Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Today's Pharsalus- A Judicial Oligarchy

Speaking at Justice Sunday II on the August 14th Tom DeLay referred to Liberal Judicial Activists as a "Judicial Autocracy." the term I myself would have used is that Liberals on the court are a Judicial Oligarchy. That is, they are a corrupt, tyrannical group of individuals taking away people's freedoms. Autocracy invariably refers to one person. But, in a way, I suppose he has a point. The Autocrat was invariably absolutist, which is what the court has set itself up to be. Perhaps Absolutist Oligarchy may best describe it.

One of my favorite works of literature is Lucan's "de Bello Civilis" (of the Civil War) better known as the "Pharsalia." It is a romanticized description of Rome's Republican resistance to the juggernaut Caesar. The heroes are Pompey and Cato, battling to save their freedom from the outlaw Iulian who would be King. the big battle of the war is Pharsalus, capital of ancient Thessally on the Emathian Plain. Caesar was outnumbered 2 to 1. But his Army was hardened by eight years of tough campaign in Gaul. Imagine if it were possible to have a soldier who fought in the entirety of World War I and the entirety of World War II and was still only 29 or 30 years old. And then imagine eight legions of such troops marching on your Army. The Gallic War veterans cut the Republicans to ribbons.

The tattered remnants of the Republican Army fled to Africa and Spain. Cato led a heroic march of legionaries across the Sahara to the more hospitable clime of Rome's Proconsular Province. He hunkered down in the city of Utica and waited. Caesar launched his African and Spanish campaigns and brought down the remnants of freedom. Cato chose to die rather than kneel before Caesar and submit to him.

I read it when I was younger politcally than I am today. I knew that Caesar, as a good Jacobin tyrant, had mobilized disenchanted impoverished people, supposedly for their benefit, but in reality for his own power. I know that modern Liberal leadership in America is about the same business. I was willing to die on a battleifeld like Pharsalus for the Republican cause. The one thing I couldn't figure out is, where would the tyrant's legions come from? The Army and the rest of the military is Conservative for the most part. Thank God for that, our freedom would be very much over.

No. It is the judges, not our Army, which marches against us and is turning our Republic into a Dictatorship.

With Roe v Wade, they have violated our most sacred principles- LIFE, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. No one has the right to be denied life, liberty or property without due process. 50 million babies have died, and no end in sight.

In Kelo vs New Haven, the right to private property was stamped out in the name of Eminent Domain. Now a city can seize our lands and homes and whatever else if it profits them. Fortunately some states are limiting eminent domain.

In supporting the Unconstitutional FACE laws, the Judiciary has taken away the Freedom of Speech of Pro-Life protesters. Anyone who disagrees with murdering babies has the right to remain silent.

Freedom of Religion was silenced in the various rulings, beginning with Everman v Board of Education and Engel v Vitale, and continuing on right through the Court's silence on Judge Roy Moore's defense of our religious Liberties against the traitor judge Myron Thompson.

The only right they do seem willing to grant us was given in Lawrence v Texas- the right to be sodomized.

We needn't look North towards the Rubicon for the enemy of Liberty to cross and march against us. He is already upon us, in the city, sitting in the courts. Instead of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness, we are entitled Sodomy, Murder and Misery. These people with feeble bodies and degenerated minds have overwhelmed America.

People, don't make the mistake of believing that the judiciary has taken a few wrong turns and can be corrected. Our judiciary is rotten to the core and unsalvagable. It needs to be torn down and rebuilt anew, with jurists who love our Constitution and actually bother to read it. We need people dedicated to American ways, not Eurosocialist ways, as Steven Breyer and Sandra Day o'Connor admit, although Stevens, Souter, Ginsberg and Kennedy do too. Judge Roberts promises to be an American and that would make 4 of 9. But it is not enough.

We have a lot of garbage to clean out if we want to save this Republic. Down with the Judicial Oligarchy!


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