Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bring Out Your Dead!

One of Rush Limbaugh's callers today had a pretty good insight that I thought I'd share and expound upon. He pointed out the similarity between the Left Wing Professional Activist Jackals (MoveOn.org et al) with the Liberal Media using the death of Cindy Sheehan's son for their politcal aims with the Paul Wellstone Memorial. For those of you don't remember that gem, the Minnestoa Senator's Funeral in 2002, after his tragic sudden death, was turned into a Democratic Party rally by the Unions and no one less the Wellstone's own son. The caller went on to point out how the Wellstone Memorial backfired in the Demos' faces and how he believed Cindy Sheehan's Mickey Mouse Circus would too.

The caller's insight was good, but I'd like to take it a step further. These incidents are nothing new really. The Democratic Party IS the party of death and exploits it rather well. I mean, think about it, one of the premier planks of their Party Platform is that murdering babies is ok, because the mother that bore them MIGHT also die. Great logic, eh? Use death to justify murder.

Last year a yellow journalist took pictures of steel coffins from Iraq being unloaded from a C-5 Galaxy. He had been forbidden from doing so but did it anyway. What better way for the Left to hurt Bush and the US War Effort by playing up dead soldiers in their coffins? I mean, who cares about the dignity of the soldiers and their families? Does the Left think they convince us that they care about the troops this way? These same Antiwar pukes or the last generation of them used to spit on GIs during the Vietnam Era. Their protests of caring about American soldiers dying rings hollow to those of us who know their history. The college professor Nicholas de Genova, who, at the outset of the Iraq War, wished America "a million Mogadishus" was honest at least. Many in the Left who distanced themselves from his swinish treason secretly think just as he does. Still, the Liberal Media and Leftist Agitprop gorillas maintain their grim deathwatch over US casualies. As if they really care.

Knowing well what power images of death have on people, images of 9-11 have been verboten by the PC Politburo in the Liberal Media. I know they are so happy to have put the days of people flying American flags and wearing American flag lapel pins behind them! They don't want to ever see a time where Americans were united against terrorism ever come again.

Even Ronald Reagan, who they hated like few others, they used his dying time from alzheimer's to push for their human experimentation, aka stem cell research. Oh yes, let's believe in science without God. There was another great scientist who didnt let things like God stop him from conducting experiments. His name was Dr Mengele.

Proverbs 8:36 says it best where God says "...all they that hate Me love death." It cannot be argued that most of the real hardcore Lefties hate God and His people. Their propoganda tactics and obsession with calling murdering babies a right, not to mention their ghoulish insistence that Terri Schiavo die, do indicate that these people are in the throes of a passionate love affair with death. God did not lie in His Holy Scripture!


Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

Did I post this to your site before? Name one person who is Pro Stem Cell that is also Anti- Abortion! I don't know any. How do you get an abundance of Stem Cells - QED you need to have abortion legal, correct? Horrible!

10:37 PM  
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