Sunday, January 18, 2009

A More Perfect Soviet Union

I wonder who Barak Hussein Obama is trying to convince of his American-ness, him or us? Most likely the latter, as I don’t for a moment believe he any more affection for this country in his heart than False Reverend Jeremiah “God D#mn America” Wright, any more than he is more honest than Rod Blagojevich. And to take a moment with that, a Pastor is a person’s teacher. He is not an acquaintance that you see at the Supermarket on Thursday or run into while having latter or merlot. This is someone who you trust to have knowledge of Scripture and a way of living that conforms to God’s Will. Thus the “guilt by association” argument doesn’t wash. Wright was Obama’s teacher of 20 years. Just like the ones at the madrassah he attended in Indonesia as a young America Hater. And the gods of the Liberal Media made their Olympian decree that we could not mention Wright because “there’s more important things to talk about.” So we dropped talking about B-HO’s association with his fellow traitors Wright and Bill Ayers and promptly moved on to the more important topic of Sarah Palin’s wardrobe.

ANYWAYS….. B-HO is riding a train acting like he’s an American, the next incarnation of Lincoln. It is laughable, or it would be if this crazy man weren’t about to be President. He urged us to move forward and continue creating a more perfect Union. Unfortunately, given his Marxist belief, I think he must have meant a more perfect Soviet Union. My response to B-HO is “no thanks.” I might take him more seriously if his ideas were not so alien to America. He is no friend to the US military which defends our freedom, he plans to cut that back. All he has to offer us is high taxes (real smart to do in the middle of a recession) and taking those high taxes and setting up more failed welfare programs. He intends to increase the bureaucracy exponentially, already having created new, useless departments for the government. He is keeping his campaign volunteers ready to disseminate more of his lies and vacuous statements. In other words he will be in permanent campaign mode, the 2012 B-HO re-election campaign has already begun. AND YOU WILL LOVE BIG BROTHER!

B. Hussein Obama is not an heir of the Patriots of Bunker Hill, Concord and Lexington, as he claims. On the contrary, he is the heir of the Loyalists who loved their King and thought anyone who wouldn’t bow down to him as rapscallions. The Patriots of old, heirs to modern “right wing Christian extremists” were the so-called “Country People.” They were from the farms and the small towns of the North who led the revolt. Most of the Loyalists were an Urban Cultural Elite, like Modern Liberals. The “Country People” after Bunker Hill realized that they could not defeat the Armies of the British Empire on their own, so they called upon their brothers in the South. The Southern Army, led by George Washington, came North, and, slowly and painfully after years won the Revolutionary War. George Washington and his Army were Southerners, obviously. The “Country People” who made up the Northern Patriots, are the ancestors of the people living in Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Kansas and other Flyover “Red States” that our Liberal Cultural Elite turn their noses up at today. Many of the Loyalists fled to Canada, but many remained, in their Urban Cultural Elite centers in the Northeast and later set them up on the Pacific Coast. Their successors are the ones who elected B-HO. And there is no difference between the Loyalists of old and B-HO. We fought the Revolution, in part, over high taxation, but also other government intrusions upon our liberty. Also we believed “No King but Jesus” as the Revolutionary War Cry went. We believed John Locke’s treatise which said that God (the God of the Bible, not the Deist God) desired men to be free, it was other men that made slaves out of their brothers. But the Loyalists loved their King and didn’t care if he taxed us, quartered his troops on us, silenced our journalists or whatever else he cared to do.

Obama is just like them. He thinks UN autocrats from Europe should dictate the affairs of this country, rather than Americans, and you can rely on him being properly submissive. He wants to tax everything that moves (and everything that doesn’t move). He wants to create a private army, loyal only to him. He opposes everything the Patriots of late 18th century New England stood for.

No, B-HO, riding in a train and flying an American flag somewhere is not going to fool us. You are pretending to be another Abraham Lincoln, so I will give you a quote from him- “you can fool all of the people some of the time (like you did last November) and you can fool some of the people all of the time (like the people who look at you as the Messiah) but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”


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