Monday, April 03, 2006

Italian Elections Coming Up!

On April 9, 2006, the Italian electorate will go to the polls. The incumbent Center-Right Coalition stands for re-election against the Left. Silvio Berlusconi, a Communications Mogul, is the current Prime Minister. He led his Forza Italia Party to victory in 1994, as Newt Gingrich was winning for the Republicans in America. Berlusconi is a friend of America and of the Republican form of Government. Neither can be said truthfully about his opponent, Romano Prodi. Prodi, not unlike John Kerry, masqueradres as a good Catholic. However he is at the head of a coalition that includes two different parties of Communists and former Communists. Prodi is a moderate Pinnochio who dances a dance on strings pulled by the likes of Piero Fassini and the aptly named Fausto Bertinotti. Fassini is the head of the largest party in Prodi's Leftist Coalition, the so-called "Democrats of the Left." However, the "Democrats of the Left" Party had a different name less than twenty years ago. It was the Italian Communist Party.

Make no mistake about it. The Italian Communist Party just changed its name. It is the same people who served the cause of Bolshevism, the same old Bolshevik ideas, just called something else because they knew after 1989 that the name of "Communism" couldnt win any more.

The aptly named Fausto Bertinotti heads the Communist Refoundation, also a tentative (but at this point not certain) member of the Left Coalition. They openly proclaim themselves proud of Communism and they garner 6 or 7 percent of the vote in each election. They can be a power player and tip scales.

We in America need to pray for Italy, that the man who loves freedom beats the puppet of the old Bolsheviks. If the Left wins in Italy, they will begin the process that the old Italian Communist Party tried to do since the days of Stalin. They shook Italy as terrorists in the Red Brigades in their youth. Such leopards have not changed their spots, do not be deceived.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

.... and we are all so indebited to Bush and America for making the world so much safer for us all.

It is just plain scary to read thia analysis which is based in so much ignorance of the political situation here in Italy. You have it so wrong - but then is that surprising look at the mess in your own backyard.

I am praying things will get better in your country too.

10:21 AM  
Blogger Cato Uticensis said...

That's right, you are indebted. And things are pretty good in our country right now, record low unemployment, record highs on the stock market. And we are leading the fight against world terrorism.

My analysis is not based on ignorance, just a rejection of the Socialist Party Line, which you no doubt have handed in your brain for.

As for praying, pray while you can, if the Left wins, they'll ban it, I'm sure.

10:54 PM  
Blogger Cato Uticensis said...

one last thing, "anonymous"- you are a typical Left Wing gutless wonder, coming onto my blog, talking smack, and not even having the courage or courtesy to tell me who you are.

10:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe, you know nothing about the story of italian communist party.
Maybe, you would better know who makes part of the centre-right coalition.
Gianfranco Fini, our foreing affairs minister, is the leader of National Alliance, a nationalist party who derives from the National Fascist Party (founded by Mussolini).
Bye Bye
Matteo Portoghese

11:51 AM  
Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

47 gvts since 1945...what a record!

9:04 AM  
Blogger Cato Uticensis said...

The Fascists make a tiny fraction of the Center-Right Coalition. Communists and former Communists make an overwhelming majority of the Left coalition.

And I know the story of the Italian Communist Party. I remember the murders that the Red Brigades committed well. When I was a boy, in 1980, I came to Europe and read about how one of America's generals was killed by them. Do you condone that?

The Italian Communist Party was an organ of Moscow until the '70s or '80s. They nearly won the 1947 election, when they were Stalin's yes-men. Would you have loved to have been a province of the Russian Empire like Poland or Hungary were?

Mussolini was a thug, but if it comes to Mussolini or Stalin, Mussolini any day. Still, there is no equivocation.

4:34 PM  
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