Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What Mess? Time For Some Perspective

A couple weeks hence, a Liberal professor friend of mine, talking about the state of the country in general, said "it's going to take eight years to fix this MESS!" I politely smiled and said nothing, letting my friend say his feelings without rounding on him. However, he and other Liberals might take my silence for assent that their propaganda is true and correct, so, time to fire back.

The question we need to ask is "what mess?" For the past couple of weeks the DOW has rested comfortably above 11,000. Unemployment is at near-record if not record lows. Anybody who wants to work and can can get a job right now. When unemployment was at 6% under Clinton, we were in the Workers' Paradise. Now, with unemployment under 5%, many people are still unsure about the economy. Why is that? It couldn't be that the same Liberal Media that forged documents in order to fraudulently alter our elections in 2004 is lying again? Naaahh, COULDN'T BE! Believe otherwise at your peril. In spite of the Leftists in the media giving the impression that we are living in days reminiscent of the Great Depression, the economy is doing excellently.

How about the war? Recently families of veterans have taken on the Liberal liars in the Media, saying that they are focusing only on bad things of the War in the Middle East and none of the good things. In the face of this obvious truth the Liberal Media had the nerve and the shamelessness to deny it.

Remember, who we are dealing with. Dan Rather brazenly denied his forged documents were forged when all America knew otherwise. Then he Clintonesquely said that the documents may be forged but that what they said was truth so we should just believe it anyway like good little Doublethinking Leftists. Right. We are dealing with CNN that willingly prostituted itself to official Iraqi(under Saddam) and Cuban government propaganda in order to keep offices open in Baghdad and Havana. So much for journalistic pursuit of the truth! We are dealing with the New York Times which had Jayson Blair writing Liberal Fairy Tales out of whole cloth, having been caught repeatedly! He wasn't the only one, he was just the most blatant about it. And this is nothing new. Liberal Media outlets defended Stalin during his purges. They said there would be no bloodbath in Indochina if we pulled out and when there was one, they tried to blame Nixon for the Communist atrocities! Remember that Orwell was inspired by the Liberal Media to write "1984." The two instances which really stuck in his craw were the purge of the POUM in the Spanish Civil War (of which he was a member) and the Doublethink which turned the hated Fascist enemy into a beloved friend overnight by the Molotov-Ribbentropp Treaty. This is what we are up against. Tens of millions have died with Liberal Media assent and they aren't through yet.

Now they are determined to have us lose the Iraq War. The buzzword is to call it another Vietnam. Most Liberals who make this comparsion know nothing about either Iraq or Vietnam, nor could they likely find either country on the map. A little recent history of Iraq is in order, to put current events there in perspective.

The first lie the Liberal Media Propaganda Machine puts out is that Saddam Hussein and the US were bosom buddies in recent history. But it should be remembered that Iraq severed diplomatic relations with the United States in 1973 over our support of Israel during the Yom Kippur War. No US Embassy would re-open in Baghdad until 1984. What's more, Iraq was a Soviet client state. It's military in the '60, '70s and '80s was trained by Soviet Advisors on the Soviet Model. Most of its equipment was Soviet. In the 1980s, the Iranians wanted to spread their Revolution all over the Middle East. Hezbollah was active in Lebanon after 1982 and in that year the Iranian Army launched the Quds (Jerusalem) Offensive. It was ridiculous to call it that, as it was launched against Iraqi forces still on Iranian soil. But they were advancing and their intentions were clear- they would have gone all the way to Jerusalem were they able. The only bulwark both capable and willing to prevent them was Iraq. Out of strategic geopolitical necessity, we came to somewhat of a rapprochement with Saddam and helped pay the bill for the war to prevent Iraq from being over-run by the Iranian fanatics.

Even this "alliance" was rocky at best. After launching an armored offensive late in 1986 and having his tanks blown up by TOW missiles made in the USA and Iraqi jet "accidently" fired an exocet missile into the USS Stark early in 1987. The Iraqis apologized profusely and swore up and down that they thought the Stark was an Iranian ship.

I read a book by a defense analyst of the Reagan Administration that had to have been printed mere hours before the Stark was hit early in 1987 which predicted that Saddam would start a war with the Gulf States once he was done with Iran.

So much for America's friendship with Saddam. The Liberal Media also argues that our war over there is a failure because the terrorists are still out there. To call them "Insurgents" gives them way too much credit. Again it is necessary to put Iraq in perspective.

Starting with Quds Offensive in 1982, which drove the Iraqis from the Iranian city of Khorramshahr (called Kuninshahr, or "City of Blood" by those who fought there) to the outskirts of Basra, Iraq's second city. Repeatedly the Iranians called on the Shi'ite majority in the region to rise up against Saddam and help them "liberate" the city. The Iraqi Shi'ites never stirred between then and 1988, when the war ended. In the entire war between 1980 and 1988 500,000 Iranians died and Saddam held Basra. In the three years between 2003 and 2006 America has lost less than 2000 men in hostile action. Millions upon millions of soldiers from many eras lay buried in the sands of Mesopotamia from the many wars fought there. But the Liberal Media would have you believe that less than 1900 dead on the battlefield is a tragedy of titanic proportions. Wars that are considered smashing successes by history are exponentially bloodier than Iraq has been for the US. THERE IS NO FAILURE HERE.

