked by a Mobile reporter if I thought Congress and President Obama were listening. I replied that I thought Congress was beginning to hear us, but not Obama yet. But I said that I felt he would soon enough because we will continue to speak to him. No Obama, America is not going away.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy 4th of Quinctilis!

Greetings Citizens! I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of Quinctilis! The watchword from the Republic of Utica this 4th is to say to the Cult of Personality.

For those who do not remember, the Republic of Utica does not engage in any Cult of a man. Nor do we honor any Leftists striving for dictatorship. That is why we have returned the Imperial names of the months of Julius (July) and Augustus (August) to their Republican usages of Quinctilis and Sextilis. Cato Uticensis died rather than bow down to Caesar, are we going to give Caesar a reverance?

I am glad that the new Republic was formed the first week of the month honoring the man who ended the last Great Republic. Let the Declaration of Independence be our guide!

In tearing down the Cult of Personality of Left wing Dictators past, we can strike a blow against Left Wing Dictators present- like Kim Jong-il, Castro and Chavez and Left Wing Dictators future- like Barack Obama. Let us show the "messiah" that he will not receive a kow-tow from any American!

Let freedom ring! Happy 4th of Quinctilis!

Monday, May 18, 2009


My name is Matt and I am a right wing extremist. One of King Obama’s Court Jesters, Janet Napolitano, has designated me as such not too long ago. This, of course, is hardly the first time that the Orwellian Left has called patriots who love America “Extremist.” If you listened to these people you’d think a mad scientist cloned a mixture of Hitler, Hoover and Torquemada and got him elected president every time a Republican sat in the White House. Isn’t it sad to be so tightly wrapped? But then, as I looked back over the course of History, I realized that the Left was right (ha!) to label us extremists. We are. People who love Liberty and hate Tyranny are a threat to tyrants, obviously. But also lovers of Liberty are, by definition, extremist.

Of the two hundred and some countries on this planet, more than half are governed by Dictators whose main virtue is they aren’t as bad as Idi Amin. Not every country is that lucky, however. Most of Europe is free, but the Socialist Bureaucrats of Western Europe are strangling what Liberty remains in those parts. Political Correctness is disseminated by a thoroughly Leftist Dominated Media in most of those countries. If a bunch of Right Wing Extremist Libertarians don’t rise up and restore Western Europe to the great Christian civilization it once was, Old Europe has a generation or two before it joins the Third World, either as Socialist rust-belts, or under Sharia law, whichever happens first. Eastern Europe is free and does have some chance of remaining so. All thanks to America’s 40th President, who Leftists called a Nazi. And that was one of the nicer things they called him. Several countries on the Asian fringe have decent republican governments, but these are beach-heads on the great landmass of Asia, most of which is not free. Latin America pays lip-service to republicanism, and a few countries do better than that. However, behind our backs, Hugo Chevez has eliminated much of Venezuela’s freedom and used his petrodollars to illegally finance Left Wing rogues in nearly every country there. The freedom that Nicaragua enjoyed, after a long struggle and so much blood, is now a memory, that country being back in the hands of its once and future thug dictator, Daniel Ortega, who recently lectured our president on the evils of America. And our so-called President didn’t hesitate to kiss his rear. Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay and others are similarly ruled by Leftist thugs. Colombia, the one truly free country, is besieged by the Communist FARC who deal cocaine and commit horrible acts of terrorism to rival those of Osama bin Laden.

There is not a lot of Liberty left on this planet, and that which exists is under fierce assault by Neo-Marxists and Islamofascists. It is far easier to kneel to a tyrant than to think for oneself and be free. And mankind has a long history of taking that easy road. Thank God for the extremists throughout history who didn’t take it.

Who could argue that Leonidas and his 300 at Thermopylai were extremists? That is precisely why they are so admired, for their extremism in defense of Liberty. Their equivalent of the UN, the Persian empire, demanded earth and water of them. Totally reasonable, argued all the many who knelt to the Persian King. But Leonidas and many of his fellow Greeks knew that if you allowed someone to tyrannize you in small things, the day when they tyrannized you in greater things was not far off. Thus they rudely refused the Great King’s “reasonable” offer. If Leonidas had been a moderate and sent earth and water, who would remember him today? Many Greeks “medized” and submitted to the Persian King, such as Macedon and Thebes. Do we remember any of their great leaders who were oh-so-wise, oh-so-moderate and not at all extremist? Are they worth remembering?

Cato the Younger, aka Cato Uticensis, was held to be an extremist for resisting the Monarchical ambitions of Caesar. All too many sheep believed Caesar was SAVING the Republic.

The Dutch in the 16th century were a prosperous province of Spain. The Spanish had run up large debts and had wars against France to fight. They began taxing the Dutch, as well as demanding religious conformity of the Dutch Calvinists. Now the moderate, reasonable thing to do would have been to kiss the Spanish King’s ring, submit to his religious decrees and, naturally pay the ever growing tax burden. But the Dutch had to go and be extremist, fight for religious and political freedom. The Dutch Calvinists were very scary extremist people to the moderates who licked the boots of monarchs across Europe at that time. They formed the first modern Republic, treating women and commoners far better than anywhere else. This caused great offense. The fear grew when their fellow Calvinists, the Puritans of England, tried to turn England into the second modern Republic. To this day, the statue of their right-wing Christian extremist leader, Oliver Cromwell, stands outside Parliament, honoring the man who first made that body supreme to any King.

Likewise those rascally Sons of Liberty and the Minutemen of Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill were big time extremists. Moderates back in 1775 and 1776 wondered why they didn’t just pay their taxes and obey their King. Indeed, had there been a UN in 1776, they no doubt, most nations representing their Kings, would have condemned the rascally insurrectionists and demanded forthwith that they submit to their lawful sovereign, George III. And many Americans were indeed good Loyalists. In the North, most Patriots tended to be from the countryside. “The Country People” they were called. The Loyalists tended to be more of an urban cultural elite, the forerunners of modern Liberals, who follow 240 years of tradition in wanting Americans to submit to European and other Old World Dictators. New England’s “Country People” are the ancestors of the people in Utah, Montana, Idaho, Nebraska, Kansas and similar places. Together with George Washington’s southern Army they fought for America’s cause. And we Conservatives, their descendants, more of us by adoption than blood, ARE extremists. We’ve always been since we fired the shot heard round the world!

Janet Napolitano, a barking , running dog for a tyrant, is correct in labeling me as a right wing extremist. She, like her fellow monarchists, do fear lovers of Liberty. So do most of the Idi Amin wannabes around the globe. Yes, I am an extremist. In the tradition of Sam Adams. And I am frickin’ proud of it. It’s time for another shot heard round the world!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ode To Cowboys

I have wanted to write this piece for some time, and primarily, it is a response to Hillary Clinton more than to the messiah B-HO, although it certainly does apply to him too. Back during Operation Chaos and the Democratic Primary, Hillary the Harpy crowed “the era of cowboy diplomacy is over.” Hillary is now our Secretary of State and the “messiah” is certainly as opposed to American self-determination as she is. What a supreme irony it was that Hillary, an ultra-Left Winger whose sordid past includes associations with Black Panthers, became the standard bearer of the more Centrist and Conservative Democrats during Operation Chaos.

But, I digress. Anti-American Socialists from Europe, North America and elsewhere love to look down their royal noses at the “cowboys” from Middle America. So we must examine, what is a cowboy? What do they REALLY mean in their derision?

First a quick examination of the origins of cowboys is in order. Who were their ancestors? Well, as I have pointed out in other Republic of Utica posts, the American Revolution was fought by an Army of Southerners under George Washington, who came to the aid of Northern militiamen from small towns and rural areas of Northern States. These were the ancestors of modern Conservatism. The Urban Elites, who loved their King, bowed down to him, and wanted his rule over North America to continue, are the fore-runners, if not in most cases the actual ancestors by blood, of modern Liberals. They supported their red-coat troops and hoped they would prevail over “the Country People.” Those that shouted “Long Live Liberty” as blue-coats marched through the streets and “God Save the King” as the red-coats marched past, not truly caring who won, are the fore-runners of the modern “moderate,” although I can think of several other words far more appropriate.

In the 19th century, as America moved westward, the descendents the Patriots of Concord, Lexington and Bunker Hill, aka “the Country People” moved into states like Idaho, Utah, Montana, Nebraska, Kansas and other states that modern Liberals love to look down upon. The descendents of the Southerners who fought under Washington also moved West, but more to the South, into states like Texas and Arizona. Some Northerners settled Texas, some Southerners settled the Dakotas. It wasn’t set in stone, but that was the general trend. Our Urban areas were, naturally, a mixed bag population wise, but those Urban Elites that had supported their King, still remained, though in diminished numbers, as many had fled to His Majesty’s Dominion of Canada. After the West was tamed, they took the trains, and later planes over to the West Coast and became the bi-coastal Elite.

