Thursday, September 01, 2005

Time to Stand Up to Feminism

I never watch "Law and Order." I find most sit-coms and dramas that tv churns out to be so much garbage. There are exceptions, and I happened to have it on for its last five minutes before another program came on. One of the "men" in that show, obviously one of those eunuchs who praise every inane thing Feminists say as a great pearl of wisdom, said "women are still chattels." He got no disagreement from the nose-in-the-air Feminist lawyer, who exited the scene. And I thought, "are you serious?!?!?!?" They are really being so bold in propagandizing to brainwashing the tv audience?

For the record, the show did deal with rape and rape is a horrific thing. I have nothing but contempt for rapists. But the logic that because some women are raped that that means ALL women are "still" chattels is not logic at all.

Let's first address the issue of female chattelhood. In primitive cultures where resources were sparse and life was cheap- like among the Mongols, Arab bedouins and Vikings, women WERE treated very badly and undeniably WERE chattels. But the Judeo-Christian West? No.

Let's face it, in Medieval and early Modern Times, the life of a woman was hard and her efforts were surely underappreciated. But was this any less so for a man? Most men between 500 and 1945 AD were farmers. Farming WITH modern technology is endless drudgery. In Medieval and Early Modern Times, you don't want to even think about it. I'd really love to see the actress playing the feminist lawyer try and have a go at farming with the technology of 900 AD.

The fact is, in those days neither men nor women had much in the way of freedom nor rest from their toil. Men had to do hard labor that women were, for the most part, not strong enough to do, or not strong enough to do cost effectively. Women had four and five and six babies and didn't have an electric stove, a microwave, a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner or daycare. Women were not relegated to domestic roles because of some mythical evil male patriarchy. Rather they were relegated to such because of necessity for survival.

In the Middle Ages, even the noblemen, portrayed as having some easy life, lived a life of hard training for war, keeping up his castle as a strong point both for his king and his villagers and repelling vicious invaders like the Magyars or Vikings or Avars. The main thing that can be said for the local lord's life was that it was much, much better than the peasant's. But it was still a hard life.

In the factories of the 1800s and 1900s, it was a similar situation. It was hard labor mostly requiring the better upper-body strength of males. What's more, more than half the population at this time were still farmers living that hard life. from earliest times up to less than a century ago, most men led lives of endless hard labor and were as underappreciated for it as their women were for their sacrifices.

It's easy for some feminist sitting in a Starbuck's drying her pedicured toenails and sipping Madagascar Roast to criticize men in times past who had to work 14 hours a day in an Industrial Revolution factory or repel Viking invasions for a living. Tammy Bruce put a name to this term I observed in hardcore Feminists since I first regularly observed them many years ago. It is malignant narcissism. The Feminist thinks it's all about them, that every denial of what they want when they wanted it was the fault of the wicked white male patriarchy. Every rejection of their ridiculous ideas is sexism and mysogeny, not honest rejection of a ridiculous idea. Whenever someone gets sick of them and their constant demands, it's because "you can't handle a strong woman." In short the world revolves around them. I mean, they act like abortionists are heroes and that the children of their bodies are a white male plot to enslave them.

It wasn't always so. The Womens'Movement once upon a time was filled with Christian women who cared about the whole of society and were not stuck on themselves. They were Conservatives who closed down bars and brothels and cared deeply for their children. Many on the Left opposed womens' suffrage because they felt that such Godly people could never get what they were selling. The XIXth Amendment was passed in 1919. At that time the Republican Party dominated Congress and the State Legislatures by a greater margin than they do today. The five election cycles after womens' suffrage- 1920, 1922, 1924, 1926 and 1928 all had Republican landslides.

The self-absorbed Marxists who now dominate the Feminist movement came along during the '60s, fairly recently.

Malignant narcissism is no joke, it is a deadly thing. Remember Hitler fed the German people a steady diet of it during the 1930s. Modern "Womens' Studies" courses in our colleges are as full of excrement as Hermann Goering's "Aryan Studies" courses during the 1930s. But it's not something to laugh at and be dismissed. When someone believes that everyone is in on a plot to keep them down all the time, facts be darned, they can come to rationalize terrible things. People often marvel at how the everyday Germans could do the things they did to Jews during
World War II. Malignant narcissism. Only looking inside and seeing the world as a reflection of themselves. Feminists rationalize every bit as badly, given the 50 million abortions that we've had over the last thirty years plus.

Whenever anyone criticized Hitler, his followers would respond "you just hate Germany and want to keep Germans down." Just the same as Feminists saying, "you just hate women and want to keep them down" whenever they are criticized.

And you gotta hand it to them. Just as Liberals have been skilled at the propaganda war, Feminists have been doubly so in spreading their lies. Fifty million murdered babies are but one testimony to that. And if you express any concern about fifty million murdered babies, why, you hate women! Now, how did we allow the dialogue in this country to be thus defined?

I think it can be summed up in a scene from the movie "Born on the 4th of July" set during the Vietnam Era. The parents of the narcissistic, angry vet who was sinking deep into alcoholism turned on the tv. It showed protesters marching angrily on Washington DC, coming to shut the city down. The mother turned the channel over to Rowan and Martin's "Laugh-in" and forgot about it. They stuck their heads in the sand and hoped that the Feminists and other Leftist radical Useful Idiots would just go away. They had the numbers back then. Most people living in 1968 might as well have been living in 1958, even the young.

But feminists and the others on the Radical Left came forward with their big lies. they told them over and over. They had a willing Liberal Media which told the public that the Useful Idiots were "right on" morning, noon and night. And they defined the debate. And now we have a Feminist Reich in our courts and on our college campuses.

We must remember, appeasement never works to someone deep in the recesses of their own malignant narcissism. Every demand they make that we give in to will lead to five more demands, each more ridiculous than the last. The only thing that works is standing up to them and saying that they will not dictate to us. Even then we'll have to fight. But if every man not made a eunuch and every real woman were to stand up to them today, Feminism would be over in about fifteen minutes. I, for one, will stand. Will anyone also stand, or do I, like the mythical Hercules, have to slay all the Amazons by myself?