Friday, March 09, 2007

The Uselessness of Liberalism

I have long wanted to do a post entitled "The Sad, Sorry Left Wing Cult of Its Own Martyrdom." My desire to do this was stoked when I saw a poster advertising the upcoming film about the Dixie Chicks. It describes how they are poor, wretched victims because nobody between Reno and the Delaware River wants to buy their crappy records anymore. The reason? It boils down to they have mouths much bigger than their brains and no great love for this country. But what persecution have they suffered? Former fans don't buy their records anymore, DJs choose not to play their songs and people tell them they are stupid. Well, it is a First Amendment right of those people to do that. Are we to force fans to buy their records? Are we to force DJs to play their songs on the radio when they don't want to? Are we to silence the freedom of speech of the people who think (know) the Chicks are dumb? We certainly haven't silenced the Liberals who spout off that Bush is dumb and yet still allegedly managed to bamboozle them into a war for oil. In reality, Liberals are not at all concerned with people's freedom to disagree with them.

In "Meet the Fockers" Dustin Hoffmann plays a hippie who took a bath and became a bloodsucking lawyer for the ACLU. He tells his infant grandson to "Question Everything." Liberals even made that into a bumpersticker once. But they don't REALLY want you to question EVERYTHING. They don't want you questioning them, their motives or anything they say. If you choose to use your freedom to do so, then you are guilty of "McCarthyism," a myth that has served Liberals well for fifty years running.

"McCarthyism" is a cornerstone of the Leftist Cult of Its Own Martyrdom. Liberals today cannot admit that most of their political forbeaerers in the 1930s and 1940s, all the way up to FDR's VP Wallace (1941-1945) and even, to an extent, FDR himself, were great admirers of Joseph Stalin. Many on the Left in those days took that admiration all the way to outright loyalty to Stalin over America.

Rather than face this truth, admit it, and make a committment to being loyal to America first and foremost, they blacken the name of the man who investigated it- Joe McCarthy. Liberals constantly describe the early 1950s as a time of "paranoia." Tell me, when a hostile force committed to the violent overthrow of our Constitution rules Russia and China and has agents in high places in our government, how is it paranoia to be concerned about this? How is it a witch hunt to investigate how far this went? Simple answer, it is not, not in the least. How easy it is for someone sitting in the comfort of a Starbuck's to call concern over a mass murderer like Stalin "paranoia!"

Liberals are making up the same garbage about the days following 9-11. The general pre-recorded template coming from Leftists is that "Neocons," especially President Bush, used Post-911 anger to wage war for oil in Iraq, or something similar and equally asinine. People like the Dixie Chicks and Bill Maher, who have mouths much bigger than their brains, are treated as martyrs, as are the POW terrorists at GITMO.

Liberals NEED to convince people that America was "paranoid" and "McCarthyistic" in those days. Why? Because the days after 9-11 showed how utterly useless and inane Liberalism is. When the towers fell, who needed an ACLU lawyer, a Feminazi Activist, a Vegan Environmentalist or Jesse Jackson? We didn't, those people were the last people we wanted or needed to hear from in those days. Everything they said or did was utterly irrelevant. We needed cops, soldiers and firemen, the kind of men Liberals love to hate. America was wide awake and aware of how political correctness was getting people killed. Liberals were utterly miserable in late 2001 and 2002. Not because 3000 Americans had been murdered. Not because anyone was persecuting them. Rather, it was because nobody had the time to listen to their childish temper tantrums. The Real World had landed on our heads in a big way and the Ivory Tower Dreamworld of Liberalism was suddenly irrelevant.

It is sad that the American attention span has become so short that the lessons of 9-11 are now forgotten and we are asleep again, like it was 9-10-01. Left Wing Starbuck's dwellers are listened to about the Iraq War more than the soldiers who fight in it. And they are turning their post-911 irrelevance into martyrdom, Dixie Chicks style.

I must confess that I fear the worst. With the current moronic Democratic Congress our soldiers will be hamstrung and our political will is shown to be wanting. We cannot be so foolish as to believe that the terrorists in Iraq don't notice all the help our Left is giving them. And Liberal foolishness will not merely affect the Middle East. China and North Korea are seriously doubting our resolve to defend our Asian Allies, as are many of those Asian Allies themselves. You think South Korea doesn't remember what happened to South Vietnam? A Japanese leader recently publicly expressed his doubts that America could protect East Asia from China. HE based that on how we are letting a bunch of ignorant hippies wreck our war effort in Iraq. The upshot of this could well be a war in the Pacific Rim that we wouldn't even have to fight if Liberals grew a brain.

This time, I don't believe that Liberals will be able to go back into their coffeehouses and make up great stories about how wonderful they are for helping mass murderers against America, the way they did in 1975. I'm fairly certain that with idiots running Congress we will be hit by the terrorists again. And when this happen, I just hope a piece of America won't be glowing in the dark.


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