What were cowboys like? They emulated the Spanish vaqueros who followed their centuries old traditions. Spain had been cattle country and the Spanish made America likewise during the 16th and 17th centuries. Americans learned their ways.

Cowboys cared for large herds of cattle, an arduous task, and brought them to markets. Like modern day oil men, they brought a highly valuable product to millions who depended on it and in return were often treated like criminals, though they usually had done nothing wrong. Cowboys were looked down upon by more “settled” people for their rugged ways and their fierce independence. A cowboy rarely relied on others for his subsistence, on the contrary, he brought good subsistence to others.

In “Braveheart” there was an exchange in Latin between an English Lord and William Wallace, the Englander referred to Wallace as a savage. But the term he used was homo indomitus which is slang for “savage” but literally means “man without a master.” And that is why William Wallace said “ego sum homo indomitus” (“I am a man without a master”). The cowboy, like Wallace, is someone that an effete decadent Liberal would call homo indomitus, to which he would reply, “indeed I am a man without a master.” A cowboy is a free independent man who doesn’t want anything from anyone, just to left alone in his freedom. As reasonable as that sounds, it would amaze some at how this mortally offends people like Hillary Clinton, Jaques Chirac John Kerry, or the messiah Obama. B-HO’s comment about how people in Middle America “cling to their guns and religion” is another Liberal truism said in this vein. Yes, we “cowboys” cling to our guns and religion. We cling to that which made us free and to that which keeps us free. In his “wisdom” the messiah wants us to give these things up, along with our freedom and bow down to him like Egyptian fellahin have bowed down to pharaohs and sultans for the past five thousand years.

Obama, the Republic of Utica does not bow down to you, it raises the standard of freedom against you, in defiance of you. As Cicero said in De Republica, “when a government is honest, just and virtuous, taxes are light. But when it becomes powerful it is destructive, extravagant and violent ; it is a usurer which takes bread from innocent mouths and deprives honorable men of their substance, for votes with which to perpetuate itself.” What does that mean to us today? Look for many more Waco and Ruby Ridge-style incidents under the sublime leadership of B-HO the messiah. A trillion dollars in new spending! A trillion is a number Cicero probably could not have fathomed.

Hillary, her husband Bill, the “messiah”, Barney Frank, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi just don’t get it. They can’t understand why we’d rather be free than subservient to them and their European and Asian friends. Just as the late 18th-century urban elites never got the Patriots of Concord and Lexington. They don’t understand why we just won’t submit. The Republic of Utica intends to continue to baffle them.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Robin Hood Was A Conservative

Liberals have wrongly appropriated Robin Hood as one of their heroes and some Conservatives are likewise inclined to banish him from view. I do not know if it is true or not, but according to what I was once told, some Conservatives try to remove Robin Hood from school reading lists. They should not. Robin Hood was a Conservative Christian Militiaman fighting against oppressive taxation.

As Cicero said in De Republica “when a government is honest and just and virtuous taxes are light. But when a government becomes powerful it is destructive, extravagant and violent; it is a usurer which takes bread from innocent mouths and deprives honorable men of their substance, for votes with which to perpetuate itself.” This could well describe the Federal Government under Obama, as well as the Sheriff of Nottingham’s governance.

Robin Hood had no problem with honest men being wealthy. He himself was a Feudal Lord, in the days both before and after his crusade against Nottingham. However, his government’s absolutist tyranny and oppressive taxation geared to favor some at the expense of the labor of others, reduced all honest men, noble or common, to penury or starvation. It had become Hobbes’ Leviathan.

The local church had turned its back on true Faith “observing the form of religion but denying any true power to it” as the Scripture says. Robin Hood and his Merry Men were ministered to by Friar Tuck, a man of true Faith in the tradition of Thomas a Becket, Francis of Assissi or Thomas Aquinas.

Robin Hood and his men were Christian Militiamen fighting against an overtaxing Big Government which had ceased to truly honor God. Conservatives should embrace this hero and emulate him, and not allow his memory to be stolen by Liberals in the manner that they try to steal that of our Founding Fathers. Take back Robin Hood!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Stand With the Jews

It is time, past time indeed, for the Republic of Utica to say the words of Italian patriot Oriana Fellaci. “I stand with the Jews.” I should have written this the day that the Islamofascist woman told some of my Jewish brothers in Florida to “go back to the ovens.” The Republic of Utica is not Anti-Muslim. The people of Gaza are entitled to freedom and dignity. I have unwaveringly supported the war in Iraq because its people are entitled to self-determination, not rule by ‘al-Qaeda. Same for Afghanistan, both in the '80s and today. But as Rush Limbaugh and other great commentators say “elections have consequences.” We Americans are going to have this hit us between the eyes with a sledgehammer on January 21st, but that is a topic for another time. Gaza elected Hamas to lead them and we all respected that. But elections DO have consequences. Hitler was duly elected the leader of Germany, but no one outside of Germany elected him to invade their country. The consequence of their 1932 election was a world crusade against them that cast their society into ruins. And the only ones to blame were Hitler and those who supported him.

Likewise, Gazans bear responsibility for their choices. There would be no excuse for the Israelis targeting Palestinian civilians deliberately. And indeed, the Israelis have jeopardized the lives of their own soldiers by telling the civil populace where they intend to strike. What Army in history has ever done that? NONE. There is no reasonable argument against acknowledging Israel’s efforts to reduce civilian casualties. Add to that Israel was not molesting Gaza in anyway. All Jews have departed Gaza and its environs, its people govern themselves. The wall that keeps terrorists out of Israel also keeps anyone who might have ill-will for the Palestinians out of Gaza. Hamas’ rocket-firing into Israel was 100% unprovoked and it shows that nothing has changed with Hamas, being the Government of Gaza has not made them any more moderate or responsible.

I studied the Holocaust as an adolescent. At the age of 12 I read everything I could on World War II and the “Final Solution” also. I remember reading the stories of Auschwitz, the Warsaw Ghetto, Theresienstadt and other horrible places. I believed in my young, naïve heart that such horrors would never happen again. How could they? General Patton had stomped the Nazi beast into the ground, it would never rise again. The Jews were safe in the world where America set things to right. How I wish that boyish view of the world were true. We must never allow ourselves this complacency. German Jews in the 1930s loved their Germany and they couldn’t believe that the land of Geothe and Schiller would ever do them any real harm. Most Germans who supported Hitler told themselves and others the same thing. The Nazis were decent people, they just took things a little far, they said. Citizens, DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELVES TO BE DECEIVED BY SUCH SOPHISTRY!

Most Muslims are decent people. So were most Germans in 1932. But there is a disease among many Muslims today. Many are blaming every ill on the Jews. In the madrassas and on Palestinian television, hatred of Jews is being taught, even to the smallest of children. Remember the picture of the little Muslim girl in Germany who had plastic dynamite strapped to her like toys. IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN. Citizens, ask yourselves what would happen if Hamas took over Tel Aviv? What do you imagine would take place? Do you think Hamas would telegraph its movements by texting Israeli citizens and telling them to take cover? No. Anyone with a shred of honesty or any knowledge of Hamas knows that the bodies would be stacked more than a storey high. This must not be allowed to happen.

As a boy I lived in Vienna for a few years and people remembered the Nazi era. “Nie Wieder” (never again) they always said in reference to the Holocaust and I remember a picture on a “Nie Wieder” sticker showing someone demolishing a swastika. But those who are coming for the Jews today are not wearing swastikas. They pose as “victims” of Zionism. Beware of the Cult of Victimhood. The Germans of the 1930s claimed victim hood, as did the perpetrators of the Russian Revolution of 1917, the builders of Pol Pot’s Cambodia. Untold fathoms of the most horrific atrocities have been committed in the name of setting someone’s “victimhood” to rights.

As Christian Americans, the heirs of Washington, Jefferson, Patton and Reagan, it is our duty to stand. We must stand firm with our Jewish brothers, God’s Chosen people, and say that if you come for the Jews, you have to go through me.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A More Perfect Soviet Union

I wonder who Barak Hussein Obama is trying to convince of his American-ness, him or us? Most likely the latter, as I don’t for a moment believe he any more affection for this country in his heart than False Reverend Jeremiah “God D#mn America” Wright, any more than he is more honest than Rod Blagojevich. And to take a moment with that, a Pastor is a person’s teacher. He is not an acquaintance that you see at the Supermarket on Thursday or run into while having latter or merlot. This is someone who you trust to have knowledge of Scripture and a way of living that conforms to God’s Will. Thus the “guilt by association” argument doesn’t wash. Wright was Obama’s teacher of 20 years. Just like the ones at the madrassah he attended in Indonesia as a young America Hater. And the gods of the Liberal Media made their Olympian decree that we could not mention Wright because “there’s more important things to talk about.” So we dropped talking about B-HO’s association with his fellow traitors Wright and Bill Ayers and promptly moved on to the more important topic of Sarah Palin’s wardrobe.

