Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fight for Roberts!

Last night the president announced his choice of John G. Roberts jr as his nominee for the Supreme Court. This is a welcome choice.

At first glance, it does seem that Bush has outmaneuvered the Democrats once again. He has appointed a solid Conservative that the minority cannot oppose and win. This is the ideal situation.

My experiences in Montgomery taught me that the judiciary is corrupted and in need of serious reform and change. I had thought that the disgrace that is Roe V Wade and Engel v Vitale (which banned school prayer) were mere wrong turns by the judiciary, that could be fixed by some right thinking common sense.

However, the laws that Liberals passed otlawing free speech of anti-abortion groups and broadening the silencing of free speech and freedom of religion on public ground has educated me to the truth.

The Left's socialist agenda cannot win at the ballot box. McGovernite candidates tend to lose in 40+ state blowouts. The Democrats can only win nationally by running a Southern Centrist. It's the only way they've won the White House in the last 41 years, and even that, in only four elections. A Conservative can run as a Conservative and win. A Liberal running as a Liberal will embarrass himself. What to do? Stack the judiciary with Left Wing judicial activists.

It's quite clever, really. During the traitor Michael Newdow's frivolous lawsuit against the pledge of allegiance, 99 of our Senators came out in front of Capitol Hill and said the Pledge. All of the Democrats but one. I am sure Zell Miller was sincere, but I am equally sure that many Democrats, while saying the pledge, were secretly cheering the 9th Circuit Court's Unconstitutional and illegal ruling.

Can't win at the ballot box? Have judges say your way is in the Constitution! Never mind if the Constitution doesn't say anything of the kind.

In the 1920s, the Communists realized that standing on a soapbox preaching Marx would get them absolutely nowhere and win no one. Their new idea was to say that Communism was the true fulfillment of the US Constitution. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, no doubt. That is how we got Separation of Church and State, and other Soviet ideals imposed on us, also abortion. In the first half of the 20th century the only people pushing for abortion "rights" were Communists or Nazis. Real Americans were appalled by such things.

FDR began the process by packing the courts with hard-core Leftists when he had a lock on the government. Separation of Church and State was not recognized by any court until FDR appointee Hugo Black snuck it into Everman v Board of Education, a case that the SCOTUS had no right to even adjudicate. They have twisted our Constitution around to mean that we must shut up in the name of the First Amendment and murdering babies is a right. To be fair, many of Eisenhower and Nixon's, and yes, even Reagan's appointees were a part of this Liberal Judicial Activist Culture. Sandra Day O'Connor knew the right thing but felt "she could not impose her morality." Well then, if someone breaks into her house to kill her, would I be wrong to impose my morality on her would-be murderers and dial 9-1-1? By her logic it would be. Good bye and good riddance to you Sandra! When we needed you to stand for the right thing, you turned into a rubber chicken.

John Roberts is a man who resists this subverting of the Constitution. He is a blessing, and he will help reverse some of these terrible rulings. We must fight for him, and not allow Feminist groups and the ACLU, anti-American groups, to dictate who we will appoint. We won the election. They lost. It is time to restore the Constitution. Write your Senator and tell him to back Roberts.


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