Sunday, August 28, 2005

Vietnam vs Iraq, Do You Know What You're Talking About?

The Left loves to go on about how Iraq is "another Vietnam." Who writes these Liberal talking points? Oh what a crashing bore! The hippy dopeheads who make these charges, most of them, couldn't find either Vietnam or Iraq on the map. They carry on their apathy for their fellow human beings that they showed thirty years ago. The same "Peace" Movement that helped cram millions of Cambodians into mass graves, shows the same lack of concern for the Shi'ites who were packed into similar shallow graves. Not to mention the terrorist haven that Iraq was, with, not only 'al-Qaeda, but Islamic Jihad and Saddam's pensions for the families of suicide bombers. The people who lecture us about the less than 2000 Americans dead, as if we loyal Americans killed them, rather than the terrorists, have no problem supporting the people that kill millions!

How they loved to put up pictures of Mao, murderer of tens of millions, and Ho Chi Minh, who also murdered and displaced millions of people! I remember in 1989 when the pro-Republican demonstrations of Tiananmen Square were at their height, the old hippies of Berkeley snidely said something to the effect of "oh yes, they're just like us!" As if hippy dopeheads of Berkeley would make a fingernail clipping of the least of the Tiananmen martyrs!

But I digress. How does Iraq compare with Vietnam? Well, by two and a half years into US involvement in Vietnam, 15,000 Americans had died. At that time, Fall, 1967, the Viet-Cong was fielding battalions, Brigades, even three Division sized units. The Regular North Vietnamese Army was also starting to filter in, Division by Division. The pitched battle, future siege, of Khe Sanh was shaping up between elements of the 26th Marines and 9th Marines against North Vietnam's vaunted 325th Infantry Division. The border regions of Cambodia and Laos were packed with all types of Communist troops. Over a million men, well armed and well trained, filled the ranks of the Vietnamese Red Armies.

In Iraq, 1880 Americans have died between March of 2003 and August of 2005. Approximately 400 of these have died of accidents and other non-combat related deaths. Is this even a war? In most major battles armies typically lose way more than 1400 people. The Roman Republic lost approximately 60,000 men in the Battle of Cannae against Hannibal in 216 BC, more than our entire losses in the Vietnam Era. We lost more men dead in combat during the Tet Offensive than in our entire Iraq involvement. The terrorists in Iraq would have difficulty fielding a decent battalion, forget about a Brigade or Division. They do not engage us in major battles because we'd slaughter them, as we do when we find them and engage them. In Fallujah, they lost over a thousand and we lost fifty, God rest their souls. In subsequent battles, the ratio was even more favorable to the US. The terrorists are exactly that- just cowards skulking around leaving mines. There are approximately 20,000 of them in Iraq. What's more, most of Iraq is quiet, not even at war. The terrorists are making trouble in the Sunni Triangle, a fraction of Iraq's landmass. They occasionally leave a bomb in Mosul and Najaf, cities close to the Triangle.

What's more, the Liberal fools blame George Bush for the Americans dead, instead of the terrorists who killed them. It really urks me that they pretend to care about soldiers. In the Vietnam Era, our soldiers were lovingly greeted by hippies with a spit in the face and called "baby killer." Today, the traitors spew their ignorance outside Walter Reed Army Hospital. Oh!!! I fianlly found a similarity between the Vietnam and Iraq Wars! In both instances, the Left, motivated by its intense hatred of America and its cause has taken to helping a murderous enemy that is guilty of filling mass graves. In both cases they claim to act to help the soldiers but in reality spit on them and hate them. OK, now we're getting somewhere!


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