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Judah-Israel/Red States-Blue States

I have been reading the books of I Kings and II Kings, as well as II Chronicles. In them are many lessons applicable to us today. First, we have to look at the Kingdom of Israel at its height. They had a small empire spanning from the frontier of Egypt to the Banks of the Euphrates. For a small nation like Israel, this was a big empire. Before the Kings of Saul, David and Solomon, Israel had been ruled by the judges, who were guided by the Spirit of God in their governance. This was a great blessing and honor for the Israelites. But it wasn't enough for them. They wanted to have a king, like the surrounding pagan nations. God warned the people that a king would levy heavy taxes on them and draft their sons for war and corvee. They didn't care. God told his prophet Samuel that the Israelites were rejecting Him, and they'd have to live with the consequences of that.

God didn't lie. Saul conscripted many young men into the Army and fought many wars, some of them losing. David set aside many resources for the Temple of God, and did many public building projects, including building up Jerusalem, his city. Solomon undertook the costly building and ornamenting of the Temple. The people strained under the yoke of so much work. The empire was patrolled by conscripted young men, whose mothers and fathers missed them.

Solomon was foolish, yes, the wise king did a fool thing. He allowed some of his young pagan concubines to coax him into offering sacrifice unto their idols. God was going to end the empire in punishment. God had promised peace to Solomon early in his reign, so the Kingdom would not end in his life. What's more, God has promised to keep a lampstand for his servant David in Jerusalem. This would be the Kingdom of Judah, David's tribe, with its capital, Jerusalem. David's descendents would also rule the tribe of Simeon and Benjamin.

In time, Judah would become like the Red States- their Kings would serve God, most of the time. Israel, like the Blue States, turned their back on God and all that had made them great. As the Blue States seek to emulate secular Europe and Asia, they have turned their backs on the Protestant Christian heritage of America.

The break between Judah and Israel, was oddly, Judah's fault. Solomon's son, Rehoboam, was about to take the throne of all Israel. A delegation from the Northern tribes begged him to ease taxes and conscription. Rehoboam replied that his thumb would be thicker than his father's thigh, and if his father had chastised them with whips, he would do so with scorpions. Israel, under the leadership of a man named Jereboam, seceded from Judah. The Bible shows the pitfalls of Big Government!

Jereboam had been given the tribes of Israel by God. But when he became King, he instituted paganism, Baal worship, in Israel. Nearly every King of Israel in the Book of Kings committed the "sin of Jereboam." Our Blue States are also engaging in the Sin of Jereboam. Liberals have deified themselves. They practice abortion, like the practice of sacrificing babies to Baal. As Solomon said in Ecclesiastes-"there is nothing new under the Sun." They embrace the Big Government that Rehoboam favored.

Among my favorite stories are Elijah standing up to Ahab and Jezebel, and the story of their daughter Athaliah.

Ahab was an evil king, and he married a Canaanite princess, Jezebel, who pushed hard for the Worship of Baal in Israel. She put to death God's remaining prophets, and persecuted God's people with all the furor of the ACLU. Elijah showed the power of God and not long after Jezebel was killed by Jehu, the new King of Israel that God raised up. Athaliah, Jezebel and Ahab's daughter, was married to the King of Judah in those days, but he had passed on. Upon hearing of her parent's death, Athaliah determined to exterminate the Line of David. However, the priests of the Lord protected Joash, a young baby, who was hidden away. They brought him out at the age of seven and the captains of the army all hailed him. Athaliah was killed. I wish they'd make a movie about this (II Kings 11).

After much evil, God determined to blot out Israel. The Assyrians came and dragged off the Northern Tribes into captivity. Most of these tribes are now known as the "Lost Tribes."

Eventually, the tribes within the Kingdom of Judah were committing sins every bit as bad. In the days of Jeremiah and Ezekiel God raised up Nebuchadnezzar and took them off into captivity as well. But Jeremiah predicted that Solomon's temple would be rebuilt and the Jewish Faith would come to its fulfillment and meet its Savior in the time after their return.

Maybe it is not a bad idea for the Blue States and Red States to separate. I'd rather live in a smaller America that was a real America, rather than a united one that was a farce. The majority of people in New York, Boston and San Francisco are opposed to God's Will and to the true spirit of the US Constitution. Can that ever change? I am skeptical. Those people aren't even Americans any more. They seek to emulate European Socialism. Yes, the everyday Joe Democrat is a loyal American, but he or she is led astray by those who are not. The Blue States desire to be more like France, Canada or Sweden. "I am not into America," one of my highschool classmates in Boston once said. They're not.

The Red states are rising, vibrant, strong. The economies are growing by leaps and bounds. Spiritually we could be doing much better, but we have a strong foundation, and with a restoration of full religious freedom from the tyranny of Liberal jurists would have us doing better still. The Blue States are decaying, in population, economically (due to socialism and its high taxation wreaking its typical wrack and ruin) and, worst of all, spiritually. We don't want this decay to spread here. We need to free ourselves from unelected tyrannical bureaucrats and lawyers like the ACLU. We dont want the entirety of America to Fall under the Sin of Jereboam.


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What a fantastic post. Bravo! I did a bit on my blog about the eviction of Jews by Jews in Gaza. Have we, or more importantly Israel, learned nothing from history? Obviously not. Besides the disgrace of relocating Jews from their homes, why would Israel set itself up for another tract of land where terror will spawn so close to its own border. I just don't understand this. Nothing good for Israel can come from this de facto Munich Pact with the PLO et. al. Pray for Israel! Great Post and Great Blog - one of the best. It will be a link on mine. All blogs should be like yours instead of regurgatating news items and injecting some vapid attempt at pithy commentary. Tally Ho!

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