ANYWAYS….. B-HO is riding a train acting like he’s an American, the next incarnation of Lincoln. It is laughable, or it would be if this crazy man weren’t about to be President. He urged us to move forward and continue creating a more perfect Union. Unfortunately, given his Marxist belief, I think he must have meant a more perfect Soviet Union. My response to B-HO is “no thanks.” I might take him more seriously if his ideas were not so alien to America. He is no friend to the US military which defends our freedom, he plans to cut that back. All he has to offer us is high taxes (real smart to do in the middle of a recession) and taking those high taxes and setting up more failed welfare programs. He intends to increase the bureaucracy exponentially, already having created new, useless departments for the government. He is keeping his campaign volunteers ready to disseminate more of his lies and vacuous statements. In other words he will be in permanent campaign mode, the 2012 B-HO re-election campaign has already begun. AND YOU WILL LOVE BIG BROTHER!

B. Hussein Obama is not an heir of the Patriots of Bunker Hill, Concord and Lexington, as he claims. On the contrary, he is the heir of the Loyalists who loved their King and thought anyone who wouldn’t bow down to him as rapscallions. The Patriots of old, heirs to modern “right wing Christian extremists” were the so-called “Country People.” They were from the farms and the small towns of the North who led the revolt. Most of the Loyalists were an Urban Cultural Elite, like Modern Liberals. The “Country People” after Bunker Hill realized that they could not defeat the Armies of the British Empire on their own, so they called upon their brothers in the South. The Southern Army, led by George Washington, came North, and, slowly and painfully after years won the Revolutionary War. George Washington and his Army were Southerners, obviously. The “Country People” who made up the Northern Patriots, are the ancestors of the people living in Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Kansas and other Flyover “Red States” that our Liberal Cultural Elite turn their noses up at today. Many of the Loyalists fled to Canada, but many remained, in their Urban Cultural Elite centers in the Northeast and later set them up on the Pacific Coast. Their successors are the ones who elected B-HO. And there is no difference between the Loyalists of old and B-HO. We fought the Revolution, in part, over high taxation, but also other government intrusions upon our liberty. Also we believed “No King but Jesus” as the Revolutionary War Cry went. We believed John Locke’s treatise which said that God (the God of the Bible, not the Deist God) desired men to be free, it was other men that made slaves out of their brothers. But the Loyalists loved their King and didn’t care if he taxed us, quartered his troops on us, silenced our journalists or whatever else he cared to do.

Obama is just like them. He thinks UN autocrats from Europe should dictate the affairs of this country, rather than Americans, and you can rely on him being properly submissive. He wants to tax everything that moves (and everything that doesn’t move). He wants to create a private army, loyal only to him. He opposes everything the Patriots of late 18th century New England stood for.

No, B-HO, riding in a train and flying an American flag somewhere is not going to fool us. You are pretending to be another Abraham Lincoln, so I will give you a quote from him- “you can fool all of the people some of the time (like you did last November) and you can fool some of the people all of the time (like the people who look at you as the Messiah) but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

Friday, January 02, 2009

My Fear For America, and My Hope

I studied Russian History at FSU. The professor, though a Liberal, was not some doctrinaire Lib, but a wonderful man, and an ardent opponent of Communism. He told us a story once about what happened when Mikhail Gorbachev first took power in the Soviet Union, he wanted to reform the Soviet communist system. His goal was to preserve it, not to abolish it. Other people did that later. But when he set out to improve its functionality, he asked his ministers how the Soviet Economic System worked. And his economic wonks had no idea!!! Apparently they even checked the CIA Factbook on the USSR to get some idea. At the rate America’s government is growing, with the phalanxes of unelected bureaucrats and ACLU-type lawyers tyrannizing Americans and spending out of control, I fear some US President ten, twenty or thirty years from now asking some people from Treasury hoe the US Economy works and getting nothing but sheepish grins and shrugs. Perhaps they will look in the Chinese Intelligence Service’s US Factbook for ideas.

We cannot allow this to happen. And only Revolutionary change will prevent it. What we need to do is put the Beltway politicians, the unelected bureaucrats, the ACLU and other out-of-touch types in Washington out of business. And there is one way we can do it, with the help of the American people.

When Mustafa Kemal aka Kemal Ataturk wanted Turkey to become a modern Republic in the wake of World War I, he faced off against the Ottoman Dynasty, which had ruled the Turkish people since the 14th century. In the Ottoman capital in Constantinople, there was an ancient, entrenched bureaucracy that would make ours, bad as they are, look like Kindergartners. Ataturk did not march on this ancient city. No, he put them out of business by setting up a rival capital at Ankara and letting the bureaucrats and the Sultan, out of touch and distant from everyday Turkish people, whither on the vine. It was not long before Ankara became the reality, and Constantinople an old fairy-tale land.

This is how America can have a non-violent Revolution against Washington. We hold a Constitutional Convention in a city in Flyover country. My preference would be Montgomery, Alabama, the site of Judge Roy Moore’s principled stand against Federal tyranny in the name of religious freedom. However, Kansas City might be a suitable alternative. Salt Lake City, Cheyenne, Denver or Nashville also have potential. We want a decent size city, but not one of the giant metropolises like Chicago with its corrupt machine which is now foisting B-HO on us. America’s capital city must exist to serve the people, not exist to be served by the people. Washington DC was like that in the early 1800s, and was built to be a smaller metropolis, not a Constantinople with a Byzantine Bureaucracy. The pros have circumvented this original intent. And it is time for the American people to circumvent them.

Much of what goes on in Washington is in no ways substantiated by the Constitution. A pastor friend of mine from my Montgomery days wished to build a Ten Commandments monument ON HIS OWN PROPERTY in Washington DC and was told by a bureaucrat that no one elected, but who we pay for with our taxes, that he could not do so based on the non-existent Separation of Church and State. You will not find this law anywhere in the US Constitution, but many unelected tyrants can silence your freedom of speech and religion based on this law from the Soviet Constitution.

We need a new Constitutional Convention to sweep away some of the outrages of the Federal Courts, end runaway spending, and more clearly enumerate the powers of the new Federal Government. Yes, we need to have a Federal Government with teeth. We need to have the best Air Force and Marines and Tank Divisions and Aircraft Carriers in the world for our safety. Individual states cannot do it on their own. The Federal Government can’t be allowed to run our lives, but State governments are capable of committing outrages too. State Governments need to be strong and keep the Federal Government honest. And Federals need to help clean up local corruption. What we need is BALANCE. The American System, expressed in the Declaration of Independence with Locke’s philosophy, acknowledges that God is the only just Judge. No government run by men can be trusted without check and balance. That is what our system is supposed to be- one of checks and balances. That includes States vs. Federals. Each is supposed to check the other. But now there is no check on the Federal Government, especially on its tyrannical Court System.

We the People are the last possible check on Washington, and I am sure the Father of our country is angry at how his name has become synonymous with strangulating red tape. No, we need to start over, and the way is for the states and the people to make a new capital in a Middle American city, where American , not Eurosocialist values predominate, where Beltway-Chicago style corruption is not rampant. Send no more taxes to Washington, let them work for a living over there for a change, and return our nation to the type of can-do Americans who made it great. Let Washington wither on the vine and turn it into a museum.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Great Depression, My Eye

Liberal scaremongers are feeding the garbage line that America is in the worst economic crisis since 1929. Now, I am uncertain if they are so utterly ignorant as to actually believe this, or if they are just lying, as people who pimp out Liberal ideology frequently do. I guess it depends on which Liberal is squawking. It is not the first time that they have foisted these lies on us. Indeed, every Republican leader is a reincarnation of Herbert Hoover if you listen to the pundits on the Left, and his economic policies are about to bring forth the next Great Depression. Bill Clinton, Lord of Lies, until recently dethroned by B-HO in this position, got himself elected by repeating the mantra that the recession of 1992 was the worst economy in 50 years. It was an absolute lie. The Demos in 2002, with America in the wake of an economic slump caused by 9-11, were saying that it was the Great Depression again. They were trying that again in 2004, although it rang even more hollow than usual at that time, as we were in the beginning of the best economy America ever had from the end of ‘04 until ‘07, the year the Democrats came to control Congress.

No, the worst economy in America since 1945 occurred the last time Liberal Democrats ran all three branches of government for more than two years. I refer to the period of the late ‘70s, when Jimmy Carter, the biggest disgrace to the office of the Presidency (another distinction which may well be broken by B-HO), told us to cope with high energy prices by turning down the heat and putting on a sweater, like he himself did in the White House. Currently unemployment is at around 7%, up from just over 4%. The 4% was a record, never having been equaled. For the first time in history, every American who wanted a job had one. Before the middle of Bush’s term, with the Republican Congress in control, we had never dropped below 5% unemployment in our history and having 6% was pretty darned good. In 1980 we had unemployment of 13% compared with 19% in 1930. We had spent the 1970s with a Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress and four years under Jimmy Carter’s compassionate Liberal governance. We had double digit inflation in the 1970s, our dollar was being devalued. By the late 1970s, our military was gutted, demoralized and riddled with drug-abusers. My childhood memories of the seventies include America being referred to as “the second most powerful nation on Earth,” after the Soviet Union. They include vague early childhood memories of the long gas lines. Many people believed that America’s best days were behind her at that time. Soviet Communist Doctrine stated that the Capitalist society would begin to tear itself apart and collapse from within on the eve of their Global Revolution where the socialist Workers’ Paradise would be birthed over the entire globe. In 1980, many Communists believed that day had come.

