Saturday, October 06, 2007

Liberals' Budding Love Affair With Iran

Liberals love tyrants. This I have observed from my youth. I remember one of my Liberal teachers defended Khaddafi when we responded to his terror attacks by bombing across the Line of Death back in 1986. At the same school they showed us a propaganda film saying that Reagan had stopped sending food to Ethiopia because he hated Black people and wanted to let them starve. The film didnt mention that Ethiopia's Marxist government had been taking food that we sent them FOR FREE and shipping it to the USSR in exchange for weapons. At the time I was greatly astounded that my Liberal professors were not interested in learning the facts.

In the '70s and '80s Liberals adored Fidel Castro. Many violated American law and went to visit him and spend our American dollars to keep his economy afloat. They lambasted Pinochet ruthlessly, but the greatest tyrant of the Western Hemisphere, Fidel, they adored, even though Pinochet wasnt guilty of a fraction of Castro's atrocities.

Liberals loved Daniel Ortega, the Communist President of Nicaragua (recently elected fairly for the first time in his life, mainly by young Nicaragua voters who know only the mytique, but not the crushing reality, of life under Communism). He came to power by force in 1979, silenced all political opposition, and had a sham election in 1984 not unlike Saddam's old elections. He did not hold another election until after the Berlin Wall fell, after which he promptly lost and couldnt elect a dogcatcher for nearly a generation. In the '80s Liberals defended this man in ways they'd never stick up for any American. They called Reagan an old Nazi tyrant, but Ortega was their shining prince.

Liberals loved Gorbachev, he was more popular than Reagan to them. I remember seeing in "The Nation" magazine in 1988 a cartoon that showed a Soviet soldier in Afghanistan flying a kite shaped like a dove of peace, while an Afghan freedom fighter was manning a Flak gun stamped "Made in the USA" was about to shoot it up. How were we Conservatives so stupid as to not realize that Soviet helicopters in Afghanistan in the '80s were there to spread peace, love and red rays of sunshine?

Going back in the history books, I've learned how Liberals loved Joseph Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, Kim il-Sung, and others. They formed "peace" movements to aid these bloody tyrants and to stymie American efforts to resist them.

And we are all well aware of Liberal efforts to give aid and comfort to al Qaeda in Iraq.

Now a new enemy has stepped forward for Liberals to coddle. Mahmoud Ahemdinejad, madman President of Iran, who is seeking nuclear weapons, the only leader besides Kim Jong-il who actually WANTS to start a nuclear war, has now drawn the loving attention of America's Left.

I first saw it on a bumper sticker some grungy hippies had on their VW van "US hands off Iran." Then I saw a couple other grungy types with similar statements over the past couple years, but never believed anything serious was afoot on this front until recently.

Jon Soltz, Plastic Posterboy Veteran for the Left, who claims to be nonpartisan, but has his websites filled with Demorat propaganda and who claims to speak for a majority of soldiers but really only speaks for a small minority, has a blog piece on his website filled with the usual Left Wing blather-paranoia that the US is creeping up on some innocent country. The innocent country in this case being poor picked on Iran. He is buddies with "STOPIRANWARNOW.ORG" this group claims to have 55,000 or so co-signers.

Further investigation leads to Wesley Clark's webpage. He also, in addition to giving aid and comfort to al Qaeda in Iraq, also excoriates Bush for wanting to take out Iran. How a disgraceful pig like Clark got to be a General is beyond me. My theory is that, as anyone who served knows, there are those ass-kissing backstabbers we always encounter. Clark must have been a wildly successful one. Now his long knives are in the back of the country itself. I am so glad I never had to serve under that pimp.

Clark is giving advance aid and comfort to Ahmedinejad. I remember seeing in a History Channel show, they interviewed one of the 1979 hostage takers from our embassy in Tehran. He was saying that "we thought the American people would understand." He elaborated that by citing the existence of "peace" movements from Vietnam and earlier made them expect a similar movement to arise on their behalf. They did not expect America to unite under Ronald Reagan.

This is important to realize. America's enemies now, when they strategize, come to count on our Leftists to assist them in the coming battles. And it is rare that they are disappointed. Liberals blame Bush for the dead in Iraq, but I blame only two sources- al Qaeda and Liberals. The former did the deeds. The latter made 'al-Masri's boys believe that they can win if they hang in there. They would have given up long ago if they didnt have the hope of Leftists forcing us to withdraw to cling to.

Now Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, someone seeking nuclear weapons, the destruction of Israel and America, and the reign of Iranian mullahs over the Middle East, knows he can count on some segments of America to help him. Used to be, Liberal "peace" movements would blunt US policy and then Liberals would go back to their coffeehouses, drink their $10 lattes and the filled mass graves wouldnt affect them any. But if a nuclear bomb goes off in the US, I'm afraid for Liberals that starbuck's will be closed in that area and they'll have to miss the episodes of Sex and the City that night.


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