Saturday, February 11, 2006

Endorse Moore

Back in October, I wrote a piece entitled "Return of a Hero" (on the GOP Insight Blog) about the new candidacy for Governorship of the State of Alabama by Judge Roy Moore. Judge Moore is a champion of religious freedom against the Unelected Communazi Religion Gestapo of the ACLU/Southern Bolshevik Law Center.

I along with thousands of others, stood with him in August and September of 2003, when he fought for the freedom of religion of America with the Ten Commandments Monument against an unlawful and tyrannical Federal Court Order to remove it. I was also there on the day of his Kangaroo Court, November 14, 2003 (the 65th anniversary of Kristallnacht) and I was there for his appeal in February, 2004.

I learned a lot in Montgomery that hot summer. I went from being a nominal Christian to being truly saved by the Lord Jesus Christ. That was the most important thing. Another important truth I learned is how utterly corrupt and in the pocket of Global Socialism our Federal Judiciary is. After my lessons in Alabama, I didn't NEED for Steven Breyer to admit that he ruled based on International Socialist court rulings from Eurasia, I already plainly knew that.

The Liberal Media and groups like the SPLC slandered Judge Roy Moore and compared him to George Wallace, the Segregationist Governor of Alabama from the 1960s. They said there were no black people there standing with him. But in fact there were hundreds of them among the thousands on the courthouse steps. The lovely matronly lady who ended up taking charge of feeding all of us was black. I spent my second night in on the steps in Montgomery talking with a former football playing Pastor who reminded me of Shaquille O'Neal. There were also several Orthodox Jews and their rabbis. In the great Atheist "counter-demonstration" across the street, there was not a single black person. All eight of them were lily-white. The Southern Poverty Law Center's propaganda website portrayed the Ten Commandments rally as a gathering of Neo-Nazis. That is neither the first, nor the last, deliberate lie they've told.

Judge Moore never got mad at his hateful, slandering accusers. He was ever soft spoken, kind and polite. His knowledge of Alabama and American Law is impeccable. He and Alan Keyes (who I met and got to know a bit while he was there) educated me about how the only violators of the Establishment Clause are the Communazi Religion Gestapo. "Congress Shall Make no Law RESPECTING an Establishment of Religion." The 'respecting' in there means that no level of the Federal Government, INCLUDING THE JUDICIARY, can even rule on questions dealing with religious matters at the state and local level. They cannot even adjudicate it lawfully. But our Eurosocialist Federal Judiciary cares nothing for the law, only the propagation of its own agenda.

He is a decorated Vietnam War veteran. In this he proves the hypocrisy of Leftists who said we couldn't say anything against John Kerry because of his "heroism" (how somebody who's side in the Vietnam War was North Vietnam could be a hero to anyone but the Communists is beyond me). But they never hesitated to smear this decorated veteran.

What we need to do in this country is realize that the Left is trying to impose Socialist Doctrines on us that aren't in Our Constitution. We need bold people to stand up to them and say "no!" Judge Roy Moore is that kind of genuine real Conservative. He does the right thing, regardless of whether he will be persecuted by those who love tyranny. The current Republican Governor of Alabama, Bob Riley, sadly has not measured up to these stadnards, or anything close. I remember my happiness in November of 2002 in hearing that he beat out Don Siegelmann. But my happiness did not outlast the next summer when he was very conspicuously absent in helping Alabamians defend their freedoms.

I call on all Conservatives in the blogosphere, on Free Republic and anywhere around the country, to give their support to Judge Roy Moore in the Republican Primary for the Governorship of Alabama and for the General Election to the same come November. Someone in Montgomery in the Summer of 2003 said, "when God raises up a champion for His people, it falls to His people to get behind them." Well Americans, the time is now.


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My parents live in AL half the year and they love this guy!

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