In addition to the economic shambles America was humiliated on a daily by the tag-team of the USSR and Iran. Our Great Leader Carter’s response was typically “thank you sir, may I have another?”

To add insult to injury, the Democrats who blame George W Bush for the current economic hit are the ones who caused it. Especially to hear deviant thug Barney Frank is incredibly galling. Referring to Bush as not a real president? When was the last time the state of Massachusetts sent someone to the House or Senate who wasn’t an anti-American scumbag? Decades.

It was the “Distinguished Gentleman” Frank who was the architect of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Home Loan fiasco. It was he who used the power of government to strong-arm our financial institutions into making loans that most likely would never be repaid. And now that our financial institutions are failing it’s W’s fault? Right. Well, when you have an Orwellian Liberal Media turning your Big Lies into truth, you can get away with it.

The Orwellian Democrats rely on Americans letting the real record of their “accomplishments” go down the “memory hole.” They called Republican campaigns “smears” when we point out how they like to hob-nob with terrorists, or give aid and comfort to North Vietnam. It’s not a smear if something is true. It is a smear to blame the Republicans for an economic disaster caused by them. It is a smear to say that our present economy is the worst ever. We are just coming down off the economy that we had under a Republican president and Congress, which was the best ever. In her December 29 column, Froma Harrop, Democratic propagandist, said “it was very 2005 to read of couples using a service to water the two tomato plants on their deck. And of teenage daughters being given private Pilates instruction.” What she was inadvertently admitting, in her typical snotty style , was that 2005 was a time of unparalleled prosperity in America. That was the inaugural year of Bush’s 2nd term and of the 108th Congress, which had the widest margin of Republicans since the 1920s. America prospered under Republican leadership. And, for the record, the Republic of Utica is not shilling for the GOP. Many Republican politicians have turned their backs on Conservative principles and have paid at the polls in the past two election cycles for it. But, for all their many flaws, the economy was the best we ever had in American history under their watch. Economists have determined that the current recession began in November or December of 2007. That was in the inaugural year of the Democratic Congress, just as their policies were beginning to take hold.

The Left makes many Orwellian lies. Nobody in their right mind would vote for them otherwise. But they cannot be allowed to get away with portraying our current economic woes (when things were about the same as they are now or even slightly worse in the early ‘80s, after what we went through in the ‘70s, we considered it Heaven), such as they are, as a Great Depression, or that Republicans caused them.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Leftism and the Brief History of Republics

I have touched on this topic in previous Republic of Utica posts. Every Republic and democracy in history has had Liberals, or a left, trying to undermine its foundations. In a way this is something that should confort Conservatives at this dark hour of the Republic, and in another it would not. These Leftists have always been with us. There is nothing new under the Sun as regards them. On the other hand, they have successfully undermined every free country that ever existed.

It begins more than a thousand years before the birth of Christ, in Israel, the Promised Land. It was I Samuel 8. The Israelites had been freed from slavery under Pharoah. After Joshua led the people into the Promised Land, then began the era of the Judges. The people were free, and had no King, they lived by God's Law, arbitrated by judges. In Chapter 8 of Samuel it says that the people of Israel clammored for a King, like the other nations surrounding Israel had. It is much the same as Liberals today who want to have a Socialist Dictator or Oligarchy just like the rest of the nations of the world.

Samuel warned the Israelites (NIV I Sam 11-20) "10 Samuel told all the words of the LORD to the people who were asking him for a king. 11 He said, "This is what the king who will reign over you will do: He will take your sons and make them serve with his chariots and horses, and they will run in front of his chariots. 12 Some he will assign to be commanders of thousands and commanders of fifties, and others to plow his ground and reap his harvest, and still others to make weapons of war and equipment for his chariots. 13 He will take your daughters to be perfumers and cooks and bakers. 14 He will take the best of your fields and vineyards and olive groves and give them to his attendants. 15 He will take a tenth of your grain and of your vintage and give it to his officials and attendants. 16 Your menservants and maidservants and the best of your cattle [b] and donkeys he will take for his own use. 17 He will take a tenth of your flocks, and you yourselves will become his slaves. 18 When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king you have chosen, and the LORD will not answer you in that day."

19 But the people refused to listen to Samuel. "No!" they said. "We want a king over us. 20 Then we will be like all the other nations, with a king to lead us and to go out before us and fight our battles." "

They did not want to be free and rely on God, as He intended. They wanted a despot. Later on, in the Books of Kings and Chronicles, after the reigns of Saul, David and Solomon, Solomon's son Rehoboam took the throne. When the people asked for tax relief and a reduction of corvee, Rehoboam responded that his thumb would be thicker than his father's waist, that his father chastised them with whips and he would chastise them with scorpions. So ends that sad episode.

The story continues several centuries later, when Athens and Sparta were at war, there had been a stalemate in the beginning, Athens dominating the sea, Sparta and her Army ruled the land. Generally speaking, in wars of Elephant vs Whale, the elephant has the advantage, as he can learn to swim, but on land a whale is just a beached whale. As the war progressed, Sparta slowly built herself a fleet and got breathing space to do so in the wake of the Athenian debacle at Syracuse in 411 BC. In 405 BC the Athenians met the Spartan Navy at a small island archipelago known as Arginusai. Already the Athenians were dividing their command, but still pulled out a successful victory. The Admirals who led the battle sent out rescue ships to pick up survivors of sunk ships, however, a storm came up and the rescuers were prevented from doing their work. Some of the survivors of downed vessels returned to Athens and sought to bring the Admirals up on charges. They were charged, convicted and executed. But evidence showed that they were innocent of wrongdoing. Yes, there was political correctness in Ancient Athens. And what was the result of it? The very next year the Athenian fleet met the Spartan at a place called Aigospotami and there the Spartans crushed them. Sparta ruled both on land and at sea and the Athenians surrendered. Did the Athenians learn from this result to do away with their PC madness? No, they executed Socrates, their best man, for "corrupting the youth" several years later. Many of the best men of Athens, like Plato and Xenophon, came to realize that the Spartans deserved to win.

Even Sparta had its Liberals. Most are familiar with the movie "300." It wasn't a bad movie, although there were many historical inaccuracies. The traitorous character of Theron, while fictional did have some historical basis. Several Spartan leaders, among them the former King Demaratus, were in Xerxes' camp, helping him. And many Greeks of all cities didn't want to upset the King of Persia, so they favored kow-towing to him and surrendering. This was called "Medizing" and several cities of Greece, including Thebes, Medized. Those who fought at Thermopylai and Plataia and Salamis were accused of many of the same things that those who favor fighting in the War on Terror today are- that they would make the tyrants hate us, that submission to the tyrant wasnt worth going to war over. How different would history have been if we had listened to these Ancient Greek Leftists?

The mighty Republic of Rome had no end to its Leftist demagogues, sadly. In the War with Hannibal the things they accused the Roman leadership of might be exactly word for word what modern Leftists accuse George W Bush of in Iraq. If not for the illiteracy and ignorance of the Antiwar Left, one might think they took a page from Rome's Leftist opposition of 217-216 BC.

Quintus Fabius Maximus Cunctator (the Delayer) was appointed Dictator (it was Constitutional, Roman Law provided for a six-month Dictatorship in times of emergency) and he tried to erode what little manpower Hannibal had with ambushes, raids on supply lines and other minor skirmishes. This was done because Hannibal could not make good his losses and would run out quick, and also Fabius knew that no Roman General could defeat him. The Roman Left, led by one Gaius Terentius Varro, made the ludicrous claim that this war with Hannibal was easily ended but that the Conservative forces were prolonging it in order to keep the plebians down. It kind of reminds one of the present days, where the Conservative leadership has been saddled with equally ludicrous claims about the War in Iraq. As the Bible says, there is nothing new under the Sun.

At any rate, Varro got himself elected Consul for the year 216 BC. By that time, Hannibal's forces had been depleted by the Fabian tactics and his Spanish mercenaries were plotting to desert to the Romans (which would have rendered his Army combat ineffective). But on August 2, 216 BC Varro led the Roman Army straight into a trap set by Hannibal at a place called Cannae. It was the greatest military disaster perhaps in all Roman history. The more faint-hearted among the Romans talked of fleeing Italy for Illyria in the wake of this battle. The three greatest cities in Italy and Sicily- Capua, Tarentum and Syracuse, all deserted their allegiance to Rome for Hannibal. They all had to be taken back by Rome at great cost in blood to both sides. The great Greek scientist Archimedes was Syracusan and he died as the city was retaken in 212 BC. A war that could have been ended in two to four years dragged on for seventeen taking countless lives, destroying the finest cities of the Western Mediterranean. All because of Leftist demagogy.

