Monday, April 03, 2006

Tired of Feminazis and Their Malignant Narcissism

I checked out the blog scene recently, as I've had time late at night. Quite by accident, I came across one by this Greek girl, the Devious Diva, she calls herself. She writes a sad poem to herself about how she's kept down, and oozes with self-pity. Looking at the picture she posts of herself, she seems no different from the many Feminist Activists I've known(and I've known a good many), in that she lives in style. Easily two thirds of the men on this planet would trade their lives for hers. But still, poor dear, she thinks of herself as a victim in this "World made by Men." Last I heard, God made the world.

After responding to the Devious Diva and encouraging her to grow up, I clicked the link she had to an equally immature Feminist blogger "The Red State Feminist." Diva is silly and ignorant, but she seems to have a little bit in the way of class, anyway. But the Red State Feminist lacks even that, going on about "The Patriarchy Propaganda Machine." If one actually stops to think a moment (something Feminists rarely do) you have to be a ridiculous person to believe that there is this Secret Star Chamber Patriarchy ever plotting new ways to keep women down. You see, it's easy for a bunch of pampered Feminists sitting in a Starbuck's drying their pedicured toenails to whine about men who had to do things like repel Viking invasions and work 16 hours in an Early Industrial Age Factory. But they never walk a mile in those shoes. Nor do they want to. What they want is to wallow in the manufactured self-pity and get concessions in life they didn't earn through their bogus victimhood.

I think most people of either gender go through a phase where they hate the opposite sex. And most people mature and grow up and get over it. The women who don't become Feminists. Tammy Bruce in her excellent book gives a name to the psychosis that Feminists suffer from- malignant narcissism. Like the Nazi ever convinced of the Jewish Conspiracy against him, the Feminist, self-centered in the extreme, is ever seeking out the wicked "Patriarchy" Conspiracy. And really bad stuff happens when people are this stuck on themselves.

Nazi Germans were malignant narcissists too. Hitler had Germans obsessed with their own sense of victimhood. The Nazi German watching a Jew thrown into an oven merely saw himself as a victim getting his own back, not as an oppressor. And likewise the Feminist watching an innocent baby torn from his or her mother's and thrown into an oven, thinks that she is the victim, not the innocent baby.

I think when Feminists first appeared people figured that a few concessions would appease these ridiculous and immature women and make them go away. But giving a malignant narcissist Czechoslovakia in the hopes that they won't invade Poland is vain. Now colleges have "Womens' Studies" classes that are cut from the same corrupt cloth as Hermann Goering's "Aryan Studies" courses in German colleges back in the 1930s. We have immature, self-absorbed fools brainwashing another generation of young girls into their corrupt delusions. Thinking that we can make them go away without standing up to them and telling them what fools they are is vain. And when you stand up to a Feminist with the facts, she usually cracks right away, as she is not accustomed to the truth or having to defend the whims of her own vanity.

We must ever be challenging these people. Some of them may face the truth if they are exposed to it enough. The rest, however, must not go unchallenged, must not be allowed to spew their propaganda to young minds without a response. Because a big lie can become a truth to a deluded mass. Looking at the Feminists, it's a case in point.

On her blog Diva paraphrases Hume- "the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing." Well, Feminism has murdered 50 million innocent American babies. And we've done nothing. Time for us to wake up. Feminists aren't just a bunch of funny, silly ignorant girl-children anymore. They are filling ovens now.


Blogger Txfeminist said...

If you're so tired of us, why are you voraciously reading our blogs, and blogging about us?

We don't waste our time reading you. Unless you leave hate-posts at our sites.

Now why don't you be a nice boy like your momma taught you, and go back to writing about things you know something about.


10:18 AM  
Blogger Cato Uticensis said...

The reason is because you are writing a whole lot of garbage and gullible people are buying it up. You need to be refuted, which is too easy.

10:57 PM  
Blogger belledame222 said...

Hey, "malignant narcissism," one of my favorite topics.

Mark Crispin Miller was the one (or one of them; also see Mike Malloy and a few others) to call Bush on a deeply narcissistic and malign character, way back in 2000. As I recall, the term "malignant narcissism" wasn't much of a buzzword at the time. Somewhere between then and now, I notice, a google search on "malignant narcissism" brings up a whole slew of right-wing commentators using the term for the left and "Bush hatred." Before that, of course, people were using "narcissist" to describe Clinton as his Hummer of Doom (actually "sociopath" came up more often). But "malignant narcissism," not so much.

(Another useful psych term: "projection.")

The term "malignant narcissism," I believe, originated with Erich Fromm; although it might have been Otto Kernberg, now I'm thinking of it. Anyway Fromm probably was the one to make it more popular, as his writings are far more accessible to the general public. Fromm, note, associated narcissism with nationalism, and particularly with fascism. He, too, was a small-s socialist.

Anyway, God bless Tammy Bruce and Rush. Yessssss. "We are all individuals!" Bless its heart.

Ask not for whom the duckspeaker quacks, Cato o'butty.

By the way: you are aware that Orwell was a socialist, right? Ever read his essays? I think James Burnham is actually more up your philosophical alley.

12:23 PM  
Blogger belledame222 said...

p.s. you've repelled a Viking invasion and worked 16 hour days during the Industrial Revolution? sweet, d00d!

12:28 PM  
Blogger Cato Uticensis said...

Yes, Orwell, was a socialist. That's how he knew so much about socialism and the atrocities it commited against people. "The Party" in "1984" was INGSOC, English Socialism. The book was a slam on Socialism of his day, because they were a bunch of Doublethinkers, just like Liberals today.

I recommend you read Orwell's "Homage to Catalonia" which catalogues his experinces in the Spanish Civil War. He went there as a young idealistic Leftist, and he didn't care about the various factions. He barely escaped with his life. Other POUMistas weren't so lucky. And the Left in England all accepted Stalin's line about the POUM being Trotskyites who were secretly trying to help Franco win. They ate it up. That's the real life inspiration for "Doublethink." If you read that book and have some of an understanding of what was going on during World War II you'll see exactly what he was talking about in "1984." Who knows, you might learn something.

As for transferrence, yes, I have observed Leftists doing that since I was a boy. You people accuse the other side of exactly what you are doing. It is your idiot Liberal quack shrink who is doing the transferring.

As for the Industrial Age, my grandfather(who if alive would be old enough to be my great-grandfather) worked 16 hour days in it, and I would never let you get away with saying your crap about him to push a phony victimhood. As for repelling Viking Invasions and work I did myself, well, in five years in Rapid Deployment Force Infantry Units I trained to repel the modern equivalent of Vikings and put in many a day that would be harder than the hardest of weeks put in by someone who calls herself "Belledame!"

9:10 PM  
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