Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas America

The Republic of Utica apologizes for the hiatus of Autumn 2006. It was the first real semester of Grad School and for those of you who’ve never been, I can tell you it’s a real picnic (hehe). Anyway, I wanted to wish the Greatest Country on Earth a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah for my Jewish brothers. The University is a real treat for those of us in the Conservative Movement. Professors who are supposed to encourage us to think but not tell us what to think, actually do the reverse. The Classics Department at FSU is not bad in this regard, but the History and Political Science Departments have as much free thought as the University of Moscow thirty years ago.

But in the Classics Department, some Liberals, ever eager to stab a knife in American culture, have taken to doing away with BC and AD “Before Christ” and “Anno Domini” aka “Year of Our Lord.” They replace them with the ridiculous “CE” and “BCE” “Common Era” and “Before Common Era.” Naturally I write out “Year of Our Lord” at least once in every paper. Here in America, we say BC and AD.

American culture is ever under attack by the Left and they wont stop until America is as dull and monochrome socialist as North Korea or Cuba. Thus, I do not wish anyone “Happy Holidays.” Here in America we celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah. That is our culture. I do not have to stop up my culture just because a few Liberals who hanker for Stalinist Russia are offended. I encourage all Americans to just be Americans and continue our customs, as every free people has inalienable right to, granted by their Creator.

Make the Liberal Grinches and Scrooges angry- wish them a Merry Christmas.

Conservatives, do not be down about November’s disgrace. It was a six year itch and was won with SERIOUS triangulation, moreso than even 1992. And if not for the Foley Scandal, the Republicans probably would have staved off the Democrat traitors. Once again, the Liberal who possessed Foley’s emails had them since 2003 and he was never questioned about holding on to them for three years. Like at Chappaquiddick, the real criminal walked away scot free. How brainwashed you have to be to be a Liberal! You need to believe that working at an oil company is a greater crime than leaving your concubine on the bottom of a river while swimming your fat ass to safety! Pretty sorry. It just tells us Conservatives that we still have a lot of work to do, much propaganda to counter.

Be of good cheer, Americans. Yes, the beach-heads of European socialism on American soil, better known as Blue State America, have grown. But resistance still burns in the heartland of America.

Have a Merry Christmas.

And to all a Good Night!


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