Far from showing any shame or restraint after nearly sending the Republic crashing into ruin during the war with Hannibal, Rome's Leftists continued their shennanigans. They brought scurrilous charges against Scipio Africanus, the man who finally did defeat Hannibal. One of their worst demagogues, Publius Clodius Pulcher, armed Rome's previously unarmed street gangs causing a great upsurge of violence in the city. Three years after Clodius' death, another great Roman Leftist, Gaius Iulius Caesar, crossed into Italy with his Army in what can be called nothing so much as a military coup. The Republic ended with Caesar's Dictatorship and the sucessor of his successor's successor was Caligula. Not far behind him was Nero. Caesar was not the equivalent of an oil company baron. Caesar was "the people's champion" as so many of our modern Leftist politicans call themselves.

After the last Republican resistance in the Roman polity, led by Marcus Iunius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus, was crushed in 42 BC, there were not a great number of Republics that followed. The next great Republic would be the Batavian Republic formed in 1560 AD, followed by the Puritan Revolution of 1648. Even that revolution would not be complete until 1688 in the Glorious Revolution. Our Founding Fathers knew a few things that we today do not. One was that the tide of history is not on the side of freedom. God may be, but man is always quick to make a slave out of other men. The Founding Fathers knew that politicians would come along to take our freedoms away in the name of "the people." I don't think they realized how quickly and easily this would be accomplished. I doubt they realized that the Left which they knew would emerge would take the Bill of Rights and twist its words to take people's rights away. They must all certainly be dismayed.

What Barak Hussein Obama and his fellow Leftist thugs are doing is not new. The battle we fight against him and his ilk is one we have been fighting since the Revolutionary War. The Democrats, led by the bi-coastal elites are the successors of the 18th Century unicoastal elite which loved its King and abhorred the rebellion of the "country people" (ie the ancestors of the Mid Westerners, Plains and Mountain state dwellers of today) of the North and the Southern rapscallions, led by their captain George Washington. I'm not sure if it's a comfort to know that they've always been with us, but we have survived them before. George Washington defeated their King's Army. The Romans survived Cannae. We will survive Barak Hussein Obama and his treason. But we must never give up the fight, we must ever raise our voices in opposition to him. We must ensure that the damage he does to this country is minimal.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Not My Messiah

What I have been saying since the 4th is, "I'm glad my father isn't alive to see this." How would a man who fled as a little boy from Stalin take having a stalinist thug for president? The Liberals' Messiah, Barak Hussein Obama, or "B-HO," as the Republic of Utica calls him, has managed to con his way into the White House.

People call this a historic moment- America has elected its first black president. But what they are neglecting is the whole deal about "the content of one's character rather than the color of one's skin" that Martin Luther King talked about. What is the character of this man? He is a millionaire who is constantly lecturing us on giving. But what has he given? Less than one percent of the income he made from 2000-2004 went to charity. Most of this went to the false wolf-in-sheep's clothing Rev Jeremiah Wright. He has a brother in Africa who has never been given a dime of his money. Does anybody really believe that he is going to lift a finger for any of you without a big political payoff? Only the most delusional.

Republicans ran a sorry campaign this year. We can't blame all on the Liberal Media, though they certainly aided in their Messiah's triumph. We're not allowed to discuss B-HO's association with his fellow-traitors Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. We aren't allowed to say his middle name, Hussein. We aren't allowed to discuss his Marxist philosophies. But hey, we're allowed to have a free-for-all on Sarah Palin's wardrobe and family.

Well bollix to all that. The Republic of Utica hereby throws down the gauntlet at the tyrant Barak Hussein Obama. I intend to show B-HO all of the same courtesy that he and his fellow Liberals have shown George W Bush for the past 8 years, with one exception. I will tell the truth and not lie through my teeth, as they love to do.

The last thing America needs right now is a Marxist Dictator. Unfortunately there are many empty-headed individuals out there who will fall for the speeches of a false messiah.

To all you regular Americans out there- don't despair. This isn't the first time that some piece of scum has wooed a bunch of illiterate, uninformed fools to vote for him. This is something that goes back to the very beginning of Republican government when the people first decided they could rule themselves better than a King. There have always been those who would prefer a King and sometimes they win. I shall do a whole separate post on this.

The thing that the Sons of the Republic must do right now is band together and launch oppositions to our "messiah." B-HO has been criticizing like a magpie from a tree for the last 4 years. Now he has to govern and it is only a matter of short time before our "Savior" shows himself to be only a man and a pathetic one at that. All he has to offer is Marxist platitudes. That dog will not hunt.

So what real Americans need to do is put their minds on 2010. Harry Reid is up for re-election and there is a real chance of getting rid of him. Two leaders of Democrats in the Senate in a row to lose re-election would be quite a blow to them. We must organize at the community level and try to bring about another year like 1994. The corrupt Marxist thugs who run the Democratic Party will have given us plenty of fodder by then. Redistricting in 2010 is going to favor Red States more heavily and Blue strongholds are losing folks.

Don't make the mistake we made in 2004 in reverse right now. Back then, we believed that we would be on top forever. Now, some of us may think we'll be on the bottom forever. Neither is true.

And I am proud of Republicans right now. Remember after 2004 psychologists identified P.E.S.T. (post-election selection trauma)? People who voted for the Traitor Kerry were rocking in the fetal position on their couch unable to deal with reality. We are not a bunch of whining crybabys like they are. We will gather together and retake our country back from the Marxist scum.

I hear many a Liberal say after the '04 election "I don't know my country anymore." They NEVER knew this country. If they had the slightest notion, they'd never be Liberals. But we are the true Sons of the Republic and we will take it back. We love Liberty and fifty million people fighting for Liberty against fifty million brain-dead former PEST sufferers who are in love with a false messiah are no match for us. No conest.

As our British cousins used to say, "stiff upper lip!"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Diplomatic Achievments of George W Bush

The Diplomatic Achievments of George W Bush
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The oft repeated lie can become truth and the Democratic Party are masters of it. Barak Hussein Obama repeated his Party's most common lie-made-truth-through-repetition at the debate last week- that we need his messianic leadership to restore our supposedly damaged diplomatic position in the world. Democrats say this all the time, but how true is it? Shall we examine facts rather than Leftist rhetoric?

I'd start with Africa, and George W Bush's visit there earlier this year. The women there wore images of his face on their dresses as they danced for him. George W Bush made his AIDS relief program for that continent early in his presidency and the Africans love him for it. Our relations with most of Sub-Saharan Africa are better than they've ever been.

Next let's jet across the Indian Ocean to the Indian Subcontinent. As Bill Clinton's Utopian Presidency drew to a close in January, 2001, it is important to remember that we had economic sanctions against both India and Pakistan, which represent more than a quarter of the world's population. Think on this, Pakistan was a nuclear power, had no trade relations with the US, and was a military dictatorship allied with the Taliban. Pakistan still has a long way to go, but today they are a US ally and have an elected government, a pro-US government elected by Pakistan's people. In the last seven years, they've come far. Likewise relations have been normalized with India and they are considering purchasing our jets for their Air Force. This is unprecedented. India purchases most of its weaponry from Russia, and some from Britain. They've never used US weapons before.

In December, 2003, Libya surrendered a huge cache of WMDs in the wake of our invasion of Iraq. These included chemical weapons and even a nascent nuclear weapons program. They were also working on long-range missiles to deliver these weapons. If the only good that came out of the war in Iraq was this abandonment, it would have been worth it a hundred times over.

Likewise the people of Lebanon rose up and threw out the Syrians in early 2004. It was because freedom was on the rise in the Middle East. Naturally with the return to power of Liberals who hate freedom, the Lebanese have lost their moxy in standing up to tyranny.

The French and the Germans both had pro-American Conservatives win office and throw out old Socialists who like to look down their noses at us. Nicolas Sarkozy delivered an address to Congress praising America to the skies early this year. France elected someone like this in a time when America is "hated"?

In the 2006 election in Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, the Conservative President, argued that his Socialist opponent, Romano Prodi, was Anti-American and that he would harm Italy's relations with the US. Prodi fired back saying that he would ensure cordial relations with the US. Italy is so mad at America that its electorate needs to be reassured that its president won't anger the US? That is a contradiction.

Liberals cite massive antiwar demonstrations in Europe as proof that Europe is angry at America because of George W Bush. But it is important to remember that in every Western NATO country (and neutral as well) there was ten or more percent of the population that wanted the USSR to win the Cold War and build a Communist Europe. Thirty years ago both West Germany and Italy had Red Brigades active commiting acts of terrorism. In December, 1981 Italian Reds kidnapped an American General and held him for over a month in Fair Verona. The Christian Democrat Coalition defeated the Communist Party Coalition in the 1976 Italian elections by a margin of 37%-34%.

