Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Conservatism Is On the March!

Look out Liberals! Here we come!

In the Liberal Media they love to endlessly assert that Conservatism is cracking up and that the days of Liberal Democrats are about to return. Myself, I don't think so. You see, not only is there no Leftist groundswell anywhere between the Susquehanna River and twenty miles inland from the Pacific Coast (and the Dems would need to gain a lot of ground SOMEWHERE in Flyover Country to become a majority again) but it seems Liberalism is in decline all across North America and Western Europe, even in some places thought to be bastions of Leftism.

I must admit my utter shock and awe at Canada electing a Conservative Government last month. Has Glasnost finally come to Soviet Canuckistan? It remains to be seen, but it looks promising. It seems the Canadian electorate has just about had it with the corruption and tyrannical political correctness that had been governing them since the Liberal takeover a little more than a decade hence. Ever the whiny little punk, Michael Moore was reduced to abject sadness by the results of this one.

A short time prior to Canada's electoral stunner, came the German elections. Running as a Conservative who supports America and wanted to repair relations damaged by Shroeder's Socialist Solidarity for Saddam, Angela Merkl was elected German Chancellor. Berlin, along with Paris, had been one of the two nodes of the Anti-Iraq War Movement. No longer. Merkl and Bush had a lovely, friendly meeting last month. So much for the "irreparable" damage the Iraq War did to German-American relations!

In the Summer of 2004, Greek Conservatives were swept into power in Athens promising to get the Olympic facilities running as they should be. the previous Socialist government had really been dropping the ball and Greece was not prepared to host the games. Our Conservative friends, who support the War in Iraq and our War on Terror, also delivered on their promise and gave the world some pretty awesome Olympic Games!

Poland and Portugal also elected strong pro-American, Pro-Iraq War Conservative Governments in 2005.

The Labor Party still holds a severely eroded majority in the UK, but under the leadership of one of the architects of the Iraq War, Tony Blair. Blair runs with many Conservative ideas and positions. It is entirely warranted to state that if the Laborites had run with a "Socialism as Usual" candidate, rather than Blair, they'd have been thrown right out on their ear.

It took a terrorist bombing designed to influence elections against Conservatives to create the only bright spot out there for the Left. I'm sure Leftists everywhere are thanking Osama bin Laden for the Madrid Train bombings which put the Socialist Zapatera in power by the slimmest of margins.

And let us not neglect to mention what might be the most important elections of our time- the Iraqi elections. If the Socialist Left had had its way, these would never have taken place. Yes friends, Conservatism is on the march. And consequently, Liberty is on the march. Socialism and terrorism are in retreat.

The 2004 elections not only re-elected an awesome president here in America. They pushed Republican majorities in Congress beyond the high-water marks of the Contract With America elections of 1994. The possibility of Republicans gaining yet more ground in November is hardly impossible. Sure, it's just as likely that the Dems will gain a little ground, but the fact that the GOP could make yet more gains in Congress is something to get ecstatic about. As previously noted, there is no Democratic groundswell anywhere to put them in the majority. If they make minute gains this Fall, well, that is only par for the course for the Party out of Power.

Don't let the moonbats out there get you down people. They are losing, big time. It seems the Western World might just be heeding the wake-up call to the threats it faces. This, of course, is bad news for the Neo-Marxist Socialists on the Left. They are invested in our defeat and degradation.