Sunday, June 25, 2006

Red State America's Moral Imperative

The central topic of this post I have touched on in other Republic of Utica posts, so bear with me. But I believe it deserves its own posting.

The Left always loves to claim the high moral ground for themselves, something they have no right to do whatsoever. In their self-righteous tones they say to any challenge of their supposed heroism that we would still have slavery and women would be barefoot and pregnant if not for them. But both are baldface lies, or, at least, gross ignorance of history.

To pass an amendment to the Constitution, it must be ratified by 3/4 of Congress or 3/4 of state legislatures. In 1919, when the XIX Amendment was passed giving women the franchise Republicans held majorities in both Houses of Congress and also the state legislatures. What's even more telling is that these majorities grew when women started to vote. In the presidential elections of 1920, 1924 and 1928, as well as the Cogressional elections these years and the midterms, the Democrats got utterly skunked. This happened with the help of the newest Conservative Republican voting bloc- women.

Don't confuse the narcississtic harpies who hijacked the women's movement in the 1960s with the earlier suffragettes. The women's movement used to do great good before the medusas who run it now turned it into a hypocritical farce. They used to be Christian women who closed down saloons and brothels rather than support politicians who lived in them a la Clinton and Kennedy. Not only women, but men and children benefitted from their efforts, unlike today where they demonize men, kill babies and ruin the lives of women who dare to complain about being used like toilet paper if the men so using them are pro-abortion Democrats a la Clinton and Kennedy. No doubt if Mary Jo Kopechne had somehow floated to the surface of Lake Chappaquiddick and been resuscitated NOW and Gloria Steinem and other such hypocritical blowhards would have attempted to destroy her life a la Juanita Brodderick, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers and the rest of the Greek Chorus of Clinton's paramours. The Left traditionally resisted giving women the right to vote for the same reason the Right favored it- their devout Christianity and their dedication to family. Leftists would, no doubt, often make up many of the patrons of the saloons and brothels shut down by the suffragettes/Temperance League. So, as the facts show, the Left has been no friend of womankind. It was Conservative Republicanism, not socialism, that mobilized women and got them the vote. Of the many travesties perpetrated by the Left, the notion that they did so much for women is probably one of the worst.

Same thing goes for black people. In the 19th century and the first half of the 20th Left Wing Secularist Darwinists believed that blacks were one notch above monkeys on their evolutionary ladder. It was Conservative Christians who asserted that Blacks were made in the Image of God, same as Whites. The Abolitionist Movement was very Christian in nature, as was the Civil Rights Movement. Dr Walter Williams in his excellent article "Historical Tidbits" ( expounded on the 19th century Left's racism, as did Ann Coulter in her delightful book "Godless." The Democratic Party, the traditional defender of slavery and segregation, embraced Civil Rights merely as a pragmatic means of preserving its machine politics, nothing more.

It is important to remember that a welfare state is never created for the benefit of welfare recipients, but rather to enlarge the power of the politicians creating the welfare state. The welfare state does not liberate men, it enslaves them. It does not lift the spirit of a man, but rather crushes it. All throughtout the history of Republics and Democracies thugs and tyrants have subverted the freedom of their brothers and sisters just by increasing the dole. The supposed benefactor might be a scoudrel, but the dole recipients love him for his perceived generosity. In return their votes, which ideally should go to the most capable, the one who loves his country the most, go to a scoundrel who craves power. It is in this way that Republics die. Not because of oil companies.

Our Founding Fathers knew all about what I laid out in the last paragraph. They knew welfare state demagogues would come. Every protection they laid out in the Constitution was to protect our freedom from them. But I don't think they ever counted on the ACLU, the biggest agent of tyranny in the USA today.

So, in the public discourse today, Liberals get to portray themselves as big heroes to women and blacks and most undeservedly so. Any time someone opposes the asinine ideas Liberals frequently come up with must also be opposed to "womens' rights" and "Civil Rights." We really need to stop letting them get away with that. We must cite the Left's real history with blacks and women.

We must also tell the Left's real record on Civil Rights. For example the Civil Rights of the people of Vietnam and Cambodia. Somehow in the public discourse it doesn't get any mention that the Killing Fields of Cambodia were a direct result of the treason of the likes Abbie Hoffmann, Tom Hayden and Dr Spock. These men, and others like them, caused a US withdrawal from Indochina that caused millions to die and millions more to be displaced with only the clothes on their backs. Not only that, but they created a drug culture which has, directly or idirectly, ruined and killed millions of lives.

We in Red State America must burn the images of Cambodia's Killing Fields into our minds. Two million Cambodians out of a 1975 population of six million died. Angka, the faceless Khmer Rouge Party, would kill people for any variety of reasons in any variety of cruel methods. People could be killed for wearing glasses. For speaking French. For having any kind of education. Practicing any kind of religion. It brought a sentence of death. People were shot, bludgeoned, starved or worked to death. And they were piled into huge mass graves. Stinky hippies from the Left, far from being ashamed of abetting such atrocities act all proud of themselves as if they had any reason to be. How dare they? Every Red State American needs to recount what happened when they got their way and say "I remember what you did!" Whenever some beatnik points the finger of accusation at any one, it needs to be immediately pointed right back in his face.

We must never forget what the Cambodian people suffered. Especially since if the Left gets its way in Iraq, the Iraqis will suffer the same way. All those smiling people with purple on their fingers, proud to have braved death to vote- DEAD. (Iraq had a higher voter turnout than the US, even in 2004 when turnout was 20% higher than usual. And the Liberals have the brass to say that Iraqis don't appreciate a republican form of government? Iraqis do, it's American Liberals that don't) All the Iraqis who welcomed our soldiers and trusted in the republic- DEAD. Or enslaved to a new Islamofascist potentate. The Iraqi soldiers and police who bravely fought for their new freedoms- DEAD. But the American Leftists who would gladly make it happen? Sitting in Starbucks sipping lattes and either congratulating themselves on how supposedly wonderful they are or whining about what victims they are. Their ivory towers won't be touched by the havoc they create.

In Red State America we have to face the facts. The Left in this country has chosen a side in the War on Terror and it is not America's. We must defeat the terrorists and defeat the Liberals as well. The two are inseparable at this point. Red State America's moral imperative is this- the Killing Fields of Cambodia must never be allowed to happen again.


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