At the big Antiwar rally in Milan, the Red Banners of Socialism flew proudly, and many demonstrators carried pictures of Joseph Stalin. It's obvious where these peoples' allegiance lies. Nothing America will do, other than surrender control of our country to the Communist Party, will please these people. So why bother trying?

In Mexico's 2006 election a similar incident to what happened in Italy occured. Conservative Felipe Calderon claimed that Leftist Manuel Obrador would be another Hugo Chavez and would strain Mexico's relations with America. Obrador forcefully responded that this was not true, that he would make a favorable enviroment for trade with the US. Even people slightly to the Left of center in Mexico don't want an America Hater running their country.

Speaking of Hugo Chavez, he was giving one of his usual bombastic Castroesque speeches in a Ibero-American summit late in 2007. After a tirade of false accusations, the Spanish King Juan Carlos I, interjected and said, "why don't you just shut up?" From Tijuana to Tierra del Fuego to Tarragon, Spanish speaking people put the monarch's quip as a ring-tone for their cell-phones. This is hardly an indication of sympathy with Chavez's views of America and Bush.

Bush gathered together China, Japan, South Korea and Russia to deal with a Clinton boondoggle, North Korea's nuclear ambitions. We've gotten North Korea to abandon nukes, for now. Bush cleaned up after Clinton here, not vice-versa.

Our relations with Russia are somewhat strained at the moment. Is this Bush's fault? I hardly think Russia's desire to reclaim an empire it had before his father was born is his fault. What's more, Russia's recent invasion of Georgia, and chewing off a piece of it, was modeled on America's intervention in Serbia and chewing off Kossovo from it. Serbia is Russia's traditional sphere-of-influence for the past 200 years. Russia became involved in World War I to protect Serbia. And when did we do the Kossovo campaign? In 1999, during Clinton's paradisical presidency.

So where has Bush damaged America's credibility? The short answer is, he has not. Clinton went into a country unilaterally without French or German approval- Bosnia. Naturally the media doesn't spin it as something that damaged our credibility. Sheryl Crowe, Antiwar pinhead, went to sing in Bosnia. Truthfully, many of our relations today are a lot more stable and sturdy than were ten years ago.

Yes, China and Russia, both of whom have Imperial ambitions, would prefer to have a weakling like Obama running our country. Does that mean we should be subservient and elect him?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

GOP, the True Party of the Woman

The venomous slurs against Sarah Palin by the DNC vipers are par for the course in their way of doing business. But, being a History Major, watching the Feminazis like Anna Quindlen and Gloria Steinem criticize her femininity, I am compelled to speak out. These burn-the-bra types sit in their Starbuck's drying their petticured toenails and criticize a working mother of five who is the chief executive of her state. And they act like THEY are the real women and SHE isn't? Oh Hell No, says the Republic of Utica.
Obama's latest slur is the lipstick on a pig comment, comparing this woman to a sow. And the South Carolina Democratic Party says Palin's only qualification is that she hasn't had an abortion. Yeah, and it's too bad that the mother of whoever said that didn't have one.
A History lesson is in order here. What the Quindlens and Steinems are ignorant of, or know but neglect to mention, is that traditionally the Womens' Movement has been Conservative Republican. Contrary to Liberal spiel, the GOP has always been the right-of-center party and the Democrats the left-of-center. Abraham Lincoln was elected by a coalition of the religious right, free market entrepreneurs and pro-military/veterans from outside the major urban areas, much the same as George W Bush was. New England used to be the Bible Belt back in the day.
Bearing this in mind, it is important to point out that Susan B Anthony was a Conservative Republican. It's funny the way modern Pro-Abortion, Anti-American Liberal Feminists invoke her name. No doubt she turned over in her grave each time. And it's amazing that she didn't burst forth from her crypt when the modern day so-called womens' movement would destroy the lives of women like Paula Jones, Juanita Broadderick and Linda Tripp to protect a Left Wing molester-lecher (no, men aren't called sluts, they are called lechers) like Bill Clinton.
Suffragettes like Susan B Anthony formed temperance leagues dedicated to what Liberals today would call "imposing Christian morals." They shut down saloons and brothels in their communities. They were among the most Conservative of voting blocs.
The early successes of the suffragette movement at the state level all came in ruby red states. The first was Dick Cheney's home state of Wyoming in 1869 when it was still a territory. They were followed by Utah, Colorado, Idaho and Montana. The first woman in Congress, Jeanette Rankin, was a Republican contemporary of Herbert Hoover. She came from Montana.
The opposition to womens' suffrage in those days came from liquor interests (vice interests) and from machine politicians (ie Liberals).
It is women like Sarah Palin, tough pioneering women from Middle America, who are the real, traditional leaders of women in America and they made life better for ALL Americans. Powderpuffs like Anna Quindlen have done nothing but open abortion clinics, places where you'll never see a real woman like Sarah Palin.
It is one of the greatest cons in history that Liberal Democrats are able to say that you must hate women if you don't fall into lockstep with them. It's right up there with that Democratic Party, the historical champion of slavery and Jim Crow, which had the KKK as an arm of its Party, being able to say that you are racist if you don't fall into lockstep with them.

Friday, February 08, 2008


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So it's John McCain. OK.

The Republic of Utica will support John McCain and here's why-

I am NOT just thinking that someone with an "R" after my name be good and "D" be bad. That WOULD be dopey.

But, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, though I adore you both, it's equally dopey to say there isn't any difference between Hillary and McCain.

Let us remember the history of both McCain and Hillary, where each came from. Hillary came from that radical culture of the '60s that wanted to "bring the war home and kill our parents." In 1969, when the Manson Family killed Sharon Tate, a woman eight months pregnant, the SDS, a radical group that Hillary had some ties with, made guerilla theater celebrating this act, right down one of the women sticking her fork in Tate's pregnant belly and saying to Charlie, "look what I did for you." The SDS gave a three fingered "fork salute" to each other in remembrance of this act. The reason hippies like Hillary so loved Charles Manson was his violence in murdering of two middle class everyday American families. They dreamed of doing likewise on a grand scale.

Compare this with McCain, an honorably serving Navy Pilot who was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. Pilots like McCain shot down early in the war were told of the acts of traitors like Hillary and John Kerry by the North Vietnamese (John McCain as a POW was treated to John Kerry's perjured, high-nasal "fashion reminiscent of Jhenjis Khan" speech) but they did not believe that Americans would act this way. They thought the North Vietnamese were making it up! How disappointing it must have been for them in 1973 to have discovered otherwise!

The three pillars of Reagan Conservatism are strong defense, Fiscal Conservatism and Social Conservatism. In the first John McCain gets 100%, A+. Of any candidate of either Party, he is, in fact, the best candidate for Commander-in-Chief of our military that we have running. After four years of being led by John McCain, we can reasonably expect our military to be strong and have high morale. They will be well taken care of. As veteran of the Clinton-era military, I remember how low morale was under the Slick One. We were short-handed and sick of being run by Political Correctness. As Commander-in-Chief, Hillary would make Bill look like Reagan. Her hatred for our soldiers runs very deep, and we can count on our military being in a complete shambles after four years of her.

Let us also remember that John McCain saved the day in Iraq. If not for him and Joe Lieberman, the al Qaeda Caliphate would be running Iraq right now courtesy of the Democratic Party. They came that close to selling our soldiers and our country down the river AGAIN, just like Vietnam. McCain stood in the gap for America against the Democrats.

For these actions McCain deserves our respect. If a Republican feels in principle that he or she cannot support McCain then let them do so respectfully and not with some of the insults I've seen. That's just plain wrong.

Yes, McCain on several matters of of Fiscal and Social Conservatism has been lacking. I do not propose that we forget this or turn a blind eye to it. However, right now McCain is openly courting us Conservatives. What I do propose is that, rather than ignore him, we answer him. We tell him that we are hearing his high sounding promises that he is making right now, and that we will hold him to them.

Remember the amnesty bill that was defeated? We promise to mke life uncomfortable for him like that if he forgets the promises he is making to Conservatives right now. We should be saying that we will hold him to every sweet promise he makes to us.

People have been calling McCain a traitor to the Republican Party. Well, he has had ample opportunity to royally screw the GOP and has never done so. I have been hearing people cite the rumor that McCain was wanted for Kerry's VP vandidate in 2004. This was a rumor. Let us remember that he campained for Bush that year, I attended a Bush rally and heard him speak at it. He never defected from a 50-50 Senate.

We can look at the glass as half empty or half full, people. Conservatives really do have an opportunity with John McCain. He needs us. And we do need him right now. He is the only one reaching out to us. Will we pout like children? Or will we go to the man and have our say?

