Wednesday, September 10, 2008

GOP, the True Party of the Woman

The venomous slurs against Sarah Palin by the DNC vipers are par for the course in their way of doing business. But, being a History Major, watching the Feminazis like Anna Quindlen and Gloria Steinem criticize her femininity, I am compelled to speak out. These burn-the-bra types sit in their Starbuck's drying their petticured toenails and criticize a working mother of five who is the chief executive of her state. And they act like THEY are the real women and SHE isn't? Oh Hell No, says the Republic of Utica.
Obama's latest slur is the lipstick on a pig comment, comparing this woman to a sow. And the South Carolina Democratic Party says Palin's only qualification is that she hasn't had an abortion. Yeah, and it's too bad that the mother of whoever said that didn't have one.
A History lesson is in order here. What the Quindlens and Steinems are ignorant of, or know but neglect to mention, is that traditionally the Womens' Movement has been Conservative Republican. Contrary to Liberal spiel, the GOP has always been the right-of-center party and the Democrats the left-of-center. Abraham Lincoln was elected by a coalition of the religious right, free market entrepreneurs and pro-military/veterans from outside the major urban areas, much the same as George W Bush was. New England used to be the Bible Belt back in the day.
Bearing this in mind, it is important to point out that Susan B Anthony was a Conservative Republican. It's funny the way modern Pro-Abortion, Anti-American Liberal Feminists invoke her name. No doubt she turned over in her grave each time. And it's amazing that she didn't burst forth from her crypt when the modern day so-called womens' movement would destroy the lives of women like Paula Jones, Juanita Broadderick and Linda Tripp to protect a Left Wing molester-lecher (no, men aren't called sluts, they are called lechers) like Bill Clinton.
Suffragettes like Susan B Anthony formed temperance leagues dedicated to what Liberals today would call "imposing Christian morals." They shut down saloons and brothels in their communities. They were among the most Conservative of voting blocs.
The early successes of the suffragette movement at the state level all came in ruby red states. The first was Dick Cheney's home state of Wyoming in 1869 when it was still a territory. They were followed by Utah, Colorado, Idaho and Montana. The first woman in Congress, Jeanette Rankin, was a Republican contemporary of Herbert Hoover. She came from Montana.
The opposition to womens' suffrage in those days came from liquor interests (vice interests) and from machine politicians (ie Liberals).
It is women like Sarah Palin, tough pioneering women from Middle America, who are the real, traditional leaders of women in America and they made life better for ALL Americans. Powderpuffs like Anna Quindlen have done nothing but open abortion clinics, places where you'll never see a real woman like Sarah Palin.
It is one of the greatest cons in history that Liberal Democrats are able to say that you must hate women if you don't fall into lockstep with them. It's right up there with that Democratic Party, the historical champion of slavery and Jim Crow, which had the KKK as an arm of its Party, being able to say that you are racist if you don't fall into lockstep with them.


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