Sunday, June 05, 2005

Where Does John Kerry get off?

Imagine an American War Hero whose superior generalship won some of the greatest victories in American history. In the greatest of these, he personally led a charge, getting shot in the leg, while crushing the enemy. This decisive blow to our foe draws important allies to America's side in the war and, it can be argued, ultimately led to victory. Is this man a great American Patriot no matter what?

If you said yes, you think Benedict Arnold is a great American hero.

What is the point of my mentioning this? The point is that Liberals point to Kerry's four months in a swiftboat as some sort of shield against his treason. The point is that Benedict's Arnold's victories in Saratoga and elsewhere far outweigh four months of swiftboat duty. And handing over West Point to the British is far outweighed by perjured testimony to Congress and aiding and abetting an enemy to defeat the US.

Benedict Arnold's name is synonymous with traitor. John Kerry's should be too. He led marches through the streets with the North Vietnamese and Viet-Cong flags waving high, this great American "patriot".

So where does this traitor, Kerry, get off thinking he has ANYTHING to say to George W Bush, our president who has done an excellent job of leading us in the War on Terror?

His current attack on the President, with the so-called "Downing Street Memo", which he hopes will get the president impeached, is merely Kerry whining about not being able to be the first Viet-Cong president.

Only a state as messed up would make people like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry have safe Senate seats. But the rest of America must mobilize and say, "we will not knuckle under to a traitor."


Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

Check out my post on John Kerry - I made and will make bumper stickers about Kerry's DD-214. Read the lunatic ramblings of the left as they continue to lionize this man for his band-aid, aided two of three Purple Hearts. As a Vet you can identify with the fact this man has no honor nor anyone else who would petition the DOD for awards not worhty of being awarded. Thank God he's not our CIC.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous John said...

It's interesting that you use the American and Vietnamese wars for independence in your analogy. Many people have noted the similarity between the two conflicts.

Your analogy about John Kerry, however, fails on several points.

In the American war for independence, the Americans were the rebels and the British were the colonial power attempting to keep control of their American colonies. In the Vietnamese war for independence, it was first the French, and later the U.S.A. that tried to keep Vietnam under western control.

A more proper analogy for Senator Kerry would be a British officer who fought courageously for king and country against American independence, but who then returned to England and testified before parliament that the British should end the war and grant independence to the colonies.

The closest analogy I can find for Senator Kerry would be British MP Charles James Fox. Although Fox was not a war hero, he was a skilled orator and liberal oponent to the war against the American colonies.

1:48 PM  

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