Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rush Limbaugh versus Benedict Arnold Reid and Phony Veterans

Good for Rush Limbaugh!

It's about thirty-five years overdue for someone to stand up to the Left and its Legions of phony veterans. The truth of the matter is that there are never enough poster boy veterans who betray their fellow veterans for Liberal politicians in their efforts to sabotage America's wars.

So what is the solution? Invent some veterans. This is not new. Much of our misbegotten perceptions of Vietnam Veterans as soldiers "reminiscent of Jhengis Khan" come from John Kerry's perjured Senate testimony and the "Winter Soldier" group. These supposed veterans told fantastic tales of American atrocities which have stuck in our collective memory. It turned out that most of these guys had never even worn the uniform. But there was no big investigation, no castigation of the traitor John Kerry for his stinking lies. No, on the contrary, he has lived in opulence since betraying his country, while loyal veterans lived under bridges.

Jesse McBeth has carried on the tradition. A Basic Training washout, he has claimed to be an Army Ranger and has told similar lies against soldiers. His lies have been translated into Arabic and circulated throughout the Arab World. Only a blithering idiot would deny that this endangers American lives. Not to mention America's honor as a nation.

Liberal Poster Boy Veterans like John Kerry and Phony Liberal Veterans are the most contemptable type of scum. For profit they betray their country and never seem to get called on it.

Thugocrat leader Harry Reid has condemned Rush Limbaugh for speaking out on this truth. Nothing Liberals hate more than having one of their shams exposed.

From us real veterans to you, Harry Reid, RESIGN, you anti-American douchebag!! You don't have jack to say to a true American like Rush Limbaugh! You lied to your voters and betrayed your state and your nation. Go get bent!


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