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GOP’s Katrina Vindication

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On Saturday Rep. Bobby Jindal (R-La) was elected governor of Lousiana. He is replacing Kathleen Blanco (D) who oversaw the running of her state during Hurricane Katrina Vandenheuvel. Blanco, showing shame so uncharacteristic of Democrats, had the good grace not even to run for re-election.

For those of you not familiar with how things work in Louisiana, they have an open primary system. Every candidate of every Party runs on a single Primary day. The two top vote-getters, whatever their Party, fight it out in a runoff a little over two weeks later. However, if, in the Primary, the top vote getter wins more than 50% of the votes, he is declared winner outright, no runoff necessary. This rarely happens in governor's races. But it did happen for Bobby Jindal last Saturday.

I remember hearing of Jindal's Congressional victory in 2004, where he came to Represent Louisiana US District 1. The first time I saw a picture of him was in the House of Representatives holding up his purple stained finger celebrating the Iraqi elections. A picture is worth a thousand words, and I saw that the man had passion.

The Liberal Media has played the template that the disaster of Hurricane Katrina was the Republican Party's fault, mostly George Bush (he caused the hurricane by causing Global Warming, he ordered the levees right by black neighborhoods blown up and then didnt send them any aid or help when they were flooded out). One lie was that Bush didnt prepare for a hurricane that could have blown out the levees in New Orleans. I got news for you, people. I lived in New Orleans from 1985 to 1987 when I was a kid. I first came to the Crescent City in 1985 and I heard many people telling me back then that if the city were hit directly by a Cat 5 Hurricane that the levees might burst, as they in fact did in 2005. And I'm sure they didnt just realize that the day before I came there. This is something that has been a long time in coming, and nobody prepared for it.

Another thing we need to remember is that we live in a Federal System of government. That means that our individual states and locales are autonomous and the federal Government may not step into them without their consent/appeal. In other words, the state governments are responsible for such things, and the Federal Government is auxiliary. Not vice-versa. Moscow is not our capital, though it seems like it sometimes.

Well, it seems that the voters of Louisiana know truly where the fault lies. With her popularity in the basement, Democratic Governor Kathleen Blanco did not seek re-election. Bobby Jindal sought to be elected, having tried to win the election back in 2003 but losing in the runoff to Blanco.

The Democratic smear machine sought to link Jindal and President Bush, and truly Jindal is a supporter of many of Bush's policies. But it didnt seem to work for them. Jindal got more than 50% of the votes in a Primary against all Democrats and some Republicans.

The voters know that it was the corrupt, inept Democrat government that made the ravages Post-Katrina worse than they had to be. Katrina was not Bush's fault. The flooded school buses have become a symbol of local Democrat incompetance in New Orleans and the rest of Southern Louisiana.

Next door in Mississippi, Republican Governor Haley Barbour is beloved for how he handled the devastation after Hurricane Katrina Vandenheuvel. The Democrats are running a sacrificial lamb against him in the governor's election in two weeks.

The voters know, People. In spite of the Liberal Media and DNC smear machine, Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath weren't the fault of Republicans. And that is why Democratic Party is taking it on the labanza in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Congratualations Bobby Jindal, and Haley Barbour, keep giving 'em Hell!


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