Monday, January 19, 2009

I Stand With the Jews

It is time, past time indeed, for the Republic of Utica to say the words of Italian patriot Oriana Fellaci. “I stand with the Jews.” I should have written this the day that the Islamofascist woman told some of my Jewish brothers in Florida to “go back to the ovens.” The Republic of Utica is not Anti-Muslim. The people of Gaza are entitled to freedom and dignity. I have unwaveringly supported the war in Iraq because its people are entitled to self-determination, not rule by ‘al-Qaeda. Same for Afghanistan, both in the '80s and today. But as Rush Limbaugh and other great commentators say “elections have consequences.” We Americans are going to have this hit us between the eyes with a sledgehammer on January 21st, but that is a topic for another time. Gaza elected Hamas to lead them and we all respected that. But elections DO have consequences. Hitler was duly elected the leader of Germany, but no one outside of Germany elected him to invade their country. The consequence of their 1932 election was a world crusade against them that cast their society into ruins. And the only ones to blame were Hitler and those who supported him.

Likewise, Gazans bear responsibility for their choices. There would be no excuse for the Israelis targeting Palestinian civilians deliberately. And indeed, the Israelis have jeopardized the lives of their own soldiers by telling the civil populace where they intend to strike. What Army in history has ever done that? NONE. There is no reasonable argument against acknowledging Israel’s efforts to reduce civilian casualties. Add to that Israel was not molesting Gaza in anyway. All Jews have departed Gaza and its environs, its people govern themselves. The wall that keeps terrorists out of Israel also keeps anyone who might have ill-will for the Palestinians out of Gaza. Hamas’ rocket-firing into Israel was 100% unprovoked and it shows that nothing has changed with Hamas, being the Government of Gaza has not made them any more moderate or responsible.

I studied the Holocaust as an adolescent. At the age of 12 I read everything I could on World War II and the “Final Solution” also. I remember reading the stories of Auschwitz, the Warsaw Ghetto, Theresienstadt and other horrible places. I believed in my young, naïve heart that such horrors would never happen again. How could they? General Patton had stomped the Nazi beast into the ground, it would never rise again. The Jews were safe in the world where America set things to right. How I wish that boyish view of the world were true. We must never allow ourselves this complacency. German Jews in the 1930s loved their Germany and they couldn’t believe that the land of Geothe and Schiller would ever do them any real harm. Most Germans who supported Hitler told themselves and others the same thing. The Nazis were decent people, they just took things a little far, they said. Citizens, DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELVES TO BE DECEIVED BY SUCH SOPHISTRY!

Most Muslims are decent people. So were most Germans in 1932. But there is a disease among many Muslims today. Many are blaming every ill on the Jews. In the madrassas and on Palestinian television, hatred of Jews is being taught, even to the smallest of children. Remember the picture of the little Muslim girl in Germany who had plastic dynamite strapped to her like toys. IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN. Citizens, ask yourselves what would happen if Hamas took over Tel Aviv? What do you imagine would take place? Do you think Hamas would telegraph its movements by texting Israeli citizens and telling them to take cover? No. Anyone with a shred of honesty or any knowledge of Hamas knows that the bodies would be stacked more than a storey high. This must not be allowed to happen.

As a boy I lived in Vienna for a few years and people remembered the Nazi era. “Nie Wieder” (never again) they always said in reference to the Holocaust and I remember a picture on a “Nie Wieder” sticker showing someone demolishing a swastika. But those who are coming for the Jews today are not wearing swastikas. They pose as “victims” of Zionism. Beware of the Cult of Victimhood. The Germans of the 1930s claimed victim hood, as did the perpetrators of the Russian Revolution of 1917, the builders of Pol Pot’s Cambodia. Untold fathoms of the most horrific atrocities have been committed in the name of setting someone’s “victimhood” to rights.

As Christian Americans, the heirs of Washington, Jefferson, Patton and Reagan, it is our duty to stand. We must stand firm with our Jewish brothers, God’s Chosen people, and say that if you come for the Jews, you have to go through me.


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