Thursday, October 06, 2005

You Gotta Love It

My last post, "The Great Democratic Salami Maneuver" drew an interesting response. I had it posted on GOP Insight as well as the Republic of Utica. An anonymous Liberal poster replied, "it won't take six billion people long to carve away your tiny salami." For those of you who have not read the article, the salami was analogous to a people's freedom and rights to things such as free speech and freedom of religion, real rights of our Constitution.

You gotta love it when the mask slips away from the Liberal and his true self is revealed. The Liberal wears the mask of righteousness, he is the "champion of the people" the "defender of civil liberties," nevermind that he is not much into either civility or liberties. Every so often, however, his mask slips and he threatens you with what REALLY happens when the revolution occurs.

This happened when one of John Kerry's campaign managers, Chad Clanton, was speaking on Hannity and Colmes one night. A television network had just agreed to air the honest opinions of several Vietnam veterans who wanted to use their First Amendment rights to say what a traitor John Kerry is. They had made a documentary expressing their opinions. Mr Clanton looked menacingly into the camera and said, "they better hope we don't win!" For the sake of our First Amendment freedoms it's a good thing Kerry didn't! As you remember this, remember also all the times Liberals bellyache about a "chilling effect" by Conservatives on their free speech whenever we dare to disagree with them! But they have no compunction about doing exactly the thing they accuse Conservatives falsely of doing.

My anonymous Liberal friend was delivering the same message to me. "The people of the world will rise up in socialist revolution and take your bourgeois freedoms away, yankee," this supposed American might have said. That's another thing they like to do, mask their attacks on our basic freedoms as "patriotic dissent." That's not unlike the way a parent who puts cigarettes out on their kid claims that they are "disciplining" him "out of love."

They silence the religious freedoms of communities to pray in school and acknowledge God in the name of "religious freedom" (yes, they manage to perpetrate that farce with a straight face). They silence "hate speech" in the name of "tolerance" (hate speech being whatever the Liberal Party Line deems offensive "no free speech for hate speech" is the Canadian Liberals' rallying cry, they should have just made it "no free speech" period). They aren't trying to help the terrorists win Iraq because they'd hate to see America win one, they are "patriotically dissenting" (excuse me while I gag). Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are hateful to many Liberals. They don't love these ideas or embrace them in any way. They merely use them as a means of deflecting the topic of discussion from the obvious- their lack of love for this country and its ideals. They don't want America to be free, independent and strong, and when have they ever? The last Liberal who did was John F Kennedy and we all remember what happened to him. Liberals for the last forty years (and also the ones from the generation before JFK's "GI Generation" of WWII vets) have opposed anything that would make America stronger or more independent. They have consistently supported every Communist and terrorist enemy the United States has had, with the exception of 'al-Qaeda right after 9-11, that would have been political suicide. But even in that instance the Ward Churchills of the world have expressed what very many Liberals think but will not say. With "loyal dissenters" like these, who needs a bunch of rat bastard fifth columnists?

The Far Leftists in places like Boston and San Francisco, join Parisians and Berliners who look down their royal noses on us red-blooded Americans. These Liberal Euro-wannabes are constantly trying to make America a subservient satrapy of Socialist Eurasia. How is this loyal dissent? This is what people used to call sedition in the days when a traitor was called a traitor rather than be celebrated as a champion of human rights.

America needs to wake up and realize that these people will not stop. The one scene from that garbage movie "Born on the 4th of July" that sticks with me is the scene of his Conservative mother ready to cry over the state of our nation, as ten thousand smelly hippies marched on Washington DC during the Vietnam War. Like most Americans whose brains weren't turned to oatmeal by pot or LSD, she hated this. But instead of doing something about it, she turned the channel over to Rowan and Martin's "Laugh-In." She quickly shut out of her mind the stinky Bolsheviks marching on our nation's capital. And that's what they want us to do. Tune in, turn on and drop out. Smoke a doobie and forget what they are doing to the fabric of our society. They dream of the day when the blue helmeted UN troops will be molesting thirteen year olds on our streets instead of over in Africa.

Not me, brother.


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