Monday, November 10, 2008

Not My Messiah

What I have been saying since the 4th is, "I'm glad my father isn't alive to see this." How would a man who fled as a little boy from Stalin take having a stalinist thug for president? The Liberals' Messiah, Barak Hussein Obama, or "B-HO," as the Republic of Utica calls him, has managed to con his way into the White House.

People call this a historic moment- America has elected its first black president. But what they are neglecting is the whole deal about "the content of one's character rather than the color of one's skin" that Martin Luther King talked about. What is the character of this man? He is a millionaire who is constantly lecturing us on giving. But what has he given? Less than one percent of the income he made from 2000-2004 went to charity. Most of this went to the false wolf-in-sheep's clothing Rev Jeremiah Wright. He has a brother in Africa who has never been given a dime of his money. Does anybody really believe that he is going to lift a finger for any of you without a big political payoff? Only the most delusional.

Republicans ran a sorry campaign this year. We can't blame all on the Liberal Media, though they certainly aided in their Messiah's triumph. We're not allowed to discuss B-HO's association with his fellow-traitors Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. We aren't allowed to say his middle name, Hussein. We aren't allowed to discuss his Marxist philosophies. But hey, we're allowed to have a free-for-all on Sarah Palin's wardrobe and family.

Well bollix to all that. The Republic of Utica hereby throws down the gauntlet at the tyrant Barak Hussein Obama. I intend to show B-HO all of the same courtesy that he and his fellow Liberals have shown George W Bush for the past 8 years, with one exception. I will tell the truth and not lie through my teeth, as they love to do.

The last thing America needs right now is a Marxist Dictator. Unfortunately there are many empty-headed individuals out there who will fall for the speeches of a false messiah.

To all you regular Americans out there- don't despair. This isn't the first time that some piece of scum has wooed a bunch of illiterate, uninformed fools to vote for him. This is something that goes back to the very beginning of Republican government when the people first decided they could rule themselves better than a King. There have always been those who would prefer a King and sometimes they win. I shall do a whole separate post on this.

The thing that the Sons of the Republic must do right now is band together and launch oppositions to our "messiah." B-HO has been criticizing like a magpie from a tree for the last 4 years. Now he has to govern and it is only a matter of short time before our "Savior" shows himself to be only a man and a pathetic one at that. All he has to offer is Marxist platitudes. That dog will not hunt.

So what real Americans need to do is put their minds on 2010. Harry Reid is up for re-election and there is a real chance of getting rid of him. Two leaders of Democrats in the Senate in a row to lose re-election would be quite a blow to them. We must organize at the community level and try to bring about another year like 1994. The corrupt Marxist thugs who run the Democratic Party will have given us plenty of fodder by then. Redistricting in 2010 is going to favor Red States more heavily and Blue strongholds are losing folks.

Don't make the mistake we made in 2004 in reverse right now. Back then, we believed that we would be on top forever. Now, some of us may think we'll be on the bottom forever. Neither is true.

And I am proud of Republicans right now. Remember after 2004 psychologists identified P.E.S.T. (post-election selection trauma)? People who voted for the Traitor Kerry were rocking in the fetal position on their couch unable to deal with reality. We are not a bunch of whining crybabys like they are. We will gather together and retake our country back from the Marxist scum.

I hear many a Liberal say after the '04 election "I don't know my country anymore." They NEVER knew this country. If they had the slightest notion, they'd never be Liberals. But we are the true Sons of the Republic and we will take it back. We love Liberty and fifty million people fighting for Liberty against fifty million brain-dead former PEST sufferers who are in love with a false messiah are no match for us. No conest.

As our British cousins used to say, "stiff upper lip!"


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