Sunday, September 09, 2007

A 9-11 Message

9-11, The 300, Medizers and Useful Idiots

As the anniversary of 9-11 approaches there is much for Americans to consider. It has been six years since the ugly, cowardly attacks on our nation and I must pointedly ask, what have we learned? To my sadness, the answer must be nothing. Yes, we pursue al Qaeda in Iraq and, not that you hear it ever from the Liberal Media, they are taking heavy, horrendous casualties there. Afghanistan too. The supporters of the war are people who were aware before 9-11, who knew how precious American freedom is and that there are many who want to take it away. Those who oppose the war have returned like a dog to its own vomit, supporting every enemy of America since Stalin. And the great masses who know neither victory nor defeat, neither Conservatism nor Liberalism have gone back to their dream world. Liberals hated the immediate post-9-11 period because it was a Real World scenario. Their political correctness and social experiments were seen for the useless excrement that they are. The day after 9-11, who needed a Feminist, an ACLU lawyer, a tree hugger or a “Peace” Activist? Liberal Ivory Towers had come crashing down and they were scrambling to keep up with the rest of us who already dwelt where things are real.

But now the Liberal Media and DNC Activists have succeeded in singing most of the American people back to sleep. I remember the days immediately following the WTC attacks they talked about how our world was changed forever. But how are things today different from ten years ago? Nothing of significance. Liberals are walking tall again, once more acting like they have something to be proud of. They manage to say with a straight face that it is patriotism on there part to help al Qaeda bring about genocide and tyranny in Iraq.

My mentor Alfredo comforted me once by saying that “even George Washington had to deal with malakas.” (Malaka is an off-color Greek word which is my affectionate term for Liberal Democrats) And it is true. A third of America in his day was Loyalist to their King, a third were American Patriots and a third didn’t know exactly what it was they wanted. Similar to today, although the 1/3 Loyalists have shrunk to be 20% Liberals. The American soldiery in the Revolution came from the South and the Northern countryside. The Loyalists were mainly in the Big Urban centers. The New England Patriots of Concord and Lexington are the ancestors of those who settled in places like Montana, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas. Today is the same as 1776- in the “Flyover Country” we are Americans wanted to live with a free, strong and independent America, while the Liberals in the big urban areas are still seeking their King George to bow down to, today in the person of the UN Sec’y General, the President of France (before they went and elected a Conservative who admires America, that is) and other Eurasian Leftists. In previous years they sought to emulate the likes of Stalin and Ho Chi Minh. The struggle of Conservative vs. Liberal is truly a continuation of the Revolutionary War, with Liberals as the Loyalists.

But malakas go back even further. I have just got done watching my “300” DVD. Even the Spartan Leonidas had to deal with them back in 480 BC. Now “300” is not the most accurate rendition of the Battle of Thermopylai. The Ephors were not inbred monsters, and all Spartans, not just them, believed fervently in the old gods of Greece. Spartans were well known as the most pious of the Greeks. But it was good that they showed how some Greeks conspired to help Xerxes conquer their homeland. Many of the Ancient Greeks like the Macedonians and the city of Thebes, submitted to the King of Persia. These were called “Medizers.” Rather than fight with the Spartans to defend their freedom, they bent the knee to the King of Asia. Even a few Spartans, namely the deposed King Demaratus, were in Xerxes’ retinue. The Free Greeks had to overcome not only the combined armies of the Persian Empire, but also the Medizers in their midst. Yes, Ancient Greece had Liberals.

Why do some free people turn against their societies and support the worst of tyrants? Even the tyrants themselves aren’t grateful either. Lenin’s affectionate term for Western Liberals who believed every word he said and supported the USSR totally was “Useful Idiot.” I don’t doubt that in his own Persian language Xerxes had an equally derisive term for people he publicly referred to as Medizers. Every Republic and Democracy in history has selfish, self-absorbed people who use that nation’s own freedoms against it in order to help the most depraved dictatorships. No free nation has ever long survived the likes of such people.

As the sixth anniversary of 9-11 approaches, Liberals have added an enormous crime to their long list of many others. They have done their uttermost to send the memory of the heroes and martyrs of 9-11 down the memory hole. The Liberal Media has slowly guided us back to lionizing their favorite heroes- pornographers, abortionists, comedians who tell dirty jokes and hygienically challenged, dope-smoking hippies who helped out the Stalinist Ho Chi Minh. It is poignant to note that Orwell in “1984” believed that the murdering of the past was a greater crime of INGSOC (the Left Wing Socialist Party of Big Brother) than all the murder, death, torture and other tyranny they inflicted. Perhaps he was right. Whatever your take on it, it is a terrible crime against humanity.

The Liberal Media has decided that images of 9-11 are not to be shown to us because of the passions they might excite in us. They had no problem running non-stop images of Abu Ghraib in order to excite anger against our soldiers. We should show those images every day. Our people have forgotten them and are in much need of reminding before the next bomb goes off on American soil.

Cato Uticensis

3rd Infantry Division 1996-1999


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