Friday, August 12, 2005

Free Delmarva!!!!!

I have a call for a little rearranging of state lines in our Mid-Atlantic Region. When we look at a map of the Blue States, we see Maryland and Delaware and just think unsalvageable. However, a closer look at the counties of the Delmarva Peninsula is called for.

The Delmarva Peninsula is the spit of land jutting down from Pennsylvania on the east side of the Chesapeake Bay. It gets its name as Delaware, Maryland and Virginia all have counties on this Peninsula, hence Delmarva.

The proper boundary for the Delmarva Peninsula is the Chesapeake-Delaware Canal, which cuts across its neck, technically making it an island.

On the entire peninsula/island there is only one Blue County, ironically one of the two Virginia counties, Northampton County, the Southernmost edge, which John Kerry won by 106 votes out of more than 5000 cast. The rest is pure Bush Country.

The problem for Delmarva is that it is bent to the will of majorities which are not part of their organic territory. In the case of Delaware, it is a Conservative Southern Red State, except for Wilmington. This big city is, in reality, a suburb of ultra-Liberal Philadelphia. It is well north of the canal and not part of Delmarva. Likewise Maryland Delmarva is pulled away from its will by a few areas not contiguous with it. The Baltimore area, plus Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties, the suburbs of DC make the otherwise Red State of Maryland Blue.

Delmarva really needs to be its own state. Let Maryland have Wilmington and the peninsula/island have its own free way, unfettered by outsiders.

The boundaries set for this area are very old and reflective a reality no longer in existence. Delaware was founded by Dutch and Swedes, as the Dutch were, in their brief period, a hegemon of the globe, and the Swedes in that 17th century period were also questing for hegemonic power. Eventually the Dutch won out, but then the English won out over the Dutch. They did so in 1682, because the new colony of Pennsylvania would have been landlocked without Delaware in English hands.

Maryland was granted by Charles I to Lord Baltimore in 1632 as a haven for Catholics in the New World.

Dutch and Swedish Glory have long faded. Nor is there any need for a special haven for Catholics. We can redraw the boundaries without hurting anybody's feelings. Let Wilmington join with Baltimore and Prince Georges County.

I know this will not happen. The Liberals of Wilmington and Baltimore won't allow it. But it would be something worth doing. People like Joe Biden and John Kerry wouldn't get elected dogcatcher there.

Oh yeah.

Free Delmarva now!


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