Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Oscar Hypocrisy

It is important for Conservatives everywhere, as well as "Moderates" and Liberals who aren't completely blind, to remark upon the hypocrisy of the Academy Awards, not one year later, a glaring inconsistency.

The real Best Picture of 2004, "the Passion of the Christ" was passed over for the distinction that any honest person would admit it deserved, in favor of "Million Dollar Baby," a low-budget nothing about a female boxer (ugh!). The Academy gave as their reason that they don't touch controversial films. Oh really?

Naturally, the buzz is that "Brokeback Mountain," a Gay-Lobby propagandistic piece of trash, is going to get the Best Picture nomination. Now, I suppose if you are a man living in San Francisco who wears a dress to work every day, this film may not seem controversial in the least. Same for some coffe-house Marxist from Boston. However, out here in the real America, where men still wear pants and we like our military, it IS controversial in the extreme. As a matter of fact, Brokeback would surely have been a great flop if not for the controversy which emptied all the Starbucks' in the Northeast and the West Coast to have their minds filled with more propaganda from the Left.

"Passion" has grossed more than five times what "Brokeback" did. It was the tenth biggest draw of all time. What's more, I'd say that more people saw it than any of the other nine that topped it. It's just that because of the brutality of what Our Lord suffered portrayed so graphically, it wasn't the kind of movie that one went to see ten times like all the girls did with "Titanic" or the kids with "Star Wars."

Further dishonorable mention of other clearly Controversial films are George Clooney's nomination as Best Actor and Best Director in his two propaganda pieces "Syriana" and "Good Night and Good Luck." "Good Night and Good Riddance" would be a better title to the flop that celebrated the Left's Cult of its own Martyrdom. The Venona Files have come out and we are re-examining the McCarthy Era, acknowledging that, indeed, there were many Communists in this country trying to overthrow it, many of them had been in high places in FDR's cabinet. Most of the people McCarthy investigated were indeed, actively engaged in overthrowing the US government for a Communist Dictatorship. Out of Clooney's own mouth came the admission that we needed a "recalibration" in our thinking (what he really meant was re-brainwashing) about that era back to the Left Wing orthodoxy of innocent Leftists martyred because we wouldn't surrender our freedoms to them and let them make us a satrapy of a Red World. "Syriana" is even more nauseating in its not realistic portrayal of a world run by oil companies (as if it were oil companies that took away people's freedoms and not corrupt bureaucrats and legalists). Clooney did a double-trashing of his own country in 2005 and the Academy wants to give him a double reward for it. I can picture Alfred E. Neumann as the head of the Motion Picture Academy, smiling his grin and saying, "what? Me controversial?"

No, the reason for the Academy's glaring hypocrisy in this matter is plain for all who have eyes to see. A movie can be chosen or rejected by their Imperial Majesties of the Academy by being Politically Correct or being Politically Incorrect. And if they are going to do that, well then who really cares what they think? Why should any of their "expertise" in judging a film on the merits of its filmography mean squat?

The Motion Picture Academy has, once again, showed that it rejects utterly everything about the America that exists between fifteen miles East of the Pacific Coast and the Susquehanna River. We should respond by rejecting their "authority" on motion pictures. We should treat an Oscar for a film as a blemish on its name, not an honor, because, obviously, they are given not for any quality other than the purity of their Political Correctness, pleasing only a Bi-Coastal Elite. We should reject the Oscars utterly and have our own Flyover Country Awards. Maybe we can make the Oscars go away for good if we ignore them.


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