Thursday, June 15, 2006

Zarqawi Documents Prove Liberal Media Lies

Thanks to documents recovered in Abu Musab 'al-Zarqawi's bombed out Headquarters, 104 terrorists have been killed and hundreds more taken prisoner. Dozens of weapons caches have been captured. But of almost equal importance is the insight we gained into 'al-Qaeda's state in Iraq.

The 21st century's Ho Chi Minh despaired of the state of his terror organization. He was writing that America was winning the war and he wasn't replacing his combat losses. Do you remember how Liberal "Geniuses" went on and on about how we were "creating more terrorists"? Yeah right. Zarqawi complained about how he wasn't getting any new recruits.

The late, unlamented Abu Musab also said that he felt the US Army was winning the war and successfully raising up a native Army for the new Iraqi Republic that he would not be able to defeat.

The Zarqawi documents prove that everything the Liberals have argued about the war in Iraq is the opposite of the truth. Those of us with our heads not in a very dark place have known this all along.

The Libs loved to compare the Iraq War with the Vietnam War, even tho the two were as different as Vietnam's jungle climate from Iraq's desert. They gave a whole new meaning to "stuck on stupid." However, there is one similarity between the two wars. In both cases the Left betrayed America in an effort to help a murderous enemy win. The Left to this day has to say that Vietnam was both unwinnable and immoral. Lemme tell you people out there, in 1965 there wasn't a more noble cause than preventing the Killing Fields of 1975 that we are all familiar with or turning Vietnam into the totalitarian gulag state it is today. But our "patriotic" Liberal countrymen used to hang posters and chant the name of the Bolshevik tyrant of Hanoi. "Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh, (North) Vietnam will win!" and then go spit in the face of an American veteran.

We need to remember the Killing Fields. Saddam had his Killing Fields too. And if the war in Iraq was lost more mass graves will get filled. Make no mistake about it. It won't affect, Liberals. Just as Liberals in 1975 put on Bell Bottoms and went to Studio 54, totally untouched in their little ivory tower world by the Khmer Rouge and Viet-Cong they helped bring to power, so too would they continue to go to their Starbucks' and drink their lattes. It won't be them filling up the mass graves. So what do they care?

It's up to Red State America, brothers and sisters. We have to defeat not just the terrorists, but Blue State America as well. Or millions will die.


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