Thursday, June 02, 2005

Liberal Pride

The Great Discovery of the identity of "Deep Throat" (*yawn*) has swelled Liberal pride in their actions during the Vietnam Era. When one watches Liberal Media outlets about that era, hippies are portrayed as heroic social crusaders for justice. They are never portrayed as the drugged out fools who spat on soldiers and loved Marx and Mao that they were. Do we go to a crackhouse and listen to the rantings of a crackwhore as "great wisdom"? No, we hospitalize her and get her some serious help. So why do we lionize hippies, most of whom were every bit as bad?

Ben Stein's June 1st article at catalogues the Left's true accomplishments of that era best. It can be summed up in one word- genocide. Nixon's downfall empowered many Anti-American elements in the Senate in 1974, like Ted Kennedy. Kennedy was the architect of the bill that cut off the fledgling democracies of Southeast Asia that year. Would the genocide in Cambodia been possible if the US had remained? How about the three million Vietnamese who fled their home country with the clothes on their backs? How about anyone who makes the slightest disagreement with the Hanoi Politburo and winds up in a "Re-education Camp"? This is the true legacy of the Left in the Vietnam Era- a triumphant enemy murdering millions and turning the most lush garden spot in the world into a gulag.


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