Sunday, November 18, 2007

Reid to Soldiers: Let Them Eat Cake

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The Republic of Utica is officially handing out its second Marie Antoinette award. It's first and all time Queen would be Ariana Huffington, whose blog shows a great detachment from reality at a time when lives are in jeopardy. You Libs out there contemplating your navels in your ivory towers, get set, you have a new Queen- Harry Reid.

Liberals love to claim that they care about soldiers, just ask them. If you ask some hippie from the '60s why he helped bring about Killing Fields that were filled with nearly two million souls, he will claim that he cared about our soldiers not wanting to get killed. He won't tell you about the times he spat in the faces of soldiers, calling them "baby killer" or about the times he spent crank calling the fathers and mothers of dead soldiers saying how glad they were that the heroic People's Liberation Army of (North) Vietnam had killed their son. Do we see now how specious their claim is?

Equally stanky is Harry Reid's bogus claim that he cares so much about our American soldiers. He cares about them so much that he is willing to pull the rug out from under their feet at the time when we are at a crucial stage in the war. The surge is working, casualties among American soldiers and Iraqi civilians both have dropped to fractions of what they were a few months ago. So what does Harry Reid do? He leads an effort to defund the war altogether. He is throwing a temper tantrum because he hasn't got his way.

If Reid were a loyal American, he would want victory in Iraq, but his recent actions, of bending over backwards trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, show that he is anything but.

When requested for financial help that our soldiers need, Queen Harry, who never served a day in his life, has told our soldiers that they can eat cake from the safety of his DC suburb. Now our soldiers in Iraq will face greater, totally unnecessary, perils as civilian support personnel are laid off and vital training missions that keep soldiers alive in combat are cancelled. thanks so much, Queen Harry, with "loyal" Americans like you, who needs backstabbing fifth columnists? For this you are hereby crowned the second Queen Marie Antoinette. Eat your own cake!


Anonymous ims said...

Good Crassus was a businessman,
The richest in the world,
Drawing his rents and revenues,
But having gotten churled
When Pompey claimed what he deserved,
A triumph finely pearled--

So he became ambitious, and
Though senators advised
Against, determined an Iraq
Assault would make him prized,
Vainglorious schemes proposing, he
Appeared self-hypnotized.

A Parthian attack received
No mention, but decree
Supported Crassus in his folly,
Wobbled though his knee--
All knew the game, and so was raised
An army speedily.

A businessman, and not a man
Of military wisdom,
He heeded those around him that
Gave counsel such as pleased him,
But Cassius did from Crassus shrink,
Mutely in dumb-manĀ“s costume.

He rode in with a pared-down force
Expecting swift defeat
Of enemies, but that was not
Resultant fate to meet:
Instead he lost his head, and fell
To sorrows most complete.

O, he did well in killing slaves,
But this foolhardy mission
Reduced that man in all the world
Most wealty to confusion--
And it was his own character
Against him by collusion:

Because he was no general,
A businessman at heart,
That was one fault; another, but
Although in business smart,
So he preferred such words be heard
As sycophants impart--

So it resolved not even in
Ovation, triumph, trophy,
Yet he was skilled--so what of us
As follow leaders loafy?
They like to loaf, but are not bred
Beyond crumpets and coffee!

Foolish ye did entrust yourselves
To such a leadership,
Nor when the ax falls may ye make
It lighter with a quip--
That was Iraq, nor men have learned
To hold off such a slip.

2:25 PM  
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