Wednesday, June 29, 2005

We Come For Your Children!

I remember reading in the great book "Menace of Multiculturalism" about a gay activist group standing outside a San Francisco area church chanting "we come for your children!"

I think this is, as a greater concept, the main strategy of Liberalism these days. Not only does the MTV crowd push "Gay Chic" convincing many of the young that they are gay, and that it's "cool."

But we must look at it in a greater context. The Leftist core in this country are rabid supporters of abortion and a self-absorbed lifestyle reminiscent of France. In the red states, Evangelical Christians are more than replacing themselves in birthrates. In more Liberal circles, population is dropping like a rock.

I think it has dawned on the powers that be among the Left that they are losing. They hoped Hispanic immigration would bring enough new Liberals into the country to bring about their fabled "emerging Democratic majority." But Socially Conservative Hispanics have been slowly drifting towards the Republican Party. At the prsent rate, Hispanics could be 51% Republican in a decade or two.

So how will the Left replace itself? They cast their covetous gaze at the children of Evangelicals and Catholic Conservatives.

They will continue to create garbage like gangsta rap which fills young minds with nothing but garbage. Rap music is narcissistic and written to engender anger where none is needed. It turns youth in on themselves. Look to see the Liberals in the music industry churn out more this dreck. And don't expect them to have any shame about it either.

Look for Liberals to push for more of their agendas, especially the Gay Agenda, into our schools, while silencing the free speech of Christians.

Watch for more "Gay Chic." This is a real threat. A girl in my family, as hetero as you get, has been convinced that she is a Lesbian.

Yes, Liberals, we know that you come for our children.

The Culture War will be won or lost among the youth. Either we will go with Liberalism and death, or Conservatism and strength.