John McCain has been on the side of freedom in the war against Asiatic tyranny that we now find ourselves in. Hillary, who no doubt had a Ho Chi Minh poster back in the '60s, has consistently been on the other side. It is prideful foolishness to say there is no difference between Hillary and McCain. McCain, for all that he has been misguided at times, is a patriot who loves this country. Who among us has given more than him for America? The choice is clear for Conservatives- we support McCain, we tell him also that if he forgets his promises to us when he is president that we will remind him in loud voices.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Don’t Let Liberals John Kerry America!

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Alright, people, how many of you out there are just plan sick of John Kerry's supposed victimhood? I know I'm about get silly on somebody. I know I am very tired of hearing the multitude of Liberal pundits, the combined value of whom doesn't equal a pimple on the ass of the least of the Swift Boat Veterans talking about "swift-boating." Most of you reading this are all too familiar with the Leftist's gift for making himself or herself out to be the victim. But Liberal caterwauling about John Kerry's "victimhood" is over the top even for them. Just when you think the sewer of Liberalism cannot disgorge anything more vile, they prove you wrong.

Benedict Arnold Kerry gave perjured testimony before Congress about our soldiers in his famous "fashion reminiscent of Jhengis Khan" nasal Yankee-brahmin diatribe. In what must have been one of his worst tortures in the Hanoi Hilton, John McCain was forced to listen to this speech. He and most of the pilots shot down early in the war believed that this was North Vietnamese Propaganda, no American would disgrace himself by crapping such lies out his mouth. I can't imagine the disappointment of pilots shot down in '64, '65, '66 and '67 when they came home to find that the North Vietnamese didn't have to make some of their propaganda up.

Kerry's lies gave the Stalinist Regime of Hanoi more undeserved moral high ground that had been building since the 1967 declaration of the Counterculture. Kerry proudly marched behind Viet-Cong flags and met with representatives of North Vietnam while still technically a naval reservist. He assisted a Stalinist Regime that ran "re-education camps" reminiscent of Dachau and a Maoist Regime that massacred a third of its country's population. And he has never shown an ounce of shame or remorse for his betrayals. On the contrary he wears them like a badge of honor, speaking with great pride in his treason.

By any objective standard John Kerry should have been given a firing squad and dumped in a dung-heap, and that still would have been too good for him.

But what happened instead? Kerry spent the last thirty-five years in mansions, hobnobing with his fellow Boston brahmins, looking down their royal noses at those of us who live between the Sierra Nevada and the Delaware River. This betrayer, this fratricidal maniac, has lived the high life of a Congressman and Senator, married a billionaire and dwelled in high mansions. And his fellow veterans, the loyal Americans who fought the war and DIDN'T betray their country? Their reward was often living under bridges and being spat at in the face. Parents of dead loyal veterans were often treated to crank-calls from smelly hippies saying how glad they were that their soldier son was killed by the heroic People's Army of (North) Vietnam.

So the next idiot who in my hearing whines about what a victim John Kerry is, he's gonna have blisters on his ears. I say we enter a new phrase into the American lexicon. In honor of Benedict Arnold Kerry, luckiest scumbag traitor to ever duck a well-deserved firing squad, I say that whenever we have a lying scumbag trying to slander America or its people, we need to respond, "don't try to John Kerry America!" "Don't John Kerry that man!" "You know you really oughtta not John Kerry that girl by making up stories about her!"

John Kerry has escaped the hand of justice, but we can at least let him know that we remember who he is and that he should give thanks he hasn't gotten what he deserves.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Reid to Soldiers: Let Them Eat Cake

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The Republic of Utica is officially handing out its second Marie Antoinette award. It's first and all time Queen would be Ariana Huffington, whose blog shows a great detachment from reality at a time when lives are in jeopardy. You Libs out there contemplating your navels in your ivory towers, get set, you have a new Queen- Harry Reid.

Liberals love to claim that they care about soldiers, just ask them. If you ask some hippie from the '60s why he helped bring about Killing Fields that were filled with nearly two million souls, he will claim that he cared about our soldiers not wanting to get killed. He won't tell you about the times he spat in the faces of soldiers, calling them "baby killer" or about the times he spent crank calling the fathers and mothers of dead soldiers saying how glad they were that the heroic People's Liberation Army of (North) Vietnam had killed their son. Do we see now how specious their claim is?

Equally stanky is Harry Reid's bogus claim that he cares so much about our American soldiers. He cares about them so much that he is willing to pull the rug out from under their feet at the time when we are at a crucial stage in the war. The surge is working, casualties among American soldiers and Iraqi civilians both have dropped to fractions of what they were a few months ago. So what does Harry Reid do? He leads an effort to defund the war altogether. He is throwing a temper tantrum because he hasn't got his way.

If Reid were a loyal American, he would want victory in Iraq, but his recent actions, of bending over backwards trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, show that he is anything but.

When requested for financial help that our soldiers need, Queen Harry, who never served a day in his life, has told our soldiers that they can eat cake from the safety of his DC suburb. Now our soldiers in Iraq will face greater, totally unnecessary, perils as civilian support personnel are laid off and vital training missions that keep soldiers alive in combat are cancelled. thanks so much, Queen Harry, with "loyal" Americans like you, who needs backstabbing fifth columnists? For this you are hereby crowned the second Queen Marie Antoinette. Eat your own cake!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Bill Maher, Supreme Idiot

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With so much that is good out there to watch, read and listen to, I don't have much time for crap. That coupled with my temper and an ultra-sensitive BS Detecter and I really don't have any inclination for it. I'm trying to learn Godly patience, but I don't suffer fools gladly. Enter Bill Maher.

"Methinks ye dost protest too much," is the quote that runs through my mind as I look over his website seeing all the assertions of how "honest" Bill Maher is. Who's he trying to convince, us or himself? Whenever he opens his mouth, he firmly convinces me of the opposite.

People tell me to ignore folks like Maher who have mouths much bigger than their brains. But I'm sure people said to ignore that idiot Hitler and that idiot Stalin in their youth. The problem is, sometimes people believe idiots. And when that happens millions of people die. There was a journalist of Bill Maher's caliber covering Joseph Stalin in 1932 named Walter Duranty. He fed us a cock-and-bull story about the beauty of his workers' paradise. At that time, millions of Ukrainians were being deliberately starved to death, with Duranty's knowledge. He got the Pulitzer Prize and it stands to this day. Because of him and other Bill Maher types like him, we believed that Stalin was a Great Humanitarian.

When we listened to the Bill Mahers of the world back in the 1970s, we withdrew from Indochina and precipitated the greatest humanitarian crisis between 1945 and today. Two million Cambodians, a third of Cambodia's 1975 population, were slaughtered. Millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians fled to the high seas in leaky sampans with the clothes on their backs. I remember this, tho I was barely out of my infancy at the time. My father, a Conservative Republican, brought home a family of these people to live with us until they could be established on their own. I never have known a Liberal Democrat who did anything like that. and I've known plenty of Liberal democrats.

My grandparents also, fled from their native Lithuania to escpe Stalin's tyranny. So these two subjects are very close to my heart and something I know a lot about.

Anyways, I flipped over to Bill Maher's show. It would really be nice of HBO to show us more movies (it is, after all, a movie channel) and fewer soap operas and episodes of Bill Maher's ignoramous commentary.

It was obviously a rerun, he was speaking of the French elections, wherein Conservative Nicolas Sarkozy defeated Socialist Segoline Royale, as not having happened yet.

In the typical snarky manner of Liberals, Maher looked down his royal nose at Americans, calling us a nation of 6-year-olds and expounded at length on French Superiority. The hatred Maher feels for Americans broke through his plastic mask of "patriotic dissenter" that he manages to wear over his plastic face.

He said that France had the best health care and was the most prosperous country in the industrialized world. Laughable. Their health care system is falling apart, as all of them are, and wealthy French come to America to be treated. No wealthy Americans go to France.

I visited France in 1982 and 2000. I can tell you that there are plenty of people sleeping on the streets of this workers' paradise and many more panhandlers besides.

He said it was wonderful that a Socialist woman who had four children out of wedlock by different men could be a serious candidate for president. How terribly square of us that we only sometimes vote for Socialists who call themselves Democrats.

In his view it was also great that they had nude beaches. then he says immediately afterwards that private life remains private in France. Wait a minute, Bill, how private is a nude beach?

Naturally he neglected to mention the riots there, first by the immigrants, then by the young men who think that companies shouldnt be able to fire them for not working. Oh yeah, that's a law in France. Once you reach a certain age, you can't be fired by your employer. You know that must make for great quality goods and services. They rioted in France over a proposal to raise the age at which you could be fired.

Maher thought it was great that people dont talk much about Jesus over there, but doesnt mention the people that talk about Mohammed. Or the people who talk about Moses who were advised by their religious head not to wear their yarmulkas in public for fear they may be assaulted by the aforementioned people who talk about Mohammed.

