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So it's John McCain. OK.

The Republic of Utica will support John McCain and here's why-

I am NOT just thinking that someone with an "R" after my name be good and "D" be bad. That WOULD be dopey.

But, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, though I adore you both, it's equally dopey to say there isn't any difference between Hillary and McCain.

Let us remember the history of both McCain and Hillary, where each came from. Hillary came from that radical culture of the '60s that wanted to "bring the war home and kill our parents." In 1969, when the Manson Family killed Sharon Tate, a woman eight months pregnant, the SDS, a radical group that Hillary had some ties with, made guerilla theater celebrating this act, right down one of the women sticking her fork in Tate's pregnant belly and saying to Charlie, "look what I did for you." The SDS gave a three fingered "fork salute" to each other in remembrance of this act. The reason hippies like Hillary so loved Charles Manson was his violence in murdering of two middle class everyday American families. They dreamed of doing likewise on a grand scale.

Compare this with McCain, an honorably serving Navy Pilot who was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. Pilots like McCain shot down early in the war were told of the acts of traitors like Hillary and John Kerry by the North Vietnamese (John McCain as a POW was treated to John Kerry's perjured, high-nasal "fashion reminiscent of Jhenjis Khan" speech) but they did not believe that Americans would act this way. They thought the North Vietnamese were making it up! How disappointing it must have been for them in 1973 to have discovered otherwise!

The three pillars of Reagan Conservatism are strong defense, Fiscal Conservatism and Social Conservatism. In the first John McCain gets 100%, A+. Of any candidate of either Party, he is, in fact, the best candidate for Commander-in-Chief of our military that we have running. After four years of being led by John McCain, we can reasonably expect our military to be strong and have high morale. They will be well taken care of. As veteran of the Clinton-era military, I remember how low morale was under the Slick One. We were short-handed and sick of being run by Political Correctness. As Commander-in-Chief, Hillary would make Bill look like Reagan. Her hatred for our soldiers runs very deep, and we can count on our military being in a complete shambles after four years of her.

Let us also remember that John McCain saved the day in Iraq. If not for him and Joe Lieberman, the al Qaeda Caliphate would be running Iraq right now courtesy of the Democratic Party. They came that close to selling our soldiers and our country down the river AGAIN, just like Vietnam. McCain stood in the gap for America against the Democrats.

For these actions McCain deserves our respect. If a Republican feels in principle that he or she cannot support McCain then let them do so respectfully and not with some of the insults I've seen. That's just plain wrong.

Yes, McCain on several matters of of Fiscal and Social Conservatism has been lacking. I do not propose that we forget this or turn a blind eye to it. However, right now McCain is openly courting us Conservatives. What I do propose is that, rather than ignore him, we answer him. We tell him that we are hearing his high sounding promises that he is making right now, and that we will hold him to them.

Remember the amnesty bill that was defeated? We promise to mke life uncomfortable for him like that if he forgets the promises he is making to Conservatives right now. We should be saying that we will hold him to every sweet promise he makes to us.

People have been calling McCain a traitor to the Republican Party. Well, he has had ample opportunity to royally screw the GOP and has never done so. I have been hearing people cite the rumor that McCain was wanted for Kerry's VP vandidate in 2004. This was a rumor. Let us remember that he campained for Bush that year, I attended a Bush rally and heard him speak at it. He never defected from a 50-50 Senate.

We can look at the glass as half empty or half full, people. Conservatives really do have an opportunity with John McCain. He needs us. And we do need him right now. He is the only one reaching out to us. Will we pout like children? Or will we go to the man and have our say?

John McCain has been on the side of freedom in the war against Asiatic tyranny that we now find ourselves in. Hillary, who no doubt had a Ho Chi Minh poster back in the '60s, has consistently been on the other side. It is prideful foolishness to say there is no difference between Hillary and McCain. McCain, for all that he has been misguided at times, is a patriot who loves this country. Who among us has given more than him for America? The choice is clear for Conservatives- we support McCain, we tell him also that if he forgets his promises to us when he is president that we will remind him in loud voices.


Anonymous Griff Radulski said...

Thank you for your witty and biting satire. It's been a long time since I have encountered such realistic demagoguery in the "name" of conservatism. Thank you for the comic relief - I tip my hat to you. Keep writing!

11:26 AM  
Blogger Cato Uticensis said...

And thank you for your anonymous and cowardly cheap-shot comment. If you ever wanna have a serious discussion, feel free. Or if you want to continue to skulk around like a little hyena, do that too.

11:51 AM  

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