Saturday, November 19, 2005

There They Go Again

Once again, we find ourselves, our nation, under assault from the Left. Oh yes, fair warning Lefties, if you soil your trousers at any hint that you might not be the red blooded American your average Conservative is- tough rocks! In a move that only benefits terrorists around the world, Congressman Frank Murtha, the distinguished (said with heavy scorn and sarcasm) gentleman (said with sardonic chuckles and guffaws) from Pennsylvania called for American troops to be pulled out of Iraq. Who cares about the millions of Iraqis who have relatives in mass graves who are depending on America to safeguard their new democracy until they can do it themselves? Who cares about the thousands who will be tortured in a terrorist takeover for their participation in Republican politics? For you Libs out there, to give you an idea of what that would be like, picture breaking one of your manicured nails, or your favorite blend of moca java not available at your local Starbuck's TIMES A MILLION!

I never could understand why Liberals get their panties in a wad when you point out how much they obviously hate this country. When I was sixteen in Massachusetts and the Liberals defended every action of the Communist enemies and attacked everything America stood for, they'd get so resentful if you pointed out the fact that they preferred Communism over Americanism. Why? They should just say it loud and say it proud- they love European Socialism over the American way of life. That preferrence is so strong that they'll even help out Islamofascists to stick it to America.

And make no mistake about it. The terrorists watch everything we do. And when they see Liberals saying asinine things on tv like Murtha and the traitor Kerry, they laugh and say how weak we are. It's reached the point where America's enemies count on Liberals to stab the US in the back. In a recent interview with one of the Iranian hostage takers of 1979, he stated that him and his fellow punk students were surprised that most Americans rallied around the flag when they took the embassy. They expected bombs and riots and long-haired, unbathed protesters to help them out in our streets. They were disappointed when their pal Jimmy Carter got booted out of office that next year.

It's the same with the terrorists in Iraq. they wouldn't even be bothering with a fight there, losing a hundreds or even a thousand for every dozen we lose, if not for their counting on Liberal traitors like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry and Frank Murtha (I couldnt care less if he fought in Vietnam, Benedict Arnold was a veteran of the American side of the Revolutionary War too) to sabotage our war effort and disunite the American people. If Osama bin Laden isn't paying the aforementioned three stooges, then they are being cheated.

Right now we stand at Thermopylai- a million Persians coming down on three hundred Spartans. We are in a life and death struggle to determine if the world will be free or if it will be a gigantic Islamofascist slave plantation. We don't have time for the silly antics of people who are out of touch with reality. The Left has stood up to be counted with the enemies of freedom. And this is nothing new.


Blogger belledame222 said...

Dude, what's with the Starbucks obsession? Seriously. Anyway, you and some of the left-anarchist wacky kids seem to be of one mind on this. Globalization, you see. Me, I just think they have crappy, overpriced coffee.

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