Sunday, September 20, 2009

9-12 in DC

I regret that I have not as yet written a blog piece about the march on Washington DC that I took part in. I am a great admirer of George Washington and what comes out of the city bearing his name today is a disgrace that shames his name, so I shall refer to the Capital as “DC” and only that from here on in.

The Liberal Media Complex and the DNC have come out with their usual slime slandering my brothers and sisters who marched. “They are racists!” they call out. Yeah, big surprise. Anyone who disagrees with the Left is a racist. Hey, Lefties, come up with some new and more interesting insults for me. You guys are creative at making that stuff up.

I had not decided to go to DC until late in the game, I was going to be active here in Florida. But in the leadup to the rally, on August 30th, I knew I HAD to go and stand for the America that my father loved. I flew by the seat of my pants to get there, most people had planned this months in advance. In my hometown of Panama City, there was no room left on any of the charters going. I asked a buddy if we could ride together in his car, sleeping in it. He was more than willing, too. His fiancée, however, was not willing to let him.

Luckily there was some room left on a charter bus going out of Mobile, Alabama. I got myself over to that beautiful, historic, city. The bus trip was organized by a lovely young 26 year old nurse who was concerned about the state of America’s health care. Most people were middle aged, though there was some youth. Bill Maher, an ignorant man who never troubles himself with facts, portrayed the marchers as rednecks unable to spell. Many of my co-marchers were professionals, some were retirees. Most were well-educated, not to mention our nurse leader.

We did not stop at any hotels between Mobile and DC. We slept on the bus, as best we could. Being 6’4” that was difficult for me, but I didn’t care. I was so glad to be going. When we arrived in DC, it was teeming. As a boy my father had taken me to the city on a couple of Saturdays to see the monuments, and it is like a tomb generally on that day of the week. I had to stand in awe and watch the crowd move down Pennsylvania Avenue. For those of you who’ve never been, Pennsylvania is very wide avenue and people filled it, from end to end, its entire width. They say that only a few tens of thousands were there, maybe enough to fill a baseball stadium. Well, I have been to Tiger Stadium, Shea Stadium and Fenway Park and this crowd wouldn’t have fit in all three, not by half.

There were some black people present, admittedly not the slightly more than ten percent of the population they represent nationally. But more than you might expect if your only source of news is from socialists. Young black entrepreneurs sold Gadsden (aka “Don’t Tread on Me”) flags to the crowds, making lots of money. I was pleased to support their enterprise.

We were passionate and said a great many things. But no one committed any violent acts, nor called for violence. Jimmy Carter lied last week and said that there was a sign calling for Obama to be buried with Kennedy. Well I stood not five feet from the sign in question and it said “Bury Obamacare with Kennedy” not Obama. Jimmy Carter is a lying traitor who came close to succeeding in pushing America over a cliff during his travesty of a presidency. He slandered the million good Americans who marched concerned about their country.

In addition to no violence, there was no trash. I saw for myself the truth of what people were saying about that. The trashcans were overflowing but the trash was stacked as neatly as possible around them. Over a million people and no mess. A fraction of that number of hippies would have been like so many Jabba the Hutt’s being present.

It was a great experience. On my return I was asked by a Mobile reporter if I thought Congress and President Obama were listening. I replied that I thought Congress was beginning to hear us, but not Obama yet. But I said that I felt he would soon enough because we will continue to speak to him. No Obama, America is not going away.


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