Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Who's a Victim?

Imagine if you will an abortion clinic set on fire by abortion protesters. The protesters watch it burn and as Fire Trucks come to put out the fire. They interfere with the firemen and cut their firehoses. Law enforecement comes on the scene. They shout for the protesters to leave, and give them ample opportunity to do so, with no repercussions. Instead the protesters stay and shout and goad the law enforcement officials with curses and continue to interfere with the firemen. The Law fires a few rounds over their heads and gives them clear warning that they will be fired upon if they do not leave. The only response is more verbal abuse. Reluctantly, the law enforcement people open fire, killing four of the protesters.

What, do you imagine, would be the reaction in the Drive-by Media? Not difficult to imagine, they would be going off about how people who protest abortion need to be muzzled and have their First Amendment rights even further curtailed. In the wake of the media firestorm, you can bet that corrupt Democratic Policians and lawyers would do exactly that.

But that is not what really happened. On May 4, 1970, the building that was set fire to was the ROTC building on the campus of Kent State University, and the firemen were interfered with, as stated above. The protesters were Leftist protesters trying to help bring about a Communist Vietnam and Cambodia in which millions would die and millions more be sent to "Re-Education" Camps that were no different from Dachau or Buchenwald or flee their homes with the clothes on their backs. And they could have left with nothing happening to them. But they chose to stay and abuse the Guardsmen and taunt them. the Guardsmen made one last effort before opening fire saying "you are surrounded, give up." The protesters were not in fact surrounded and they just laughed it off. The Guardsmen opened fire with a volley that killed four people. As odious a creature as a spoiled brat baby-boomer hippie who doesn't bathe too often is, it is truly regretable that four of them were killed. But they were the ones who brought their situation upon themselves and they alone bear responsibility for what happened to them. Not to mention their share of the responsibility of what happened to the two million Cambodians murdered in the Killing Fields, but that is another matter.

Why do I bring this up? Self Described "victim" Alan Canfora, who famously waved a black flag at the Guardsmen is planning on leading a candlelight vigil for the four "victims" who died at Kent State 37 years ago. He has a typical black-helicopter conspiracy theory that there is some cover-up about Kent State and he bemoans that the Guardsmen never went to jail. Well, the hippie arsonists who went burned down the Kent State ROTC building never spent a day in jail for their real crime of setting fire to a building either. Instead, they got ambulance-chasing lawyers to sue the State of Ohio and harass the Guardsmen who only did their duty.

I asked Mr Canfora via email if the two million Cambodians dead or the displaced and murdered or tortured Vietnamese concerned him at all. His reply vacillated and it is my opinion that he does not concern himself much with the millions of Indochinese who who died or suffered so horribly because he and his comrades got what they wanted in 1975.

This is another case of what I previously called "The Sad Sorry Leftist Cult of It's Own Victimhood." Four spoiled brats who got themselves killed commiting arson count for more than the millions piled into mass graves by Communism. And, for the record, I wish the four had not died, merely been arrested and punished for arson. But to act like four people who stood up for tyranny in the face of freedom count more than murdered innocent millions is a travesty and it makes my blood boil.

Americans, let us say a resounding, "NO!" to Mr Canfora, who doesn't seem to have any identity other than that of "Victim" of National Guard meanies 37 years ago. Let say "No" to his victimhood, "No" to his cause of appeasement masquerading as peace, the false peace of slavery to tyrants. "No sale" here at the Republic of Utica, Mr Canfora.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post.

That worm saul aklinski, and his communist agitators are the ones responsible for this whole mess.

I stand with you in saying NO Mr. Canfora, you're no "victim".

9:34 PM  

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