Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Enough Blood Shed

As I worked yesterday, I heard the Hutt Senator from Massachusetts, angrily snarl, as though HE has anything to be angry about. The ancient traitor bellowed, among other things, that "enough blood has been shed," in these battles.

Hmmm, yes, Senator Kennedy, enough blood HAS been shed. It began with Mary Jo Kopechne, when you left her on the bottom of a lake while you swam out of harm's way.

Sadly enough, it didn't stop there. Taking heart from your staunch Anti-Americanism, the North Vietnamese killed many American soldiers when they might have otherwise given up.

Your treason and sedition aided the North Vietnamese and Khmer Rouge to victory in 1975, you led the way among the traitors who brought this about. Millions died in Cambodia and Vietnam. Many millions more fled to the open sea with no more than the clothes on their backs, starving and dying of disease, while you dined in opulence. And did you care? No, not one iota.

As if this wasn't enough, you were instrumental in the travesty of abortion, in which fifty million babies have been murdered. And then you wrote the Unconstitutional traitor's law against speaking out about it.

Yes, Kennedy, tens of millions have died because of you and people like you. And you have the gall to act as if YOU have any right to be angry? Enough blood has been shed. You should resign so that perhaps Massachusetts can have a loyal American as a Senator for the first time in a long time.