Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dobson Didn't Lie!

It seems that the Reverend James Dobson has been under fire for making the statement that Stem cell research is comparable to Nazi tactics.

You know, there was once a scientist who believed in science first. He didn't concern himself with strictures of anything like religion. Science was his guide and he would not let something as primitive as relation to God stand in his way. He discovered many things about the endurance of human beings. His name was Dr. Mengele.

Sound preposterous? It should not. The Left advocates experimenting on human beings in advocating stem cell research, not to put too fine a point on it. This is not like some debate over what the tax rate should be or the speed limit. We are talking about an issue that will determine what kind of soul our nation has. And if our nation has a decayed and corrupt soul, it will not stand.

Dr Dobson was just doing his job- looking out for peoples' souls. Nazi Germany was secular regime that believed in science without God. Liberalism has a lot in common with it.

Conservatives should defend Dr Dobson and not allow Liberals to smear him as an "extremist." He is a good man and we must stand with him in his hour of need. If Liberalism can be allowed to persecute a man for telling the truth, then we are in grave trouble indeed.


Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

I need to post about this issue. I will. Let's examine something. I bet if you took a poll you would find that anyone who is in favor of Stem Cell research is also in favoe of abortion. Otherwise, how would there be viable stem cells to harvest if the killing of multiple fetus' were not allowed. It's unconsionably an agnostic stance that stem cell proponents take on this issue. thier conclusions justify the premise. And in this case name one disease that stem cells have cured? None in the current medical pedagogy! I can't believe I live in the US sometimes!

10:46 AM  
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