Saturday, July 01, 2006

Why Are Liberal Journalists Sacred Cows?

As a general rule of thumb, the Left does not believe in the Bill of Rights. They do not embrace these sacred truths, they oppose them. In spite of this staunch oppostition, they don't hesitate to invoke our freedoms if they can use them against us.

For example, Liberals do not believe in freedom of speech. Anywhere where they have strong control and there's no chance of a Conservative winning the next election, they impose political correctness and speech codes. They do this to avoid anyone being "offended" (ie to avoid offending any Liberals by having someone express a Conservative viewpoint). They will not hesitate to punish anyone for alleged "hate speech" excepting their own, naturally. But on the other hand, they will invoke freedom of speech incessantly to preserve things like pornography or some anti-American garbage that no one wants to listen to. If you ask why a transvestite hooker needs to address a group of eighth graders they'll say, "you need to have all points of view." But if it comes to a Coservative Christian, "you might offend someone." An absolute double standard and they get away with it time and again.

Once again, the New York Times has betrayed America. The Gray Witch gave classified information to the public about a totally legitament program to monitor and stanch the flow of terrorist funds. Terrorists without huge amounts of money see their groups whither and die. And then soldiers and civilians don't lose their lives. But this simple concept seems to be beyond the ken of the ivory tower dwelling Mahattan elites. Or, more likely, it is't. But what are the lives of our soldiers or our people next to selling a few more newspapers? Pinchy Goebbels, given his preferrence for seeing an American soldier die over his enemy, is probably glad to have hurt our soldiers (for those of you who didn't read my last post, "Pinch" Sulzberger said to his during the Vietnam Era that if a North Vietnamese and an American soldier encountered each other, he'd hope the American soldier got killed).

Now, what do you think will happen if we prosecute Pinchy Goebbels for his CRIME (yes it is a crime to give away Top Secret Information to the enemy) of betrayal? You know he is going to invoke the First Amendment that he doesn't believe in. He's going to prance around going on and on about a free press. But, as anyone with an ounce of common sense knows, a free press doesn't mean the newsman can yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater. Or to help terrorists we are at war with.

Sadly, a corrupt court system such as ours, which found a right to be sodomized in the Constitution in the Spring of 2003, but not the right to freedom of religion plainly written there being defended by Judge Roy Moore in the Summer of 2003, might very well find a right to betray America by the press.

Nonetheless, we must bring Pinchy Goebbels to trial, as well as his underling media propagandist Bill Keller. Right now the New York Times believes it can betray America at will and expose our secrets to our enemies and laugh at anyone gullible enough to believe that they do it in the name of a "free press" and to "foster debate" rather than to sell newspapers and advance their Hate America Agenda. Crime Boss Al Capone once seemed above the law the way Pinchy Goebbels does now. But Elliot Ness kept on him and Capone died of syphillis on Alcatraz. Someday Sulzberger and Keller may get their just deserts as well.

We cannot allow Pinchy Goebbels to paint anyone who wants him to face justice as enemies of a free press. The Bush Administration and the American people are totally in favor of it. But no one has the right to betray the lives of our soldiers and people to sell newspapers. There must be a reckoning. It's time to make hamburgers out of the Sacred Cow of Liberal Jouralism.


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