Friday, September 30, 2005

The Great Democrat Salami Maneuver

The Great Democrat Salami Maneuver

A great irony occured last Wednesday. I was attending my graduate school class on the Cold War. During the break in the three hour class, I heard of the latest flatulence from the latest disgrace to bob to the top of the Democratic cesspool, Ronnie Earle. King Rat indicted Tom Delay in charges that aren't bogus or politically motivated. And Paris Hilton cherishes her virginity.

Back to the class. It is one of my endeavors to study the history of Communism. My family escaped to America from it, after all. But not only that, I look at the similarities between the Communists of yesteryear and the modern American Left. They are more manifold than one imagines. The lecture was on how Stalin took total control over Eastern Europe from 1945 to 1948. It was clever, if evil. The Communists allowed free and fair elections in the future Warsaw Pact countries, they just got into the coalitions. The Communists would get themselves made the head of Defense, the interior (police), Education (sound familiar?) and communications (eh?). You can guess what the Reds would do in the education department. The Army was being built up by the Russians and made loyal to Moscow's interest. On the radio and in the papers, only the Communist Party Line got out. It was as bad as the Liberal Media prior to FOXNEWS and the blogs. And then the Communist leaders of the police would lean on the non-Communist majority politicans with BOGUS charges of collaboration with Hitler. At this point, the coalition became a bogus coalition. the Democratically elected majority were bent to the will of the Communist minority in exchange for making the phony charges disappear. It was not long before the Communists would rationalize that there was no point to any party but their own and they then made a bogus coalition into a monolith.

The Hungarian Communist Minister of the Interior of that period was proud of the way he chipped away at his countrymens' freedom and made them slaves of Moscow. He analogized it thus- when one eats a thick salami, one doesn't take a big bite or cut off a big chunk. No, one slices a salami one thin slice at a time. The Communists sliced off Hungarian democracy piece by piece.

For those of you who believe that what goes around comes around, this Minister of the Interior was purged by his masters in Moscow who feared their running dog might turn and try to bite them.

Sixty years later, Stalin's kindred spirits in America, the Democratic Party, are using the same tactics. They can't beat Tom Delay in a debate, or an election. So they undercut him with him with bogus charges and try to build a bogus coalition. No one voted for Supreme Fart in the Wind, Ronnie Earle, so all he can do is fill the air with his stench and hope it sticks to a real leader.

It isn't just Delay. The lies of the Liberal Media and politicians against Bush in the War in Iraq, like mindless zombies chanting "No Blood For Oil" while their Liberal leaders profiteered off Saddam's "Oil For Palaces" program. The Democrats can't win against the Republicans in an open and fair debate. They'd get creamed. So they must compromise the Republicans with bogus charges and make their government bend to their will. I wonder how long it would take the Democrats, unoppossed, to determine that any Party other than theirs is pointless? Not too long, I am certain. They are carving our salami. And we need to fight back before it gets paired down to nothing.


Blogger Sofocleto said...

"I don't believe there is a separation of church and state. I think the Constitution is very clear. The only separation is that there will not be a government church." – Tom DeLay

Neither (don't believe) do the Saudis!

12:07 PM  
Blogger Cato Uticensis said...

Sof- There IS no Separation of Church and State in the US Constitution. It's from the Soviet Constitution. There is nothing in the American Constitution that gives the ACLU or any other unelected Communazi Religion Gestapo the power to take away people's religious freedom.

By the way, the USSR, Nazi Germany, Red China and Khmer Rouge Kampuchea DID believe in Separation of Church and State. Which one of those countries do you want to transform America into?

8:00 PM  
Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

I am about to read Gulag. I read Gulag Archepelago years ago. The enormity of the savagery of the USSR is still unrealized by the West. or maybe it is but the academics and the MSM still focus on Germany. 70 million it is estimated murdered since 1917 - and that does not include the 20 million systematically slaughtered in WWII under special orders. It's absolutely staggering. The numbers are just not comprehensible!

PS - you're getting SPAM too!

11:37 PM  
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