Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Patriots Day

Today we honor the 232nd anniversary of the first battles between the Bi-Coastal Elites (Unicoastal in those days) and the "Flyover Country" (obviously no flying over back then). I refer to the Battles of Lexington and Concord. On this day in 1775, local militias made their stand on the Village Green of Lexington under the command of Captain John Parker. "Stand your ground men; don't fire unless fired upon; but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here!" Parker bravely said. His bold words were matched with brave deeds as his militiamen stood against the government forces. With overwhelming force, the Government forces left eight militiamen dead and then moved on to Concord. The Militia soundly drubbed the British Government Forces at Concord and were ambushed by Parker's Militia on their retreat to Boston. It was the famous "shot heard round the world."

Americans in those days were torn between supporting the new Revolution against an overweening, overtaxing government and those who favored kissing up to their tyrant, George III. The Patriotic Militia that favored an independent America, governing itself was composed of men from the outlying areas, rural and small towns, mainly. Derisively it is called "Flyover Country" today. These farmers were the ancestors of they who settled in Idaho, Utah, Nebraska, Texas and similar locales. George III's American bootlickers were mainly coastal urban elites living inside the cities like Boston and New York. Sound familiar? It should.

The current Blue State elites are the political heirs of the Loyalists who were so subservient to their King. These supposed Americans, who get all huffy if you ever posit that they are not as American as they might be, have ever opposed American freedom and autonomy. I remember one of my Boston-area High School classmates summed it up best when she said, "I'm not into America." To expound upon what she meant, she would much prefer being a European and living as the Europeans do.

The Coastal Urban Elites have ever sought for a European tyrant to govern America, much preferring that to us "Cowboys" and "Rednecks" who they are supposedly countrymen with. During the War of 1812, the New England states gathered together and threatened secession from the Union and rapprochement with the King. This was in 1815, and their delegation threatening this action came to Washington and found the people celebrating the peace made at the Treaty of Ghent. A hero of the New England elite, Henry David Thoreau, made his mark opposing the war against Mexico's dictator, Santa Anna. True, Santa Anna was not European, but the "Napoleon of the West" was surely a dictator in the European mold, and had pretensions to such.

Less than a century afterwards, by the 1920s, the Yale and Harvard elites came to see Bolshevism as the greatest thing since sliced bread. "I have seen the future and it works" said one Liberal after returning from the USSR at that time. Joseph Stalin had become the Coastal Urban Elite's new George III. When FDR was inaugurated in early 1933, his first act was to extend diplomatic recognition to the Soviet Union. His ambassador to Moscow, Davies, justified Stalin's 1937 purges implying that most everyone who got it in that had it coming, as did Liberal Media propagandists like I.F. Stone. Stone also claimed that the man-made famine of 1932 and 1933 in which ten million people died never happened. Until his death Liberal elites pined for Uncle Joe as their leader and forget the American way of life. They laugh at things like that.

Whittaker Chambers was a Communist in the 1930s. He left the Party in 1938 and testified to the fact that many of FDR's cabinet ministers were in the service of the USSR and manipulating American policy for Stalin's benefit. He was demonized by the thugs of the DNC, but recent documentation has shown that he told the truth. Tens of thousands of American soldiers died needlessly in the pointless invasion of France and Belgium in 1944. We should have invaded the thinly garrisoned Balkans and gone straight to Berlin from there. France and Belgium would have fallen to us bloodlessly anyway and we could have prevented the Politburo from turning the Balkans into a gulag. But Stalin wanted the invasion of Northern France, and whatever Uncle Joe wanted, Uncle Joe got from Democrats in those days.

Chambers observed that American Communists loved to fawn over Russians in the day when the Politburo ran things. And, in my two years among the children of Limosine Liberals of Boston, I observed the same thing about most any Leftist, even as recently as the 1980s. In those days, the Bi-Coastal Urban elites welcomed Mikhail Gorbachev with loving open arms. "It was like the Second Coming" gushed one Liberal during the Soviet Premier's official visit. The same Liberals who gushed and fawned over Gorby hated Ronald Reagan with a viscious venom. How dare Ronald Reagan stand up to their new George III and win the Cold War? Reagan was called a Nazi and worse. When he spoke of the notion that the Communists might come to the frontier of Texas if allowed to gain a foothold on the Mesoamerican mainland, one Liberal commentator responded to the effect that they were welcome to it. Yes, a supposed American didn't care if Texas went Communist. More than likely he enjoyed the idea of it. I'm certain that he would have enjoyed the idea of Cubans and Sandinistas lording it over Texas "cowboys." Some Americans!

So let's take a moment on this Patriot's Day and take stock- people who are not Patriots have control of Congress and are trying to steer the US for the benefit of World Socialism. But we are still better than our forbeaers were at Lexington and Concord. Like our forerunners, it is our duty to stand up to the Left and its desire to put a new George III over us. Honor the sacrifice of patriots past and seek to emulate them against the forces of socialist tyranny. America's future depends on it.


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