Friday, January 02, 2009

My Fear For America, and My Hope

I studied Russian History at FSU. The professor, though a Liberal, was not some doctrinaire Lib, but a wonderful man, and an ardent opponent of Communism. He told us a story once about what happened when Mikhail Gorbachev first took power in the Soviet Union, he wanted to reform the Soviet communist system. His goal was to preserve it, not to abolish it. Other people did that later. But when he set out to improve its functionality, he asked his ministers how the Soviet Economic System worked. And his economic wonks had no idea!!! Apparently they even checked the CIA Factbook on the USSR to get some idea. At the rate America’s government is growing, with the phalanxes of unelected bureaucrats and ACLU-type lawyers tyrannizing Americans and spending out of control, I fear some US President ten, twenty or thirty years from now asking some people from Treasury hoe the US Economy works and getting nothing but sheepish grins and shrugs. Perhaps they will look in the Chinese Intelligence Service’s US Factbook for ideas.

We cannot allow this to happen. And only Revolutionary change will prevent it. What we need to do is put the Beltway politicians, the unelected bureaucrats, the ACLU and other out-of-touch types in Washington out of business. And there is one way we can do it, with the help of the American people.

When Mustafa Kemal aka Kemal Ataturk wanted Turkey to become a modern Republic in the wake of World War I, he faced off against the Ottoman Dynasty, which had ruled the Turkish people since the 14th century. In the Ottoman capital in Constantinople, there was an ancient, entrenched bureaucracy that would make ours, bad as they are, look like Kindergartners. Ataturk did not march on this ancient city. No, he put them out of business by setting up a rival capital at Ankara and letting the bureaucrats and the Sultan, out of touch and distant from everyday Turkish people, whither on the vine. It was not long before Ankara became the reality, and Constantinople an old fairy-tale land.

This is how America can have a non-violent Revolution against Washington. We hold a Constitutional Convention in a city in Flyover country. My preference would be Montgomery, Alabama, the site of Judge Roy Moore’s principled stand against Federal tyranny in the name of religious freedom. However, Kansas City might be a suitable alternative. Salt Lake City, Cheyenne, Denver or Nashville also have potential. We want a decent size city, but not one of the giant metropolises like Chicago with its corrupt machine which is now foisting B-HO on us. America’s capital city must exist to serve the people, not exist to be served by the people. Washington DC was like that in the early 1800s, and was built to be a smaller metropolis, not a Constantinople with a Byzantine Bureaucracy. The pros have circumvented this original intent. And it is time for the American people to circumvent them.

Much of what goes on in Washington is in no ways substantiated by the Constitution. A pastor friend of mine from my Montgomery days wished to build a Ten Commandments monument ON HIS OWN PROPERTY in Washington DC and was told by a bureaucrat that no one elected, but who we pay for with our taxes, that he could not do so based on the non-existent Separation of Church and State. You will not find this law anywhere in the US Constitution, but many unelected tyrants can silence your freedom of speech and religion based on this law from the Soviet Constitution.

We need a new Constitutional Convention to sweep away some of the outrages of the Federal Courts, end runaway spending, and more clearly enumerate the powers of the new Federal Government. Yes, we need to have a Federal Government with teeth. We need to have the best Air Force and Marines and Tank Divisions and Aircraft Carriers in the world for our safety. Individual states cannot do it on their own. The Federal Government can’t be allowed to run our lives, but State governments are capable of committing outrages too. State Governments need to be strong and keep the Federal Government honest. And Federals need to help clean up local corruption. What we need is BALANCE. The American System, expressed in the Declaration of Independence with Locke’s philosophy, acknowledges that God is the only just Judge. No government run by men can be trusted without check and balance. That is what our system is supposed to be- one of checks and balances. That includes States vs. Federals. Each is supposed to check the other. But now there is no check on the Federal Government, especially on its tyrannical Court System.

We the People are the last possible check on Washington, and I am sure the Father of our country is angry at how his name has become synonymous with strangulating red tape. No, we need to start over, and the way is for the states and the people to make a new capital in a Middle American city, where American , not Eurosocialist values predominate, where Beltway-Chicago style corruption is not rampant. Send no more taxes to Washington, let them work for a living over there for a change, and return our nation to the type of can-do Americans who made it great. Let Washington wither on the vine and turn it into a museum.


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