Friday, January 18, 2008

Don’t Let Liberals John Kerry America!

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Alright, people, how many of you out there are just plan sick of John Kerry's supposed victimhood? I know I'm about get silly on somebody. I know I am very tired of hearing the multitude of Liberal pundits, the combined value of whom doesn't equal a pimple on the ass of the least of the Swift Boat Veterans talking about "swift-boating." Most of you reading this are all too familiar with the Leftist's gift for making himself or herself out to be the victim. But Liberal caterwauling about John Kerry's "victimhood" is over the top even for them. Just when you think the sewer of Liberalism cannot disgorge anything more vile, they prove you wrong.

Benedict Arnold Kerry gave perjured testimony before Congress about our soldiers in his famous "fashion reminiscent of Jhengis Khan" nasal Yankee-brahmin diatribe. In what must have been one of his worst tortures in the Hanoi Hilton, John McCain was forced to listen to this speech. He and most of the pilots shot down early in the war believed that this was North Vietnamese Propaganda, no American would disgrace himself by crapping such lies out his mouth. I can't imagine the disappointment of pilots shot down in '64, '65, '66 and '67 when they came home to find that the North Vietnamese didn't have to make some of their propaganda up.

Kerry's lies gave the Stalinist Regime of Hanoi more undeserved moral high ground that had been building since the 1967 declaration of the Counterculture. Kerry proudly marched behind Viet-Cong flags and met with representatives of North Vietnam while still technically a naval reservist. He assisted a Stalinist Regime that ran "re-education camps" reminiscent of Dachau and a Maoist Regime that massacred a third of its country's population. And he has never shown an ounce of shame or remorse for his betrayals. On the contrary he wears them like a badge of honor, speaking with great pride in his treason.

By any objective standard John Kerry should have been given a firing squad and dumped in a dung-heap, and that still would have been too good for him.

But what happened instead? Kerry spent the last thirty-five years in mansions, hobnobing with his fellow Boston brahmins, looking down their royal noses at those of us who live between the Sierra Nevada and the Delaware River. This betrayer, this fratricidal maniac, has lived the high life of a Congressman and Senator, married a billionaire and dwelled in high mansions. And his fellow veterans, the loyal Americans who fought the war and DIDN'T betray their country? Their reward was often living under bridges and being spat at in the face. Parents of dead loyal veterans were often treated to crank-calls from smelly hippies saying how glad they were that their soldier son was killed by the heroic People's Army of (North) Vietnam.

So the next idiot who in my hearing whines about what a victim John Kerry is, he's gonna have blisters on his ears. I say we enter a new phrase into the American lexicon. In honor of Benedict Arnold Kerry, luckiest scumbag traitor to ever duck a well-deserved firing squad, I say that whenever we have a lying scumbag trying to slander America or its people, we need to respond, "don't try to John Kerry America!" "Don't John Kerry that man!" "You know you really oughtta not John Kerry that girl by making up stories about her!"

John Kerry has escaped the hand of justice, but we can at least let him know that we remember who he is and that he should give thanks he hasn't gotten what he deserves.


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Good words.

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