Monday, June 06, 2005

Decline of the North

When you study electoral college results from past elections, it's amazing to note all the changes that have taken place over the years. For instance, one views say, the election of 1896, and sees almost an entire juxtaposition of Republicans and Democrats, with William Jennings Bryan the Democrat-Populist winning mostly today's "Red States" and William McKinley, the Republican, winning almost only today's "Blue States." You could win the states North of the Ohio and Potomac Rivers and East of the Mississippi, plus Minnesota, and lose all others, but still win the election. The North had that kind of lock on things. In the 1930s, if you won the aforementioned states, you'd only need four more electoral votes to put you over the top.

And how are the mighty fallen! As a result of the 1930 census, New York proudly possessed 47 electoral votes. It is projected that after the 2010 census, the Empire State will drop below thirty.

Well, any recent poli-sci major in college has studied the rise of the Sun Belt and the decline of the Snow Belt, aka the Rust Belt. But why has the North declined? there are many reasons. One is that air conditioning makes one hundred degree summers bearable, and so more people have moved here. There are many others.

But the North has lost its leadership role in America. Once upon a time, the North was the center of American gravity. It was the extension of the Puritan dream of a New Jerusalem where people would prepare for the return of Our Lord. Christian activists took the lead in the abolitionist movement and brought slavery to an end. Immigrants like my ancestors from Poland and Lithuania, as well as those from many other countries entered this country under the shining light of the Statue of Liberty. My grandfather told me about it. Seeing her for the first time left him awestruck. I sometimes wonder if Lady Liberty ever feels like turning to face New York and saying, "I don't know you any more" and maybe move to Florida like much of the rest of the sane remnant of New York has.

Our immigrant fathers were all of different creeds and nationalities, but nearly all of them trusted God and worshipped Him and believed His Bible. Nobody got offended, or acted the fool, like the ACLU, who tries to make America look more and more like East Berlin with each passing year. There was truly the diversity and tolerance that today's Left talks a good talk about, but doesn't follow up on.

Our Judeo-Christian heritage was the glue that bound our society together. Our Constitution was based on the premise that God makes men free and men make men slaves. That is why the Constitution says in the preamble that its purpose is "to secure the blessings of liberty." In those days, blessing only meant one thing- a gift from the Almighty.

People in the North during its height from 1865-1970 knew their Godly heritage and walked in the Power of God. And they got a lot done. They did great things. And they made America a haven for Godly people, and a place where non-believers were free too. Today, the Atheist has organizaed himself into Marxist hit squads who go around terrorizing people and filing frivolous lawsuits against them over the slightest mention of God, in total violation of our Constitution. But back then, Atheists were good neighbors, who respected the beliefs of others.

In those days, the North had a leadership role in America. Where it led, the rest of America followed. But then came the '60s and its radicalism. Within a couple of decades it seems that the North has forgotten what made it great and has embraced decline. Yes, another reason for the flight to the Sun Belt is that many are refugees from the tyranny of Political Correctness.

Let's stop and examine PC just a moment. I would point out that it is a COMMUNIST concept, that Trotsky and Mao used. It no doubt became popularized in America by all the Mao's Red Books that were being distributed in America during the 1970s. Just like Separation of Church and State, which is in the Soviet Constitution, but nowhere in the American.

And that's the sad new reality of the North. It is no longer a shining city on a hill, but more like an ashheap. People want to emulate pinheads like 50 cent and Sarah Jessica Parker more than they do Jesus. Secularism has molded its iron collar around the neck of Northerners, and they do not seem to mind their chains. they have forgotten Locke's old principle on which our Constitution was based- that God makes men free and men make men slaves. And they are doing so.

Unless we have a serious revival in the North and they return to the ways of their forefathers, who made this country great and led it for a long time, they will continue to decline. With the rampant moral decay, the North will just become more and more irrelevant as time passes by. And that would be a sad thing for a golden land which once held so much promise.


Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

Let me tell you, Brother, and I think this might be the case where you live, there are tons of Yankees in the Sunshine state. And more and more move here each year. And why not? The weather is great, there is no state tax (yet), crime is relatively low, more industry is relocating to the South. So in the end, I see the political shift of power returning to Southern states as well it shuold be.

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