Monday, October 15, 2007

Amateur Hour at the DNC or Why I’m Optimistic About 2008

Amateur Hour at the DNC or Why I’m Optimistic About 2008
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I doubt that the GOP will take back the Senate in 2008, too many retirements, too many vulnerable seats to defend versus few defenses for the Democrats. But retaining the White House and getting the House of Representatives back are good possiblities.

The reason? It's quite simple, there are no presidents among the Democrats. True, there havent been for decades and that hasnt prevented a couple of them from getting elected. Nonetheless, it's worse today.

Hillary is portrayed by Democrats and the Liberal Media as our inevitable next President. Please. She's a neophyte Senator, no executive experience, nor deserving the chance to aquire any. SHE HAS NEVER RUN ANYTHING. Except possibly a couple of hippie protests to help Ho Chi Minh's war effort against America back in the '60s.

It is somewhat disconcerting that she isnt laughed at by 98% of America's population when she says she wants to be President. I mean, in 1992 we elected Governor Lapetomaine from "Blazing Saddles" to the Presidency and now some want his wife?

Well, that's alright. She's a bit of a novelty right now, but as Republicans coalesce behind their candidate, her lacking record will come out. I am good friends at FSU with a man who is my political opposite. Me, a Northern born Republican who loves the South, him a Southern born Democrat more into the ways of the North. We rode home together in his car one day in 2005 and he still had his Kerry/Edwards bumber sticker on. HE said to me as we got in the car "dont ever run Senators for President." It is somewhat axiomatic of politics that you dont run Senators. The only Senator to be President was John F Kennedy, and if the stories are true that dead people gave him victory in Illinois and Texas in 1960, then NO Senator has fairly won the Presidency.

And, as Senators go, Hillary is not distinguished among them. At least John Kerry had thirty years in Congress. Hillary has six. And they are not a very distinguished six either. Recently Hillary ran an ad showing herself at Ground Zero after 9-11 with a face mask. Let's have the GOP show her at the fundraiser for families of firefighters late in 2001 where she was booed off the stage. She did one right thing back then- she voted for the War on Terror. Of course that was a 100-0 vote in the Senate, so, again, she did not distinguish herself.

Hillary with her socialist medical system ideas gave Republicans the Congress back in 1994. Let's see what other politcally correct ideas she wants to foist on us. She has been back and forth on Iraq, and if you thought the GOP had fun calling Kerry a flip-flopper, Hillary is going to get it twice as bad, and deservedly so.

Make no mistake, the GOP wouldnt slander or smear her. It wont have to. Just state the record. She'll crack. In the 2000 Senatorial election she got victim points because Rick Lazio confronted her. Well, if we confront her today, and she tries to make a victim of herself, as Democrats always do, undeservedly, that will hurt her in a Presidential campaign. Nobody is going to elect a victim for President. Victimhood is not Presidential. So Hillary can't play that and hope to win.

Many women will vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. Some men will deliberately not vote for her just because she is a woman. And there are even a few women out there who will not vote for a woman. Should a woman be President? Well, when one steps forward who is fit to be, I'll support her. Hasn't happened yet. Margaret Thatcher was a great PM of Britain. The best since Churchill. If someone like that ran for President in the US, she'd win and deservedly so. But Hillary is just a weak victim. Who needs that for President?

Not only that, Hillary has high 40's% unfavorable ratings. You cant get elected president if 49% of America doesn't like you. And, as it has been pointed out, Hillary's unlikeables have been formed by adult Americans over the course of nearly a generation. We've known her since 1991. She's not going to change our minds with a few tv spots.

Is Hillary inevitable? No way. I don't give her a snowball's chance. And more good news on this? She is the best the Demos have. Barak Obama is a neophyte Senator with even less experience or anything accomplished than her. He has not yet been a Senator for three years. He will be hammered even more eaily than Hillary is. Mr Madrasa isn't going to get more support than Hillary, he will get less. And forget about John "The Breck Girl" Edwards in third place. Hillary is more of a man than this Senator, who could not as VP candidate carry one single state in his Southern Region for John Kerry in 2004.

No. The GOP candidates are not the best we've ever fielded, but we have some good leaders, all but one of whom have had executive experience and done very well against great challenges. The voters will have a real choice versus their pick of amateurs. The Democrats are not going to get the White House in 2008. And in 2012 the census will greatly favor the Republicans, and I feel that in that year, the GOP will have both the Senate and House after the election, as well as the Presidency.

We have a good chance of getting the House in 2008. In 61 districts, Hillary is expected to be a drag the Democratic Rep candidate. Neither Obama nor Edwards will be a help to these either, rest assured.

So, my prediction is this- Democrat thugs hang on to the Senate, but the GOP retains the White House and wins back the House in a stunning upset.

Hang in there, 2012 is coming.


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