Not only did the Shi'ite Iraqis rise up for us twice when they would not do so for their fellow Shi'ite Iranians, they, along with the Korrds and many Sunnite Iraqis are participating in an American-style Republic which has been set up there. Their voter turnout is higher than US voter turnout, even the 2004 election which saw a 20% jump in eligible participation. There are many difficulties, but the Iraqis have gone from a Soviet-style Socialist Dictator to a true Republic almost overnight. Most of Iraq is quiet. The Shi'ite and Korrdish areas, which make up more than half of Iraq's landmass, have absolutely no stirrings of unrest. The uprising is contained in a small triangle from North of Baghdad to far South of Kirkuk, to the Syrian border. Many of their recent attacks are against innocent civilians (oh yeah, they're really gaining popular support by doing THAT!) or less experienced Iraqi police and soldiers. They just lose too many of their terrorists taking on US forces.

That brings us to the next salient point that the Liberal Media ignores. Iraqi men sign up in droves for the Police and Army of the new Republic. They are callow, but they are gaining experience and they have courage and good training. They stand their posts and take fire. The Iraqi Army is growing in size, experience and independence.

Iraq is the strongest Arab state. It is a leader in the Arab world. By making a Republican form of government the norm in Baghdad, it will become the fashion in much of the rest of the Middle East. Lebanon, emboldened by the advance of Republicanism in Iraq, threw out the Syrian agents of the tyrant Assad. Libya gave up its weapons of mass distruction, Qaddafi knew that if Saddam couldn't hold, he didn't have a prayer. Naturally these triumphs were all minimized by the Liberal Media.

Afghanistan is another example of why our Middle East policy is a triumph, and not a disaster. For ten years the Red Army had more than ten divisions of troops in Afghanistan. 15,000 of their men died. When we were poised to strike the Taliban in 2001, the Liberal Media kept bringing up that and the memory of the British invasion of Afghanistan in the 19th century, which ended in catastrophe and the near-massacre of the British Army. Against this backdrop, less than a hundred Americans have died in combat in Afghanistan over the past five years and most Afghans, like most Iraqis, are participating in a Western-style Republic.

How is this a catastrophe or a mess? The Liberal Media types, many of whom were hippies in '60s who spat in soldiers faces on the streets, claim they care about the dead soldiers. RIIIIIIIIGGHHHHT. Tell me another one. If they truly cared about the soldiers, they would not give our enemies so much free propaganda. The terrorists in Iraq would have long ago given up if not for the hope that the American Left will stab us in the back again and force us to pull out.

What mess? I can guarantee that it wouldn't take a Democrat eight years to have the economy in an utter malaise and have Islamofascist terrorists and Stalin-like Ba'athists crush the buds of Republicanism that are now sprouting in the Middle East.

As I noted earlier, the Liberal Media is the same bunch who believed that Stalin was the wave of the future back in the 1930s and explained away or outright denied his atrocities. They are the same people who helped bring about the Killing Fields of Cambodia in 1975. If they are allowed to win this time, they are not just going to bring Kampuchea-like Killing Fields to the Middle East, altho that will be a part of what happens. They will have succeeded in making the light of Republicanism dimmer here in America too. Lies will have triumphed over the truth. They will prove that they can still deceive the greater part of the American people and bend policy to the benefit of World Socialism and against America, Socialism's implacable foe. We cannot let the liars win.


Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

Brother, you said a mouthful. Come see the Clinton Legacy exposed on the bit I did about Hillary claiming she is not Marie Antoinette.

Great Post!

10:45 PM  
Blogger QuestRepublic said...

Well, you are certainly correct that people are more negative than they should be.

However, on the war in Iraq, the blame stays squarely with the poor planning and execution by this 100% Republican administartion, which saddens me, as a life-long registered republican and 26-year Navy Vet.

I counsel vets at a VAMC every day, many who have come back from Iraq and Afganistan. They are doing an exemplary job; it is not their fault and it certainly is not the fault of the so-called "liberal media" (how about Fox News and the other right-wing cherleaders). i was a recruiter during Vietnam. Boy did we have a liberal media then!

Still, as a student of history, the media is not what killed many of my classmates in Vietnam. It just made recruiting more challenging and lead ultimately to us getting our quota of really well-qualified applicants.

Oh, the NY TImes and others did take a complete pass when it came to any decent vetting of pre-Iraqi-war stories, but our elected officials deserve the rap for the mess our brave fighting men and women are in.


6:18 AM  
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