Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Let Freedom Ring!

A step in the right direction today- the Supreme Court finally ruled what anyone literate who has bothered to read the Constitution knows- that the laughable lawsuit by NOW against the freedom of speech of abortion protesters is Unconstitutional. Naturally, this case should have been laughed out of court two seconds after the NOW harpies filed it, not two decades later. Nonetheless, we can take satisfaction that the just side has triumphed. And we didn't even need Samuel Alito's vote.

I think to my friend, Troy Newman, today, a leader of Operation Rescue who I met when I stood with Judge Roy Moore in Montgomery in August, 2003. He is one of the most decent people I have ever met. When I first arrived in Montgomery on August 20, 2003, I was admittedly angry with the Left trying to tyrannize the people of Alabama out of the freedom of religion and freedom of expression with their frivolous lawsuits against Judge Moore. I was salty and a part of me wanted to fight. Troy saw this in my eyes and told me in no uncertain terms that the Montgomery protest was to be a totally peaceful one. I nodded and said I would abide by that (and I did). I told him that if a cop came to arrest me, I wouldnt resist, I'd just lie down and it would take several cops to haul me away (I am 6'4" and weigh close to 300 lbs). He shook his head and said no, he didn't want a policeman to hurt his back trying to haul me away.

I relate this episode in order to show the real Troy Newman and how ridiculous the lawsuit against Operation Rescue is. Comparing his gentle words to the screeching of the NOW harpies, one has to wonder which is the association of violent extremists (yes, I know a some members of NOW also, including the head of Florida NOW, who ran for Lt Governor on a third party ticket here back in 2002). The answer to that question is obvious. Many Feminists, many of them from NOW, have screeched that if it became illegal to murder babies again in this country, that they'd fight and burn things. Any judge who would give ANY credence to them or similar organizations is not fit to judge a pie-eating contest, much less America and its laws.

Murdering babies through abortion may still be legal, but at least the freedom to say that murdering babies through abortion is wrong isn't. The thin veneer of the Feminist case- that the anti-abortion protesters were engaging in violence, is fraught with hypocrisy. If Operation Rescue deserves to be shut down for its "violence" then what about some of the actions of the Left Wingers?

Let's say an abortion clinic was being burned to the ground by anti-abortion protesters. The same protesters attacked firemen trying to put the fire out, and cut their firehoses. The local National Guard arrives on the scene and orders them to disperse. They refuse, the melee continues and people are still in danger, and the fire is still burning out of control. After giving them several chances to disperse peacefully and allow the firemen to put out the fire and prevent it from spreading, the Guardsmen finally open fire and kill four of the protesters. Justifiable, right? I could hear Kim Gandy now, screeching at the Guardsmen for killing only four.

Well, this really did happen. Except that it wasn't an abortion clinic, it was an ROTC building at Kent State University in 1970 and the protesters were stinky hippies leading their crusade for Ho Chi Minh and Pol Pot. Needless to say, the story commonly told is that the four were "victims", more "heroes" of the Pantheon of the Left Wing's Cult of its Own Victimhood. Left Wing protesters have led all sorts of protests that were violent. Environmentalists like to put spikes in trees that lumberjacks will cut with buzzsaws, so the chain will snap, fly back in the face of the lumberjack and either kill or horribly disfigure him. They also like to plant bombs and start fires (how environmentally friendly!). Antiwar "peace" protesters have laid pipe bombs, like the one that was put in the US Capitol in the wake of the Grenada invasion in 1983 or the one that was going to be placed in a dancehall where US soldiers were going to congregate in Ft Dix in 1970 (the bomber, from the SDS, was, as the saying goes, "hoisted by his own petard" and blown to smithereens while building the bomb). Feminists frequently threaten violence and often attempt to carry it out. All of these and other Liberal groups are much worse than even the worst of Operation Rescue's people. Yet it was Operation Rescue that had its freedom of speech taken away by NOW's ridiculous lawsuit.

Be advised, NOW, there is a crack in America's Berlin Wall. And you won't be able to keep it up! Murdering babies WILL be illegal in America again.


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