Thursday, January 01, 2009

Great Depression, My Eye

Liberal scaremongers are feeding the garbage line that America is in the worst economic crisis since 1929. Now, I am uncertain if they are so utterly ignorant as to actually believe this, or if they are just lying, as people who pimp out Liberal ideology frequently do. I guess it depends on which Liberal is squawking. It is not the first time that they have foisted these lies on us. Indeed, every Republican leader is a reincarnation of Herbert Hoover if you listen to the pundits on the Left, and his economic policies are about to bring forth the next Great Depression. Bill Clinton, Lord of Lies, until recently dethroned by B-HO in this position, got himself elected by repeating the mantra that the recession of 1992 was the worst economy in 50 years. It was an absolute lie. The Demos in 2002, with America in the wake of an economic slump caused by 9-11, were saying that it was the Great Depression again. They were trying that again in 2004, although it rang even more hollow than usual at that time, as we were in the beginning of the best economy America ever had from the end of ‘04 until ‘07, the year the Democrats came to control Congress.

No, the worst economy in America since 1945 occurred the last time Liberal Democrats ran all three branches of government for more than two years. I refer to the period of the late ‘70s, when Jimmy Carter, the biggest disgrace to the office of the Presidency (another distinction which may well be broken by B-HO), told us to cope with high energy prices by turning down the heat and putting on a sweater, like he himself did in the White House. Currently unemployment is at around 7%, up from just over 4%. The 4% was a record, never having been equaled. For the first time in history, every American who wanted a job had one. Before the middle of Bush’s term, with the Republican Congress in control, we had never dropped below 5% unemployment in our history and having 6% was pretty darned good. In 1980 we had unemployment of 13% compared with 19% in 1930. We had spent the 1970s with a Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress and four years under Jimmy Carter’s compassionate Liberal governance. We had double digit inflation in the 1970s, our dollar was being devalued. By the late 1970s, our military was gutted, demoralized and riddled with drug-abusers. My childhood memories of the seventies include America being referred to as “the second most powerful nation on Earth,” after the Soviet Union. They include vague early childhood memories of the long gas lines. Many people believed that America’s best days were behind her at that time. Soviet Communist Doctrine stated that the Capitalist society would begin to tear itself apart and collapse from within on the eve of their Global Revolution where the socialist Workers’ Paradise would be birthed over the entire globe. In 1980, many Communists believed that day had come.

In addition to the economic shambles America was humiliated on a daily by the tag-team of the USSR and Iran. Our Great Leader Carter’s response was typically “thank you sir, may I have another?”

To add insult to injury, the Democrats who blame George W Bush for the current economic hit are the ones who caused it. Especially to hear deviant thug Barney Frank is incredibly galling. Referring to Bush as not a real president? When was the last time the state of Massachusetts sent someone to the House or Senate who wasn’t an anti-American scumbag? Decades.

It was the “Distinguished Gentleman” Frank who was the architect of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Home Loan fiasco. It was he who used the power of government to strong-arm our financial institutions into making loans that most likely would never be repaid. And now that our financial institutions are failing it’s W’s fault? Right. Well, when you have an Orwellian Liberal Media turning your Big Lies into truth, you can get away with it.

The Orwellian Democrats rely on Americans letting the real record of their “accomplishments” go down the “memory hole.” They called Republican campaigns “smears” when we point out how they like to hob-nob with terrorists, or give aid and comfort to North Vietnam. It’s not a smear if something is true. It is a smear to blame the Republicans for an economic disaster caused by them. It is a smear to say that our present economy is the worst ever. We are just coming down off the economy that we had under a Republican president and Congress, which was the best ever. In her December 29 column, Froma Harrop, Democratic propagandist, said “it was very 2005 to read of couples using a service to water the two tomato plants on their deck. And of teenage daughters being given private Pilates instruction.” What she was inadvertently admitting, in her typical snotty style , was that 2005 was a time of unparalleled prosperity in America. That was the inaugural year of Bush’s 2nd term and of the 108th Congress, which had the widest margin of Republicans since the 1920s. America prospered under Republican leadership. And, for the record, the Republic of Utica is not shilling for the GOP. Many Republican politicians have turned their backs on Conservative principles and have paid at the polls in the past two election cycles for it. But, for all their many flaws, the economy was the best we ever had in American history under their watch. Economists have determined that the current recession began in November or December of 2007. That was in the inaugural year of the Democratic Congress, just as their policies were beginning to take hold.

The Left makes many Orwellian lies. Nobody in their right mind would vote for them otherwise. But they cannot be allowed to get away with portraying our current economic woes (when things were about the same as they are now or even slightly worse in the early ‘80s, after what we went through in the ‘70s, we considered it Heaven), such as they are, as a Great Depression, or that Republicans caused them.


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