Friday, February 03, 2006

Modern Medizers

I've always believed that the War on Terror is not a new thing. As it says in the Book of Ecclesiastes, "there is nothing new under the Sun." It is, in reality, a continuation of the struggle that began in Marathon in 492BC and Thermopylai in 480BC, between the Greeks and Persians. On one side you had the Greeks, free men fighting for democracy and on the other, Persia, the side of slavery and tyranny. This fight continued on through the battles of Rome versus Carthage, the Crusades, America's struggle versus Hirohito and Hitler, down to our latest against Osama and Saddam.

We've come a long way since Greece and Rome, but we fight for the same principles that they did, for home and for freedom from Oriental slavery. The enemy has changed little. If anything he has changed for the worse. Darius and Xerxes, the Kings of Persia in the 5th Century BC, at least had some notions of chivalry and would more than likely recoil at Saddam's mass graves.

King Darius of Persia made the first attempt to conquer Greece. He sent ambassadors to Athens and Sparta demanding earth and water from them, tokens of submission. The Spartans were so incensed at the idea that they threw the ambassadors down a well and told them to get their earth and water there. Sparta repented of abusing Persia's messengers, but the notion of giving up their freedom so angered them. They sent two young men of two of Sparta's finest families to present themselves to Darius at his court and permit him to torture and murder them however he wished in retribution. To his credit, Darius sent them home unharmed.

Darius launched an amphibious assault against the Greeks at Marathon, where the Athenians defeated them. A messenger ran the 26.2 miles back to Athens, where he fell over and died after reporting the great victory. We run the "Marathon" in his honor to this day.

Darius' successor Xerxes took up the campaign against Greece less than a generation later. In 480 BC, twelve years after Marathon, he crossed over into Europe with a force belived to number a million or more. As they did previously, both Athens and Sparta refused to prostrate themselves before the King of Asia. But many Greek states did. Among them the Thebans and Macedonians, they "Medized." Like the Medes they sent earth and water in submission to the Great King and submitted wholly to his will. They became like the dhimmis who submitted to Muslim Sultans and Caliphs over a millenium later.

The Spartans and others stood bravely at Thermopylai, but were killed. But on land and at sea, the Greeks would defeat Persia at Plataia and Salamis and freedom would be preserved in the Greek homeland. The punishment and shame were harsh for those who had Medized.

And there is nothing new under the Sun, as stated earlier in this post. Liberals in France, Belgium and America's Blue States desire to Medize and become dhimmis. Osama's offer to those states that voted for Kerry to have peace was an offer to Medize, to compromise. In exchange for surrendering their God given freedoms and right to defend them, Osama would allow them to prostrate themselves to him and live as slaves. And millions of Americans fall for it.

In my previous post, I talked about how in the Book of Samuel, the Israelites, who were free men, clamored for a King like the Canaanites and Philistines. It is a sad truth about humanity that man most of the time desires comfortable slavery rather than the hard fight of standing for freedom. The success of Liberalism in America, the ideology that says we should be slaves of the government, rather than free men and women of God, is proof that that is the case, even here. Moments like 1776 and 1789 are rare in human history. Liberty has fleeting moments set against centuries of slavery and tyranny. Medizing.

It isn't easy to be a free man or free woman. You have to think for yourself and you have to be responsible for you choices. And to remain truly free, you have to be moral. Liberalism, Medizing, Dhimmitude are much easier. You can put your brain in neutral and gratify your stomach and genitalia. When you are not bowing down to your master, that is.

As Locke says, in a nutshell, God makes men free, other men make slaves of each other. God wants us to have freedom. Unelected self-aggrandizing Leftist bureacrats and jurists want to take that freedom from us. They want us to Medize. The Left wanted us to Medize to the USSR during the Cold War. Their ancestors, urban dwellers of the Northeast during the Revolutionary War, wanted to Medize to King George III. Today they want us to Medize to the terrorists. This must never be allowed to happen. The Left must not be allowed to win.


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To state that "On one side you had the Greeks, free men fighting for democracy and on the other, Persia, the side of slavery and tyranny." is somewhat misleading, considering that the Spartans kept a vast number of slaves ('helots') as well, including other Greeks.

Otherwise an interesting site.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Battle Marathon was fought in 490BC, not 492BC.

Apart from this chronological error, the actual message in the entry is dubious. How come you think you represented the Greeks who fought against Persia? The USA has much more in common with the Persian Empire, a foreign imperialistic superpower aggressor the Greeks defended themselves against.

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