Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi- Death of a Democrat Hero

June 8, 2006 is a date of mourning for Liberals. An ally, hero and friend of theirs has passed away, another victim of American "Imperialism." You can rely on the Birkenstock-wearing, Starbucks' slurping neo-Marxist crowd thinking this even if they don't say it. Certainly Columbia professor Nicolas DeGenova who wished for "a million Mogadishus" to America must be crying into his soy latte on this day. In my book he gets points for honesty if nothing else.

I'm being harsh you say? I shouldn't attack their patriotism? OK, let's review. Liberals so love to pat themselves on the back. But let's look at the real record.

From about 1917 until the early 1950s, Liberals believed that Joseph Stalin's USSR was the wave of the future. Liberal Media journalists like I.F. Stone covered up Stalin's atrocities, like the man-made famine of 1932-33 in which tens of millions starved to death. FDR's ambassador to Moscow, Joseph E Davies, told the president that the victims of the 1937 purges more or less had it coming. New Deal politicians sought to remake America in the 1930s into the image of Soviet Russia of that time. Meanwhile tens of millions died.

In the 1960s Liberals chanted the name of Ho Chi Minh. "Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh!!!" echoed the streets of Berkeley and Amherst, along with odors of marijuana and unwashed hippie bodies. Let's not forget that North Vietnam's ally the Khmer Rouge also was able to take over Cambodia and perpetrate the worst atrocities in history. Do Liberals hang their heads in shame as they should over their crucial role in helping three murderous regimes come to power in Indochina? Not at all, they hold their heads high and act as if they have something to be proud of. They didn't let Cambodians being piled into mass graves bring them down, man. They put on their bell bottoms and went disco dancing. Meanwhile millions died.

Liberals greatly enjoyed reading Mao's Little Red Book in the 1970s right after that lovely little bloody episode known as "The Cultural Revolution." Meanwhile millions died.

And the story goes on and on, one brutal socialist dictator after another. Castro, Ortega and more recently, Saddam. Next to this Rogue's Gallery, Zarqawi is small potatoes, a petty thug, a nobody. Nonetheless he was out there and he was killing some Americans. Not very many, in spite of what the Liberal Media tells us. And it's not like they care about GIs in spite of their protestations (remember the words of DeGenova, these are the true feelings of your average Lib activist, hatred for GIs).

Tonight as real Americans in the Heartland rejoice at our triumph, no doubt some tears are being shed in Starbucks' and in Student Unions on both coasts and in Chicago and Flint. The man Liberals had hoped would be the new Ho Chi Minh to kill many Americans has passed away and perhaps Liberal dreams of sabotaging another American war with him. Too bad, so sad.


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It's an amazing analysis about the situation in Iraq.


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