Still, I wont look for Bill Maher to leave us immature Americans to go reside among the Enlightened French where he can work to a truly European standard of putting his gigantic vulture nose in the air and looking down it at us Americans. Too bad, maybe the Sorbonne would give him a scholarship.

No look to Maher to invoke freedom he doesnt believe in to annoy people he hates (that being us Americans).

It was obvious Bill maher knows nothing about either France or America. But it doesnt stop him from flying off at the mouth about both of them.

Many of you will say, "but Matt, he is just an idiot who calls other people idiots in an act of transferrence. Yes. Bill Maher is naught but a bag of flatulence endlessly bursting forth with his vapors. But that's the problem. History teaches us that idiots are often listened to if they are not stood up to. Bill Maher has no contact information on his website. Big surprise. He doesnt speak for as many of the people as he claims to. But that can change. Hitler and Stalin were just little idiots in a big world once. But they got to fight a world war against each other with millions dead on both sides. Do not underestimate a little idiot and his rantings. Just because he's stupid doesnt mean people wont buy his snake oil.

Monday, October 22, 2007

GOP’s Katrina Vindication

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On Saturday Rep. Bobby Jindal (R-La) was elected governor of Lousiana. He is replacing Kathleen Blanco (D) who oversaw the running of her state during Hurricane Katrina Vandenheuvel. Blanco, showing shame so uncharacteristic of Democrats, had the good grace not even to run for re-election.

For those of you not familiar with how things work in Louisiana, they have an open primary system. Every candidate of every Party runs on a single Primary day. The two top vote-getters, whatever their Party, fight it out in a runoff a little over two weeks later. However, if, in the Primary, the top vote getter wins more than 50% of the votes, he is declared winner outright, no runoff necessary. This rarely happens in governor's races. But it did happen for Bobby Jindal last Saturday.

I remember hearing of Jindal's Congressional victory in 2004, where he came to Represent Louisiana US District 1. The first time I saw a picture of him was in the House of Representatives holding up his purple stained finger celebrating the Iraqi elections. A picture is worth a thousand words, and I saw that the man had passion.

The Liberal Media has played the template that the disaster of Hurricane Katrina was the Republican Party's fault, mostly George Bush (he caused the hurricane by causing Global Warming, he ordered the levees right by black neighborhoods blown up and then didnt send them any aid or help when they were flooded out). One lie was that Bush didnt prepare for a hurricane that could have blown out the levees in New Orleans. I got news for you, people. I lived in New Orleans from 1985 to 1987 when I was a kid. I first came to the Crescent City in 1985 and I heard many people telling me back then that if the city were hit directly by a Cat 5 Hurricane that the levees might burst, as they in fact did in 2005. And I'm sure they didnt just realize that the day before I came there. This is something that has been a long time in coming, and nobody prepared for it.

Another thing we need to remember is that we live in a Federal System of government. That means that our individual states and locales are autonomous and the federal Government may not step into them without their consent/appeal. In other words, the state governments are responsible for such things, and the Federal Government is auxiliary. Not vice-versa. Moscow is not our capital, though it seems like it sometimes.

Well, it seems that the voters of Louisiana know truly where the fault lies. With her popularity in the basement, Democratic Governor Kathleen Blanco did not seek re-election. Bobby Jindal sought to be elected, having tried to win the election back in 2003 but losing in the runoff to Blanco.

The Democratic smear machine sought to link Jindal and President Bush, and truly Jindal is a supporter of many of Bush's policies. But it didnt seem to work for them. Jindal got more than 50% of the votes in a Primary against all Democrats and some Republicans.

The voters know that it was the corrupt, inept Democrat government that made the ravages Post-Katrina worse than they had to be. Katrina was not Bush's fault. The flooded school buses have become a symbol of local Democrat incompetance in New Orleans and the rest of Southern Louisiana.

Next door in Mississippi, Republican Governor Haley Barbour is beloved for how he handled the devastation after Hurricane Katrina Vandenheuvel. The Democrats are running a sacrificial lamb against him in the governor's election in two weeks.

The voters know, People. In spite of the Liberal Media and DNC smear machine, Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath weren't the fault of Republicans. And that is why Democratic Party is taking it on the labanza in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Congratualations Bobby Jindal, and Haley Barbour, keep giving 'em Hell!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Amateur Hour at the DNC or Why I’m Optimistic About 2008

Amateur Hour at the DNC or Why I’m Optimistic About 2008
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I doubt that the GOP will take back the Senate in 2008, too many retirements, too many vulnerable seats to defend versus few defenses for the Democrats. But retaining the White House and getting the House of Representatives back are good possiblities.

The reason? It's quite simple, there are no presidents among the Democrats. True, there havent been for decades and that hasnt prevented a couple of them from getting elected. Nonetheless, it's worse today.

Hillary is portrayed by Democrats and the Liberal Media as our inevitable next President. Please. She's a neophyte Senator, no executive experience, nor deserving the chance to aquire any. SHE HAS NEVER RUN ANYTHING. Except possibly a couple of hippie protests to help Ho Chi Minh's war effort against America back in the '60s.

It is somewhat disconcerting that she isnt laughed at by 98% of America's population when she says she wants to be President. I mean, in 1992 we elected Governor Lapetomaine from "Blazing Saddles" to the Presidency and now some want his wife?

Well, that's alright. She's a bit of a novelty right now, but as Republicans coalesce behind their candidate, her lacking record will come out. I am good friends at FSU with a man who is my political opposite. Me, a Northern born Republican who loves the South, him a Southern born Democrat more into the ways of the North. We rode home together in his car one day in 2005 and he still had his Kerry/Edwards bumber sticker on. HE said to me as we got in the car "dont ever run Senators for President." It is somewhat axiomatic of politics that you dont run Senators. The only Senator to be President was John F Kennedy, and if the stories are true that dead people gave him victory in Illinois and Texas in 1960, then NO Senator has fairly won the Presidency.

And, as Senators go, Hillary is not distinguished among them. At least John Kerry had thirty years in Congress. Hillary has six. And they are not a very distinguished six either. Recently Hillary ran an ad showing herself at Ground Zero after 9-11 with a face mask. Let's have the GOP show her at the fundraiser for families of firefighters late in 2001 where she was booed off the stage. She did one right thing back then- she voted for the War on Terror. Of course that was a 100-0 vote in the Senate, so, again, she did not distinguish herself.

Hillary with her socialist medical system ideas gave Republicans the Congress back in 1994. Let's see what other politcally correct ideas she wants to foist on us. She has been back and forth on Iraq, and if you thought the GOP had fun calling Kerry a flip-flopper, Hillary is going to get it twice as bad, and deservedly so.

Make no mistake, the GOP wouldnt slander or smear her. It wont have to. Just state the record. She'll crack. In the 2000 Senatorial election she got victim points because Rick Lazio confronted her. Well, if we confront her today, and she tries to make a victim of herself, as Democrats always do, undeservedly, that will hurt her in a Presidential campaign. Nobody is going to elect a victim for President. Victimhood is not Presidential. So Hillary can't play that and hope to win.

Many women will vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. Some men will deliberately not vote for her just because she is a woman. And there are even a few women out there who will not vote for a woman. Should a woman be President? Well, when one steps forward who is fit to be, I'll support her. Hasn't happened yet. Margaret Thatcher was a great PM of Britain. The best since Churchill. If someone like that ran for President in the US, she'd win and deservedly so. But Hillary is just a weak victim. Who needs that for President?

Not only that, Hillary has high 40's% unfavorable ratings. You cant get elected president if 49% of America doesn't like you. And, as it has been pointed out, Hillary's unlikeables have been formed by adult Americans over the course of nearly a generation. We've known her since 1991. She's not going to change our minds with a few tv spots.

Is Hillary inevitable? No way. I don't give her a snowball's chance. And more good news on this? She is the best the Demos have. Barak Obama is a neophyte Senator with even less experience or anything accomplished than her. He has not yet been a Senator for three years. He will be hammered even more eaily than Hillary is. Mr Madrasa isn't going to get more support than Hillary, he will get less. And forget about John "The Breck Girl" Edwards in third place. Hillary is more of a man than this Senator, who could not as VP candidate carry one single state in his Southern Region for John Kerry in 2004.

No. The GOP candidates are not the best we've ever fielded, but we have some good leaders, all but one of whom have had executive experience and done very well against great challenges. The voters will have a real choice versus their pick of amateurs. The Democrats are not going to get the White House in 2008. And in 2012 the census will greatly favor the Republicans, and I feel that in that year, the GOP will have both the Senate and House after the election, as well as the Presidency.

We have a good chance of getting the House in 2008. In 61 districts, Hillary is expected to be a drag the Democratic Rep candidate. Neither Obama nor Edwards will be a help to these either, rest assured.

So, my prediction is this- Democrat thugs hang on to the Senate, but the GOP retains the White House and wins back the House in a stunning upset.

Hang in there, 2012 is coming.