Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pinchy Sulzberger, 5th columnist

The Republic of Utica salutes Rep. Peter King of New York and Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky for their call for criminal charges against the New York Times Dung Merchants Bill Keller and Arthur O "Pinch" Sulzberger jr. As a loyal American, I would love to see the two get punished.

The New York Times hasn't really been a source of quality journalism for decades now, but it has really taken a nosedive since 1992 when "Junior" took over from his father "Punch" Sulzberger. The Liberal bias has been worse than it was under daddykins, who obviously spoiled his little punk rotten and never let him face the real world. Jayson Blair was caught making politically correct Fairy Tales out of whole cloth. The New York Times aka Pravda West is just a Left Wing rag that makes stuff up to forward the Party Line. Jayson Blair was a mere symptom, only the most egregious offender. Not the only one by far. He was just the example they could make and say "see no Left Wing bias here."

Now we could merely dismiss "Pinchy Goebbels," as Michael Savage once aptly called him, as a mere Left Wing clown, just another cog in the Liberal Media regurgitating its spew. But no. Pinchy is a traitor punk. He learned to hate America in his university days if not earlier. When his father went to bail him out in Boston after getting arrested during one of his Pro-Bolshevik Murderer protests of the Vietnam Era, he asked his son a question. If an American soldier and a North Vietamese soldier came upon each other, which would little Junior want to get shot. And like the patriot he is, Pinchy Goebbels said he wanted to see the American get shot. What a patriot! Of North Vietnam. Hey Punch, if you couldn't raise your brat right, you shoulda at least left him in jail to cool off for a bit! But little Pinchy never had to face the consequences of his actions. Cosequently he has grown into a Fifth Columnist traitor with no love of country or respect.

And now he published a story that blew the cover of our classified operations catching the cashflow of terrorists. So, if an 'al-Qaeda terrorist gets financed and blows up another pizza parlor with a bunch of kids in it, who cares? Not Pinchy. It doesn't affect him. Prince Pinchy has never had to face any dire consequences. Well, it's time he did. As a former American soldier that Pinchy would love to see shot, I demand that my government protect my people from this traitor that hates them. PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE. The law says he must be punished. Do it Gonzalez!!!!