Monday, November 12, 2007

Bill Maher, Supreme Idiot

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With so much that is good out there to watch, read and listen to, I don't have much time for crap. That coupled with my temper and an ultra-sensitive BS Detecter and I really don't have any inclination for it. I'm trying to learn Godly patience, but I don't suffer fools gladly. Enter Bill Maher.

"Methinks ye dost protest too much," is the quote that runs through my mind as I look over his website seeing all the assertions of how "honest" Bill Maher is. Who's he trying to convince, us or himself? Whenever he opens his mouth, he firmly convinces me of the opposite.

People tell me to ignore folks like Maher who have mouths much bigger than their brains. But I'm sure people said to ignore that idiot Hitler and that idiot Stalin in their youth. The problem is, sometimes people believe idiots. And when that happens millions of people die. There was a journalist of Bill Maher's caliber covering Joseph Stalin in 1932 named Walter Duranty. He fed us a cock-and-bull story about the beauty of his workers' paradise. At that time, millions of Ukrainians were being deliberately starved to death, with Duranty's knowledge. He got the Pulitzer Prize and it stands to this day. Because of him and other Bill Maher types like him, we believed that Stalin was a Great Humanitarian.

When we listened to the Bill Mahers of the world back in the 1970s, we withdrew from Indochina and precipitated the greatest humanitarian crisis between 1945 and today. Two million Cambodians, a third of Cambodia's 1975 population, were slaughtered. Millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians fled to the high seas in leaky sampans with the clothes on their backs. I remember this, tho I was barely out of my infancy at the time. My father, a Conservative Republican, brought home a family of these people to live with us until they could be established on their own. I never have known a Liberal Democrat who did anything like that. and I've known plenty of Liberal democrats.

My grandparents also, fled from their native Lithuania to escpe Stalin's tyranny. So these two subjects are very close to my heart and something I know a lot about.

Anyways, I flipped over to Bill Maher's show. It would really be nice of HBO to show us more movies (it is, after all, a movie channel) and fewer soap operas and episodes of Bill Maher's ignoramous commentary.

It was obviously a rerun, he was speaking of the French elections, wherein Conservative Nicolas Sarkozy defeated Socialist Segoline Royale, as not having happened yet.

In the typical snarky manner of Liberals, Maher looked down his royal nose at Americans, calling us a nation of 6-year-olds and expounded at length on French Superiority. The hatred Maher feels for Americans broke through his plastic mask of "patriotic dissenter" that he manages to wear over his plastic face.

He said that France had the best health care and was the most prosperous country in the industrialized world. Laughable. Their health care system is falling apart, as all of them are, and wealthy French come to America to be treated. No wealthy Americans go to France.

I visited France in 1982 and 2000. I can tell you that there are plenty of people sleeping on the streets of this workers' paradise and many more panhandlers besides.

He said it was wonderful that a Socialist woman who had four children out of wedlock by different men could be a serious candidate for president. How terribly square of us that we only sometimes vote for Socialists who call themselves Democrats.

In his view it was also great that they had nude beaches. then he says immediately afterwards that private life remains private in France. Wait a minute, Bill, how private is a nude beach?

Naturally he neglected to mention the riots there, first by the immigrants, then by the young men who think that companies shouldnt be able to fire them for not working. Oh yeah, that's a law in France. Once you reach a certain age, you can't be fired by your employer. You know that must make for great quality goods and services. They rioted in France over a proposal to raise the age at which you could be fired.

Maher thought it was great that people dont talk much about Jesus over there, but doesnt mention the people that talk about Mohammed. Or the people who talk about Moses who were advised by their religious head not to wear their yarmulkas in public for fear they may be assaulted by the aforementioned people who talk about Mohammed.

Still, I wont look for Bill Maher to leave us immature Americans to go reside among the Enlightened French where he can work to a truly European standard of putting his gigantic vulture nose in the air and looking down it at us Americans. Too bad, maybe the Sorbonne would give him a scholarship.

No look to Maher to invoke freedom he doesnt believe in to annoy people he hates (that being us Americans).

It was obvious Bill maher knows nothing about either France or America. But it doesnt stop him from flying off at the mouth about both of them.

Many of you will say, "but Matt, he is just an idiot who calls other people idiots in an act of transferrence. Yes. Bill Maher is naught but a bag of flatulence endlessly bursting forth with his vapors. But that's the problem. History teaches us that idiots are often listened to if they are not stood up to. Bill Maher has no contact information on his website. Big surprise. He doesnt speak for as many of the people as he claims to. But that can change. Hitler and Stalin were just little idiots in a big world once. But they got to fight a world war against each other with millions dead on both sides. Do not underestimate a little idiot and his rantings. Just because he's stupid doesnt mean people wont buy his snake oil.


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